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Soulful Bling And Schhh Dont Say A Thing

I was with some freinds from Corby over the weekend,my mates mrs started talking about her early days on the scene ,Kelmarsh,Bletsoe,Mkt Harboro,along with a number of other Corby lasses and lads with those from other surrounding towns she was a regular attender.another lad present then started showing photos of the harboro days,groups incuding pete tilsly and other manchester lads,matchy,Brian  Taylor,Passy,John Boyd,Carol mc Dougal,Christine(my mates mrs)lots of lovely looking girls  from my home town of Corby ,Kettering and other places.


 What really struck me was being told about how things were as far as advertising the nighters was concerned,unlike today with mass media ,sophisticated posters,the web etc most(though not all)seeking to get as many through the door as possible,according to the people who were there it was a case of ",Schhh dont let any one know about this,we dont want that lot?finding out,very much a "Our thing,something special,magic and set a world apart from the sort of "Nights out",that were the norm for the time".Bletsoe being held in a farmers old sheds,harboro  the old picture house,folk dancing down the country lanes of bedfordshire when the nighter finished more than likely to the best top new choons of the time played by the likes of Glen Bellamy, the spansules still on cruising speed.Lots of later torch choons were played at these places.


Theres a picture in a pretty well known book about style with a chapter or two on the northern,early soul scene,in it a girl is smiling for the camera,round her neck is a necklace made of green and clear capsules,I do believe shes a Corby lass but I may be wrong perhaps shes from Kettering or Wellingborough!for me this sort of soulful bling beats a thousand pound belcher any day for sheer style,which is another thing the scene was dripping in.


The days of Schh dont tell any one or being able to have the raw materiels to make a green and clear necklace may be long gone but what still remains and should do is that love of the music that bound folk together then and should still do now,I love the classic oldies and always will but also feel the same for new and rare uptempo stuff to,as for the many who now say "I abstain", my answer would be have a look at the photo of the lass with the green and clear necklace on how big her smile is.Politics didnt seem to have so big a role then as it does now!I strongly suspect it may not have played such a big role then as now in Northants as to which promoter is going to have the right to call soul soul on his flyer.

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