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John Manship Auction Results 27 -5-2015

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Dean Parrish Determination / Turn On Your Love Light

Young ladies in tight jeans are much-like British-made Soul Demo’s… the older you are, the stronger the desire for encounter becomes…

So hopefully without stirring your inner desires to breaking point, spy the label scan. Then click the soundfile to refresh your mind with the exhilarating vocal of Mr. Dean Parrish.. a Northern Soul icon right up there with the most notable names of the scene.

Green & White DEMO with fine clean vinyl both sides;

“Determination” side label has a discreet “7” on it (see scan). “A” label side, has a light sticker removal blemish (squint at scan). These couple of minuscule imperfections may mean an iconic British DEMO may fall into Old-School hands rather cheap…

..well, certainly cheaper than that sassy-tight-jeaned lady would cost you.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 247.00

Frankie ( Love Man ) Crocker Ton Of Dynamite

Controversial in its heyday, along with Prince George and a few others; considered “To Funky” by the Northern Soul purists.. but both titles in recent years have enjoyed an unprecedented dance-hall renaissance, as again “Funk” is Northern Soul’s prodigal son..

A certain floorpacker again, but this copy is no veteran of the NS turntables - straight from a lifetime of being filed this offering is in utterly immaculate condition - tiny bb drill hole through the label is its only flaw.

We challenge you to locate a copy that hasn’t been around the “block” since 1974, this platter has spent it’s life shelved and ignored… now seeks love and affection from a NS old-schooler who vividly remembers the scary vibrations this juggernaut triggered at Cleethorpes Pier.. or how it emptied seats at the Highland Room..

A Classic that has not suffered the hardships of the NS circuit for the last 40 years…

We repeat condition is GLORIOUS!!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 408.00

Carpets I Just Can't Win / What Can You Do For Me

Another masterpiece from the desk of Johnny Cameron one of Chicago’s prolific architect of 60’s neighborhood Soul.

This is listing is one of his absolutely Dog-Rare vocal group Northern Soul dancers. Like all Mr. Cameron’s work (no not that one) it belies its local origins, shimmering with seamless harmony vocals, ad subtle horns carefully positioned as not to overwhelm the highly-honed vocals.

Proper, real-deal Northern Soul that few collectors own….but every DJ should. Listen to the soundfile, even though the playing surface of both sides has visual light surface marks it plays perfectly as the soundfile confirms.

This Northern Soul giant is backed up with the sweetest of soul harmony ballads… with the lead Falsetto hitting Heaven on more than one occasion.

Two highly sought after sides.

Check out the double-soundfile lifted directly off this disc… very impressed is the least you’ll be..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 455.00

James ( Mr. Soulfingers ) Arnold Someone New / Your Chain Of Love

I’ve always loved obscurity and USA Soul provides more D.I.Y. records from unknown artists from small towns, on labels that more often than not only had one release.

Having said that, some of these “Garden Shed” projects crafted some truly stunning sounds.. both sides of this serious-mystery 45 come up trumps..

Topside is a convincing journey into gloom, as James Arnold gives up anguished display of rejection, on his one and only recording; of which Percy Sledge would have been proud of… and Rick Hall would have complimented Melvin Brown on his horn section guidance. With the girl-group choir layering the atmosphere with hopelessness, this is to coin a phrase….


Flip it over and Northern Soul awaits you… utilizing all same characteristics of the Deep Soul a-side. Big-blow horn kick-start the session and never pause for a moment. Those girls are again in top-form chirping out the choruses with their long ooooooo’s be particularly impressive, as is the mysterious James Arnold .. sturdy “unknown” Northern Soul ….but the A-side, well that is very special Deep Soul indeed..

Noting, it’s severe rarity, as it is definitely the one and only copy we have ever had for sale….in 45 years.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 106.00

Brenda Holloway Every Little Bit Hurts / Land Of A Thousand Boys

The two lustrous labels say it all!

The Darling Of Motown Northern Soul with not only her rarest British release but an eye-widener of immense proportions, a gorgeous Red & White DEMO.

This is UK Tamla Motown vinyl-perfection from this much-loved songbird delivering a mid-tempo delight to break your heart… especially of at the end of today you are not the owner…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 182.00

Sue Ann Jones I'll Give You My Love

Very briefly a handful of copies turn up of this Detroit rarity late last century since then, vey few have appeared for sale - especially in this Mint minus condition.

Sue Ann Jones is this weeks 45 we think will creep up in value..solely on the back of it’s Motor City “Funk” infusion seems so much more in keeping with today’s NS scene than it did last century..

A typically clean David Hamilton production manages to seamlessly blend Sister-attitude into a fluid Motor City arrangement that subtlely morphs from a smooth floater into a chunky PMT Funk groove, whilst still retaining that beautiful Michigan personality.


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 76.00

Tommy Tucker Oh! What A Feeling / Wine Bottles

From the man who provided the Northern Soul scene with the Flirtations - Stronger Than Her Love - Herb Abramson struts his versatility by guiding a brooding slab of male-vocal New York Popcorn/Northern Soul - evoking visions of darkened Nite-Clubs, hanging cigarette clouds obscuring the view of an artist flawlessly delivering and unhurried vocal-stroll…

But the unrivaled vision though, has got to be that WHITE PROMO British London label sitting inside it’s birth sleeve, brandishing entirely unblemished vinyl surface that can only be described as Mint minus + (as hard as I try I can detect not a blemish)

Leaving its best selling point until last - astonishingly we can find no evidence of a USA Festival label release (allegedly scheduled for Festival #700) but never happened.


So if you want to own this impressive slab of Northern Soul Popcorn, there is not a USA counterpart - and it can get no better than owing this White Demo in pristine condition..

Great tune - surrounded by a little vinyl-mystery..

If the above testimonial is not enough to have you earmarking this vinyl-anomaly for your collection; check out the preposterously-impressive R&B grinder “Wine Bottles” hidden away on the flipside …

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 208.00

Joe Buckman Right On / Same: 2.04 Version


This week’s rare Northern Soul PROMO is so seldom seen (in fact never); that we can almost hear the buzz of a few saying they’ve not seen one before…and even more of you saying they never knew it existed!

No shame in that, as a quick WWW search will reveal whole world of dealer/collectors in the last 15 years have not ever offered a copy for auction.

A 45 that will stir the loins of those Northern Soul fanatics insisting upon the very rarest format - this 45 is UNICORN-RARE!! and it gives up awesome Detroit Northern Soul in the style we all adore!

do not snooze on this one - you may never see another..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 201.00

Leo Mccarty Just A Friendly Reminder / I Fell In Love With Love

DOG-RARE Sweet Soul, from Boston, Massachusetts - ridiculously impossible to find.

The label credits a single artist but the uncredited vocal-group purr so gracefully away in the background.. as the “Falsetto” scythes through the air. Boston’s D. B. Shrier was obviously inspired by the best Philadelphia could offer. As he lavishly serves up a torrent strings, whilst cunningly injecting a lively flute into the mix, that perfectly marries with the searing voices.

Perfect for the serious collector of rare Sweet Soul / Low Rider collector/DJ.

So what the flipside like? We can hear you all wondering…

It’s a Soulful DANCER of course.. and again Philly influenced, cram-jam packed with strings; with a wah-wah guitar driving the rhythm and those Falsetto again mingling seamlessly into the production.

So we have two tasty titles - presented on a label we all know - by an artist we don’t - with all his teammates not even getting a nod of approval in the label credits..

RARE?… just insanely unobtainable ..and a debutant to our auction pages..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 131.00

Garfield Fleming Don't Send Me Away

This collaboration between Philly & New York crafts divine 80’s Northern Soul.

In recent times this perennial floor-filler has disappeared from view… in fact our shockingly low sales data is frightening how it has completely vanished into collections…

New York Soul veteran Matt Parsons teams up with Philly 70s & 80’s dance-doyen David Morris. The result is a stunning example of its genre..

The against-the-grain gravel-coasted “Fleming” vocal, was so out of vogue at the time, out of kilter with the “disco” flow of the early 80s. But now the cocktail of dance-arrangement and a tortured voice works so perfectly; as the vocal-group chorus elevates the song yet another notch..

A huge tune countrywide during 80’s & 90’s today a renaissance is surely overdue as the current dearth of copies should tempt the DJ’s towards reactivation… even if that doesn’t happen.. it matters not when you hear unadulterated vocals of this depth, woven into slick dance productions…

..ownership is imperative.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 91.00

Benny Scott & The Soul Masters No Other Woman But You / Little Bobo's Soul

Take a long good listen to this impossible Texas double-sider - because the flipside reveals something rather special, that up until today has remained out of the eye of Funk / Jazz Jocks..

Let’s start by talking about the A-side on this San Antonio label that apparently chose the name “Mellow Town” with aspirations of emulating the “Motor Town” success in Detroit; Emphasized by the few other know recordings on this fascinating label. ie The Vandelletes (so very Marvelettes-esque), The Royal Imperials (killer Northern Soul) and this equally obscure Benny Scott offering.

Blasting brass clears the way for Benny’s screaming Texas styled vocal, giving its all. Noting the fabulously-frisky arrangement and how the freestyle-horns have a brief brush with Jazz on a few notes, whilst Mr. Scott struts his chords.

Bringing us the the seriously different flipside - so different in fact, it may take 2 or three plays to realize what a winner this self-absorbed cocktail of Jazz N’ FUNK is; with some outrageous solo’s littering the whole production… Until now I thought cool Jazz-Funk was confined to the 70s.. but not now I’ve took time to fully take in this masterpiece from Benny’s “Soul Masters”

Surely a must for the Avant-garde DJ who likes to impress with really RARE 45s..

Both sides are so individualistic, off-the-wall and so very skillfully executed… little wonder San Antonio has always been consider the “Musical Hot-Bed” of Texas..

PS. This rarity is utterly flawless 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 203.00

Eddie Bishop Call Me

A timeless Northern Soul instrumental anthem; as Eddie Bishop transforms Tony Hatch’s much-recorded composition, transforming it into a NS dancefloor favourite.

A guaranteed “gridlocker” as that warbling sax calls you up; So wonderfully, is the saxophone blown it is almost as if the words are being sung by the reed. With those the shrill ladies reminding you of the title with timely “Call Me” choruses this instrumental is complete.

This is the easiest-going Northern Soul tune ever, so inoffensive but at the same time compelling… outrageous popularity was a cert.

Condition of this listing is near perfect, just very light age spotting around the perimeter of the center hole, is it’s only minuscule flaw.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 210.00

Charades The Key To My Happiness / Weeping Cup

Nothing But Nothing

turns me on, more than Classic Real Deal Northern Soul !!

This is so very classic and it’s flawless

Excuse me whilst I pause and catch my breath…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 700.00

Torch All-nighter Various Torch Memorabilia

An eye-popping collection of genuine “TORCH” artifacts.

Includes: 1. the unique double sided (3 fold gloss-finish card event flyer)

  1. genuine “Gold” finish membership card # 6009

  2. 2 x mint unstitched Torch - Stoke-On-Trent patches

  3. Torch 1972 All-Nighter handbill. Documenting the first appearance of “Major Lance live on Stage” for Saturday October 21st. Even though “The Major” omitted to sing his no. 1 Northern Soul offering “You Don’t Want Me No More” for those lucky enough to be there October 21st. 1972 is firmly cast in stone “as Northern Soul most memorable night of all time!”

*Many thanks for the extra info coming from Steve Frost, Chris Burton and FB friends.

So let us pause for a moment and consider historical “bits” from one of the legendary stepping-stones in the history of Northern Soul, professionally framed and hanging in your abode..

So very cool…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 82.00

Bobby Hutton Come See What's Left Of Me / Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

The genius of Joshie Jo Armstead shines through yet again, as she teams up with Chicagoan Bobby Hutton to sculpt what most of us consider one of the greatest Soul achievements of the 60s.

Originally earmarked for Joshie’s “Giant Label” release but proving to be so impressive it jump directly to national release, but of coarse ignored by the radio station, presumably the “Ahead Of It’s Time” production working against it. So another major label Northern Soul winner was born..

Lyrically dazzling as the simplistic arrangement allows all his heart-rendering words to hit home, hard. Producing one of the very finest mid-tempo NS dance-floor pleasers ever committed to vinyl.

Note this Promo has two flawless labels & vinyl to match..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 234.00

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Even more so when they were a quid a pop on Bradford Market back in the day.....


Ian D  :D 


mine was £1 on Leeds market 1982ish......it also must be a real holy grail as it has the b side labels on both sides...


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Benny Scott and the Soul Masters has 2 on Popsike (only a guide I know), £438 and £324, makes this one at £203 respectable for a collector?

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