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Mellow Madness

Save The Youth / Going, Going, Gone

A strident Rare-Modern-Soul trophy of gargantuan proportions… purely blending Soul/Jazz/Funk into a convincing dancefloor delicacy… so darn classy, sumptuously soulful, frantically Funked-up..ideal to perfectly-pleasure today’s dancefloor tastes.

The tenacious lead-vocal glides through a maze of bass-guitar, vibes, electric-drum & synth, until climaxing with a drop-everything trumpet solo from the Top-Drawer! unbelievably elevating this session yet another notch.


Flip it over and lo0vers of the harmony Sweet-Soul ballad will not be disappointed; as all the skills of the a-side are utilized on a soothing Soul ballad.

Rap intro fades and the lead voice turns in a sad-song full of regret, remorse and desperation. whilst sweet-honeyed Sisters coo away in the background…the trumpeter strolls into the session again stealing the show..

Two superior sides - the already “huge” a-side just totally stand-out!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,225.00


Al Mason

Good Lovin / Color Her Woman

It maybe an independent but check out that utterly lush production from Washington, D. C..

Banks of strings zip back and forth, as a party of shrill girls hit home with the chorus “Good Lovin’” whilst the relentless dance beat pumps away, non-stop, up close and unavoidable - what a dancefloor delight!!

Near 4.00 minutes of rich fully loaded backing, which Al Mason’s vocal rides to full effect. producing not only one of the best examples of its genre but also of of the most-elusive.. in recent years very seldom seen for sale..

Do not pass by..this ORIGINAL first press with time-served towering reputation for unavailability.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 457.00


Wilson Pickett

Let Me Be Your Boy / My Heart Belongs To You

A listing that will spark interest from several corners of the Northern Soul collecting fraternity..and not just because it has squashed those dancers onto the floor for more than several decades now..

Firstly, this is the very first 1962 Detroit press is predominately witnessed with vinyl in various levels of scratchy condition and those beautifully designed labels, scared by edge curls, writing, stains, tears and general grime. This copy in contrast, as you can hear and see.. is in a rarely seen “super-clean” state.

Secondly for NS devotees of the “First Press” originals, this is the VERY FIRST birth of a record that hit the USA market full three times before 1966.

This listing, is the ultimate first release from 12th. Street, Detroit. based company who lead with “Let Me Be Your Boy” as the A-side, whilst the other string driven beauty sat on the flipside - also a high quality tune that Correc-tone could have easily split into two separate releases…

Both the first two Correc-tone releases, through Robert Bateman, enjoyed national exposure on CUB Records later in 1962, but failed to make any impact with sales..and still remain hard to acquire, today.

Then in December 1965 MGM/Verve, never a company to miss an opportunity, spotted “The Wicked Pickett” bubbling just outside the R&B Top 20 with “The MIdnight Hour”. MGM flipped the sides over leading “My Heart Belongs To You”,but as with CUB, it received only a tepid response..

So before you today, is the ORIGINAL in this tale of 3 releases, it’s glorious stock copy clothes..in the level of condition that will satisfy those of you frustrated with unacceptable untidiness whilst trying to ensnare this good-looker..

Last but not least, MOTOWN collectors note, those shrill ladies complimenting the zipping string section are Florence Ballard and The Primettes..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 205.00


Bernard Smith And The Jokers

Gotta Be A Reason / 39-21-46

No, not the limited Summer of 2007 run of 250 with the instrumental flipside. This is the seldom witnessed in playable condition, first press ORIGINAL with Bernard’s take on the “Showmen” classic sitting on the flipside..plus the all important “FRANKFORD & WAYNE” manufacturng stamp in the deadwax.

In recent times this is one of the very RAREST Northern Soul “impossibles” we have had the pleasure presenting. Rare in two respects, rarely coming to market and if it does most copies are beyond acceptability, with surface marks and damaged labels more than likely spoiling a rare find.

Check out the soundfile of this local South-East offering; as you will hear it plays super-nice, even though the surface does reveal some light blemishes a strong Vg+ plays 3 grades higher..

So stop gazing at scan and check out that irresistible chunk of Northern Soul that exits the grooves. Horn dominated “Carolinas” style Northern Soul dancer, flowing like cream from the speakers, as a superior arrangement punches away like a prize-fighter…Even though there is no vocal group presence, The Jokers serve us with a blanket of brass as Bernard’s vocal overides everything in the studio comes out triumphant!

Fantastic Northern Soul.. infectious and so perfect to dance to.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 642.00



Camel Walk

Gold” Fania a label that always sets the pulse racing.. a signal for a quality assured drop of the needle.

Here one of the labels releases that has maybe lived in shadows of “Bad Breath” “Subway Joe” “Soul Drummers” “Use It Before You Lose It” etc. for too long now. Just as frisky as the labels other “Big Ticket” offerings - with this session particularly coercive dancefloor food, as you find the rhythm irresistible and some of the instrumental solos outrageously inventive…

A reckless flutist embroiders the horns, a sax is lurking in there ready to pounce.. but when? Then it screeches into the session, like the car chase in “The Blues Brothers” leaving a trail of destruction, as all the musicians have now been pulled into the atmosphere of one-up-manship..

The result is an infectious riot of sound, manifesting itself into just the most-captivating dancefloor magnet imaginable…

Step out of those shadows “Camel Walk” .. strut your stuff

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 72.00


George Jackson

I Don't Have The Time To Love You / Don't Use Me

From the man who guided the Jive Five through all their great United Artists recordings, Otis Pollard harnesses the extreme talents of George Jackson and crafts sublime top-drawer Soul Northern Crossover supported by an uncredited vocal-group sounded every note-perfect as the Jive Five always did.

A 1968 New York session with Otis aided by the prolific Richie Adams sees the pair craft a glorious mid-pace Northern Soul beauty that just totally got passed over not only by the USA during the late 60s. But also but the British Rare Soul scene for the most-part of the last century…

The last couple of decades have witnessed this stand-out appear amongst the play-listings of “Thinking” Jocks - but records of this calibre surely need to take to the turntables much more often..

A record yet to hit the heights it obviously deserves, even though it has been perched and ready to fly… time set this Beautiful Soul Bird free, don’t you think…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 313.00



You Really Got A Hold On Me / Happy Landing

Just how tough are these highly coveted Oriole promos to acquire… most British Motown collections may not even have a single example on their shelves. They are super-challenging to apprehend.

Before you today is a 1962 British press DEMO copy is eye-popping condition. Of one of Smokey early triumphs, has he displays his gift for the mid-tempo vocal-group soul sound, that was to evolve into his trademark.

This copy has neat clean vinyls, both labels are free of writing, sticker marks, tears, stains or any other annoying flaw, that would compel you to seek an upgrade further down the line. on close scrutiny you will maybe notice a couple of specks under the “You Really..” of the title. This is actually silver print ink that has wandered over. Only flecks and not a significant flaw..

Looks totally irresistible, thwart the Oriole temptation if you can…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 101.00


David Batiste & The Gladiators

Funky Soul Part 1 & Part 2

Isaac Bolden guided New Orleans FUNK is unplayed perfect condition.

A terrace of slow-dragging horns blow long, deep and dirty; whilst some mean-minded guitar picking lifts the session on the back a cool-handed Hammond massaging.

This FUNK from the streets, delivered with imagination and a high level of skill, as it captures your attention with so impressive solo moments for all involved..

We have spoken before about the chances of acquiring MINT records originating in New Orleans… I think since devastation caused by “Katrina” we are all of one mind that clean records from the region is now one of the most-daunting record collecting challenges.

believe us this 45 is just perfect… 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 56.00



I Won't Stop To Cry / The Devastator

Two killer Chicago vocal group Northern Soul dancers on one 45, that in recent years have slowly unfolded into the more thoughtful NS Jocks sets for it’s now thriving reputation to grow.

But this is just not any ordinary 45. Please note this Promo comes on the “miss-print” TWILIGHT label as apposed to the TWINIGHT release format.

Not that the Twinight issue is accessible in any way - as in recent years strong NS DJ groundwork has taken the 45 even further up the scales of NS collectors reckonings; as the flipside “The Devastator” has also galloped onto the scene..

If you like them damn hard-to-acquire but not impossible, giving up value-for-money and not breaking the bank.. we consider this 45 on a quality to rarity ratio “under-valued” in this vibrant market…Yes we feel the value has no where near peaked..as it still remains “underplayed” but saturated in potential..

The time is now to get this 45 safely tucked away in your collection or better still DJ Box..

Vinyl has some insignificant light surface marks - but as you can hear the double-hitter plays an impressive LOUD and clear..labels are gorgeous.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 363.00


Freddy Butler

With A Dab Of Soul

Pied Piper - considered by Rare Soul fans worldwide as the most gifted, certainly most appreciated 60s Soul Production team ever gather for work.

This covet album goes some way to underlining that obvious statement with every track bubbling over with unique style, intense invention, meticulous attention to quality whilst consistently crafting inspirational Soul.

Do not just take my word for it, check out everything PIED PIPER, Detroit 60s Soul at its very finest…

Which bring me to this, one of three albums Piped Piper constructed and released. After clicking spectacular sound file, ad reading the track list you be bemused that only the two “weaker” track ever reached 7” 45 status.

The other earth-moving recordings were abandoned to languish, awaiting discover in the next decade, as this iconic album failed misery upon release..

The bonus with this offering is the absolutely pristine condition, check out the flawless front and back cover, not even a hint of a seam split…perfection.

Both Promo labels are also implausibly impeccable..

The all important playing surface, upon forensic inspection is flawless also.

You won’t ever encounter finer single artist Detroit Soul Album. and certainly not in finer condition…

PIED PIPER I’m down on one knee in the presence of your genius..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 165.00


Spyder Turner

4 Track French Ep

Adding colour and class to this weeks auction is the versatile man from Detroit with 4 fabulous examples of his work inc: the el;usive “I’m Alive With A Lovin’ Feelin’ ” unavailable as a 7” 45 back in 1966.

track 1. introduces Syder’s versatile vocal, by exhibiting his startling range as his cheekily mimics other Soul artists during his take on Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”

Track 2. Spyder gets down to serious business with arguably his best MGM recording..certainly his hard 7” offering to find and the track that lifts this rare EP from highly collectable to an imperative to own. “I’m Alive With A Lovin’ Feelin’ ” encapsulates the Detroit Sound into perfectly constructed Northern Soul - the foolproof Northern Soul dancer.

Track 3. Is a timeless Northern Soul classic that even after all these years, the needle drops, the rumble of sax..the string slice the air. Spyder is in soulful mood transforms Lightfoot’s lyrics into glittering Northern Soul aided by the highly talented duo of Dennis Coffey & Mike Theodore.

Track 4. another Detroit prodigy Clay McMurray writes potent lyric for Spyder to attack, again crafting perfect Detroit Northern Soul..

The 4 tracks are superb, the artist picture cover is “sleeve-art” even the all too familiar labels take on a new look…when the French present it..


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 81.00


Chuck Jackson

Hand It Over / Since I Don't Have You

Limited space, for the Chuck Jackson autograph decorating this fine condition 1964 UK press, that is just a mere smidge off Mint minus..

Always a guaranteed play, that shepherds the flock away from the bar…and onto the floor. Consistently used as a banker to retrieve a flagging activity.. But how many NS Jocks can boast playing it from the seldom-seen 1964 original British press, instead of it’s twice issued USA Wand counterpart..

Well, considering all British copies are now safely tucked away in established collections, you won’t see many of these top-quality vinyl English platters spinning on an oldies night..

Looks lovely doesn’t it.. best left at home for occasional cherished outing to your own turntable.. as ownership will offer moments of solitary pleasure.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 171.00




Oscar Toney, Jr.

Ain't That True Love / For Your Precious Love

Like so many timeless Northern Soul classics - this 1967 Memphis, Tennessee thumper, started life in the UK as a flipside.

The reserve of a classically styled Deep Soul version of the Jerry Butler signature tune; Hears Oscar walking funeral pace through the first 1/2 of the recording before letting his magnificent voice soar, on the wings of strings & a Heavenly girl choir.. totally awesome slow Soul.

As great as it was, it was not the type of Soul the “Twisted Wheel” MODS were seeking on a Saturday night… but hidden away on the flipside was a Memphis-Marauder that al;lowed for Oscar to rasp his through a “Papa Don” production of real-potency.

Southern guitar twangs out the rhythm, girl coo cool whispers, before ratcheting up their presence into a soulfully-squealing throng. Whilst all the time Oscar wails out his own lyrics with convincing passion.

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL - one, those early NS pioneers discovered, nurtured and let loose on the Niter crowd…today it sounds even more convincing as other tunes pale by comparison..

Note this PROMO is the indisputable way to be certain of owning the very first press; as EMI, just like did with Darrell Banks - Open The Door To Your Heart -Stateside 536 repressed it in 1970 on the same SS 2033 number, on the back of All-Niter spins, another Twisted Wheel anthem made available to meet the underground demand.

So now, check out this gorgeous Green & White DEMO! Swaggering across the page, with two neat flaw-free labels and two vinyls that play perfect and miss the Mint minus grading by a mere whisker…!

One fabulous Northern Soul ingot - in by far its rarest outfit..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 122.00



I'll Never Forget You / Pretty Words

Will the “Mint” vinyl well of the hoarder ever run dry. Although this man’s collection was nearly all solitary copies, his depth of Northern Soul ofering he keeps digging out when the mood takes him has amazed us now for nearly 3 years..

The O’Jays very best Northern Soul creation lay before you..labels, vinyl and birth sleeve all as the day they were filed…

If you seeking top-drawer Northern Soul that has never met a DJ on the circuit then this is for you. With perfect clarity Mike Terry blows his signature notes, the O’Jays silky pleadings are crystal clear as the Detroit studio rings to tinkling vibes and blaring horns..


So flip it over for a luscious harmony ballad that drips with beseeching pleas of love. As the gathering flexes it’s muscular vocal even tighter-together, serving us with dreamy harmony 60’s Soul, raising the bar of it’s genre..yet again.

To be honest records in this condition I actually fear playing them for the first time.. so it came as a strange relief when I scrutinized both sides of the vinyl for a third time - I found a minuscule pock-mark on the very first turn of the run in on the lead side..I almost wished for a passing click.. but no such luck.. silence is all I was greeted with…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 187.00


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