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Shorty Long

Burnt Toast And Black Coffee

The totally diverse net of the Northern Soul DJ choices casts it net right back to 1956 with this R&B shaker that is currently detonating the dancefloor-dash up and down the UK.

How this classically trained “Violinist” Hillbilly came to record a gatecrashing R&B killer is a mystery but his extreme talent enabled him to turn his hand to any style, and boy does he revel in this his own composition as jazz saxophonist Manny Albam and his Orchestra belt out the addictive rhythm…

You gotta hand it to the “New Breed” Norther Soul DJ as they constantly push the envelope of the sound… and always get it right. Proven by the floor-packing qualities of this rhythmic R&B dancer.

VERY IN-DEMAND and this copy plays perfectly as the finest RCA vinyl carries the light surface blemishes without a murmur. Both labels are flaw-free! 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 184.00


The Chantels

Indian Giver

Moody, dark and dirty recording from one of the world’s greatest ever Girl-Gatherings. Daughters of The Bronx made immortal, by Arlene Smith’s unparalleled lead performance on their 1957 hit “Maybe”

But by 1966 their popularity along with the girl-group sound had faded and sales diminished. That is why this Horace Ott guided recordings is no easy find…

With Arlene Smith no longer a member Jackie Landry, Renee Minus & Sonia Goring take on a meatier defiant stance, recording what is, by far their finest Northern Soul offering. With Ott’s rattling arrangement pumping out potent aerial horns, piano slapping notes and the screaming girl backing, all welding together for one mighty atmospheric tune,

This is one of the country’s most wanted girl-group Northern Soul 45s of the moment; In fine clean condition - with received date on flipside label being it’s only forgivable blemish.

No-one can ignore a tune with this amount of overwhelming power !!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 283.00


Gloria Scott

What Am I Gonna Do

An album so full of delights we could fill pages shouting it’s qualities..

First press of course, fine clean condition, a minuscule price-sticker removal scar top right (see scan) is it’s only foible.

So let the soundfile sample of just 3 tracks off this unparalleled Barry White & Tom Brock collusion.

More later..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 110.00


Melvin Davis

Find A Quiet Place (and Be Lonely) / This Ain't The Way

A DETROIT NORTHERN SOUL TROPHY of the highest calibre.

Saturated in NS kudos, delivering distilled “from-the-streets” of the Motor City in vintage year of 1965.

It doesn’t get much better than this, as all the very few copies known, have long since been imprisoned in the world’s most-exhaustive Rare Soul collections, never to be paroled.

Wigan Casino, Cleethorpes Pier, Blackpool Mecca all resounded to those instantly recognizable Rudy Robinson piano strokes; relentless plectrum picks drive the delicate rhythm as an uncredited male vocal group purr away in the background, whilst Melvin’s despairing mood is given the Detroit Soul treatment. Rudy plows back in elevating his keyboard craft and the whole session becomes a perfect example of what the City was constructing besides Motown in the mid-60s..

For today’s DJ this is the perfect 45 to elevate stage-presence, but also hidden away on the flipside is a neglected Northern Soul growler! As Melvin changes his mood to utter defiance and snarls his way through an uncompromising stomper. A nod to R&B, a sideways glance to Funk and a great big hug for an overlooked Northern Soul candidate.. that would snugly fit into any upbeat DJ set.

Note this offering has two flawless labels, vinyl inspection only reveals the merest mild blemishes under strong light, plays perfectly. Except for a little mark at the beginning of the deadwax, a mild click after the recording is finished…with such an important piece of Rare Soul, we need to be exacting in it’s condition..which is our finest example this century.

Act accordingly

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,948.00


Brenda Lee Jones

You're The Love Of My Life

A listing especially aimed at those of you who seek out the rarest, best possible condition examples of Northern Soul Classics..

How about this pristine 1966 French press still hugging it’s birth sleeve.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 60.00


David Coleman

Drown My Heart

This for me personally is my most-requested play and best dancefloor reaction. I’ve always loved it’s uniqueness and tried to give it an airing every set I’ve done in recent years, usually towards the end as it wasn’t an instant love-affair with the dancers.

For decades an under-played oldie at best - but now a MONSTER! Guaranteeing a shoulder to shoulder jostling as soon as the needle drops..

Not forgetting it exhibits the greatest line in a NS 45 ever..

“You Left My Heart Like Dirt On The Carpet…”” wow how “Coleman” convinces with his defiant rejection..

A Joe Bataan / Hector Rivera collaboration with few comparables ..

Condition is the fines I’ve seen in recent times.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 163.00


The O'jays

Soul Sounds

SOUL SOUNDS” title for this album has possibly gotta to be the biggest understatement to ever be a LP title!


captures the O’Jays in Detroit under the stewardship of PIED PIPER productions..

more later..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 121.00


Johnny Summers

I'm Still Yours / Prove It To Me

Total Northern Soul classic, harking back to the halcyon days of Dave Thorley’s inspiring “Top Of The World” all niter at Stafford. Who’s reunions are to this day are anticipated with mouth-watering relish, as the club broke the “Northern Soul” mold.

Although this California creation unfold on a wave a shrill girls and impressive horns…

More later..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 415.00


Ronnie Hawkins And The Hawks

Southern Love (what-cha-gonna Do)

Mr. Dynamo!! Consistently crams everything possible into his performances, does Northern Soul POPCORN, and how!

Be patient as Ronnie’s Arkansas drawl grabs your attention, as he regrets the loss of his love of Shirley B. and just as you think this is gonna be some dreadful Elvis impression; Ronnie hits you, on a wave of soaring-haunting Girl vocals, male vocal group Doo-Wops and a wild twangy guitar solo….


Annoyingly so addictive all your prejudices melt under the weight of Mr. Hawkins easy-peazy style and the finger-clicking “Popcorn” arrangement… we are pretty sure the open-minded NS collector will be falling in love with a recording from a man who’s just got “It” and will perfectly understand why this distinctive session has enjoyed an NS underground cult appreciation for decades.

This 1959 British press with in sublime flawless condition, seldom seen for sale. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 52.00


P. P. Arnold

Everything's Gonna Be Alright + 3

Oh yes - stunning French 4 track EP giving up her greatest Northern Soul offering!

So damn difficult to acquire on the British release 45. Never issued in the USA and the bootleg copies changing hands for inflated prices.. this original 1967 French 4 track EP with the alluring Picture Sleeve.

Check back cover for the 3 “bonus” tracks.. but with the “Stand-outness” of the legendary “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright ” who needs anything else..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 168.00


Trini Lopez

Sinner Not A Saint

Perhaps an unlikely Northern Soul favourite? Well not really, when you look at the producer Roy Rodde, a man not unfamiliar with the random punchy R&B Northern Soul session.

He was responsible for two BIg Mama R&B juggernauts with Trini Lopez’s stable mates Jesse Mae & Marilyn Brown; so it seems natural when presented with an outrageous Shel Talmy composition, Mr. Rodde would make it shudder and shake.

One of this iconic music-provider Shel Talmy last creations before he left his native USA to embark on his legendary work for Decca in the UK.

So all the ingredients are there for an impressive recording to be born..all it needed was exposure, which was to come decades later in the form of an adventurous NS Jock, who with help from other R&B incline DJ’s made it one of the best-loved of all the off-the-wall Northern Soul choices in recent times.

This elusive 1962 Promo copy has two perfect labels and the vinyl an occasional light surface blemish, as you can see and hear it looks and plays totally clean.

This guaranteed floor-crammer doesn’t come to market in this form very often…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 45.00



You Can Win / Let's Go

This is the ORIGINAL 1979 first press Orange label variation as a 7” of Elijah Williams double-dance offering; that is so very wanted not only by the scene that first play it, but also a monster within the French “Disco” dance cult.

This example well before the Blue label repress is In just gleaming flawless condition..

more later..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 136.00


Pete Terrace "king Of The Boogaloo"

Shot Gun / I'm Gonna Make It

From the very time the Boo-ga-loo was sweeping Britain and giving the MODS a new dance craze to ignite them. Pete Terrance the self-anointed “The King” of the Latin/Soul mix comes along with two thumping dancefloor killers.

Top side is an insanely raw uncompromising Hammond take on the already popular Junior Walker Motown classic. A screaming session encapsulating everything “Boo-Ga-Loo” and giving the upfront mid-60s Soul DJ an alternative “rare” choice to spin.

But today its the Latin flipside that is causing a stir, not only because “Latin” is again flavour of the year so far, but because UK PYE changed the flip side from USA release “El Piton” to “I’m Gonna Make It” …previously an album track..

So check this Northern Soul Latin 45 out, it too, like all Mr. Terrace’s offerings, shudders to his surly style, as he instinctively smacks those vibes whilst delivering guttural lyrics raven by “Barretto” style horns, rattling Bongos, chanting male vocal group all colliding with that intensely snarling Terrace vocal.

WOW this just shimmers with potential, I’m so impressed, I need a copy to follow the imposing David Coleman…

Brilliant album track liberated onto the 7” Pye International flipside of a very rare UK 45 indeed; and is example is a just flawless DEMO still in birth sleeve!!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 299.00


Lola Sands

To Whom It Concern (i'm In Love)

Put Leonard Jewel Smith & Miles Grayson in the same studio… our expectations will obviously be high!! So check out this 1966 Los Angeles slab of Northern Soul, and witness how it shimmers with everything we associate with these two craftsmen of the Northern Soul sound!

It was good to read, this rarity received a recent spin at Newton Aycliffe’s Sanctuary Of Northern Soul; “The RAFA Club” never a place where DJ’s hesitate to drop a surprise or ten and I’m betting Ian Shoulder received an appreciative ripple of applause when the needle hit the deadwax… great play Ian.

Killer girl Northern Soul that has been underplayed for decades (maybe suffering from it’s own scarcity), even though the collectors have always actively pursued ownership. Our data confirms we only encounter a copy on average one copy every 5 years. So do not dither when a near perfect copy presents itself..

If a few more of the up-front DJ’s start start airing it, there is only one way the value of this beauty is gonna go… especially in this premier condition…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 220.00


Ron Buford With Ural Thomas

Deep Soul Part 1 & Two

Former Keb Darge rave, still sounding as potent as ever. The cocktail of delinquent horns and Mr. Thomas’s decisive screams epitomizes the Deep Funk sound that swept the UK in the early part of this century.

1967 Seattle born rarity that sits in from of me today in PERFECT condition. I can’t remember seeing the classic Funker in such eye-popping condition. Both labels and vinyls are immaculately gleaming back at me… whilst I remember how excited I was a little less than 15 years ago to have a grotty scared label and a skating-rink vinyl to sell of this much-wanted 45.

FUNK is still so very very popular and this example is totally classic.. a springboard for the then, revolutionary “Deep Funk” movement which still simmers away nicely today…

But no usually on the back of flawless records.. so tough to acquire these independent low-budget releases in the right condition..

We repeat this example is flawless in every way..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 86.00

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Both sides of Pete Terrace are dynamite, especially I'm gonna make it. So rare on US and pretty rare on Pye Int. Good value I'd say; certainly better value than last week's £452 for Nolan Porter!

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