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  1. Thanks Philippe The leash is a figure of eight leash which is designed to stop him pulling.
  2. Hi All Hope everyone is well. Not been on SS for ages as busy at work and tied up with Ace. Also avoiding Boris and Brexit. Anyway, here's a couple of Ace - he can be a nightmare, but I love him. Had him for nine months now. Pete
  3. Here's a couple of Ace on walk by the river Trent and on guard duty in my building site of a back garden.
  4. Hi Gaz I paid £40 for a white demo recently. I was happy with that = great record. Peter
  5. I am so sorry to hear that. Always liked Winnie's posts on here. I think we were SS mods together on Current Affairs for a while. God Bless you Win. Peter
  6. Good luck with that one Darren Its a great record. I had it on wants for over a year on here and got one about six weeks ago. P
  7. No course not Andrew. Nice looking girl!
  8. Here's Ace on his down and stay command - awaiting his next instruction.
  9. He prefers to paint with his bear like paws! Similar approach to treading shit into the kitchen from the garden. I hope you're well mate - you're demonstrating great fortitude on the Brexit thread! Pete
  10. His Highness Ace thinks he's the boss and would accept nothin less than a new kitchen! Hope you are well Richard. Peter
  11. Well, I've had Ace for 5 months now and he is beginning to settle in. I've trained him on basic commands such as come, sit, fetch, down, stay - most of these I can do with hand gestures without speaking a word - that's pretty cool! He is still a nightmare with other dogs so I'm working with a second dog behaviorist - the first one felt that Ace was too big and strong when he loses control - its a work in progress. Also my house renovation is starting to come together - 4 months over schedule and way over budget. I am now financially embarrassed.
  12. I have a pet hate, which is illogical, groundless, baseless, unfounded and unjustifiable. But these contraptions, and the people who pedal them, are idiots, and nearly always middle class and posh! Grrr! What are your pet, but irrational, hates?
  13. Apologies for the double post - something went wrong.
  14. Stains on humanity such as this also inspires great things in others. Bravery, compassion and love.
  15. The Holocaust. Hard to find the words really. Looking at some of the harrowing pictures, the bodies, the tiny little shoes of small children and babies,'s heart breaking. May it never be forgotten and pray that it never happens again.
  16. I cant remember that Tony. Iconic record, in my top ten. Pete
  17. From the Master - Harry Hippie. One of the best videos I've seen - oh, to have been there. Absolutely beautiful, stunning.

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