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Dear All,


Hi and welcome to the March 2016 list.


A 45's only list this time around and mostly mid priced items. I have divided them into three different segments - Modern & Crossover, Northern and a Ballads/Group/Sweet/Deep one.


Some of the highlights:


Modern Soul/Crossover - nice clean copy of Frankie Zhivago Young's "Someobody stole my love", Carstairs original promo release of their classic "It really hurts me girl", Cruisers indemander "Mink and sable Mable", some killer Philly soul dancers from Love Committee, Billy Proctor, Ben E. King and Delfonics. Dottie Pearson's since long deleted Grapevine 45 "A house made of love" / "Bring it over baby". A under the radar and killer dancer from Hoagy Lands in "Do you know what life is all about", Albert Jones double header on Bumpshop and many more. I also re-listed the Higher Feelings Kent rarity for a set sale price as the high bidder did not honor his bid.


Northern Soul - nice mixture of mid-price dancers and beat ballads from artists like Ruby Winters ("Better", vinyl copy with company sleeve), Pat Clayton, Brooks O'Dell, Gloria Lynne, Ohio Players and Butlers ("Laugh, laugh, laugh"). There's also a major funk rarity in Big Al & the Star Treks "Funky funk".


Ballads/Group/Sweet/Deep - short but sweet selection with all high quality discs. Fred Johnson on Shi-Lush, Different Shades of Brown super rare issue copy featuring "When the hurt is back on you"/ "Sending good vibrations". Turbulations on Guava, Sensations "Please baby please", Spydels "Peace of mind" and more.


Info about payment, grading, shipping costs etc after the listings. I require paypal payments over £150 to be sent as gift (or add 4% to the total) to cover paypal fees.

Best Regards, Karl






http://www.discogs.com/seller/K-Mart/profile (10% off if you order from me directly)





Crossover & Modern Soul 45’s


Higher Feelings – I wanna stay high on you – Kent / EX / £500 (Smooth modern soul on the legendary withdrawn Kent release. Catalogue number were passed on for another release that became the last record on the label. And most copies binned making this a very very rare 45. Had this copy up for bids on my last list but the winner did not honor his bid so will do it set sale this time around.)



Frankie Zhivago Young - Somebody stole my love - Ultra / EX / £350 (Clean Jamaica original of this immense, ultra soulful piece of dancefloor soul. Part two label on both sides, plays the sides it should.)



Albert Jones - Up top the sun / Reflections - Bumpshop / EX / £250 (Excellent Detroit rarity with two great sides.)




Carstairs - It really hurts me girl - Red Coach / EX / £185 (Timeless classic! Original copy, white promo with Sterling stamped matrix. Pink ones are a later press after the label lost their Chess distribution. This one is really harder than the price suggests, stayed put when similar discs soared in price.)



Personal Touch - It ain’t no big thing - Pap / EX / £110 (Classic, and killer early Patrick Adams production.)



E.K.G. - Give me love - The Roadrunners / EX / £110 (Modern soul evergreen.)



Billy Proctor & Love System – Keeping up with the Joneses – Epic / EX / £85 (Very clean & rare issue copy of this killer Philly dancer. Version of the Adam Wade tune.)



Contreras / Sokolov / Milgrom – You make it harder – Budweiser Showdown / EX/EX / £80 (Tough 1984 New York boogie. Unplayed and complete with pic sleeve. Running low on these now down to a couple left.)



Cruisers - Mink and sable Mable - Gamble / VG+ / £75 (Indemand and awesome crossover soul. One to fire up any dancefloor. White demo, date written on label. Plays with a little faint background noise. A bit like the copy from the youtube clip below. Price reduced accordingly.)



Hoagy Lands - Do you know what life is all about - Spectrum / EX / £75 (Very nice and very obscure crossover dancer. Rare one that should soar in price once more known. Label has one mark.)



Chet Davenport - Can’t get over you - Toehold / EX / £65 (Killer modern soul also done by Traffic Jam.)



Marvin Sease - Thankful for this life (I’ve been given) - Double M / EX / £60 (Lovely gospel soul dancer that appeared on one of the early Soul Supply compilations. B-side has small writing.)



Lost Generation - Pretty little angel eyes / You only get out of love - Brunswick / EX / £60 (Sought after 45 with two superb sides not on their albums. In the most desirable format here - vinyl issue copy and, not the more commonly seen styrene issue and styrene demo.)




Sly, Slick & Wicked - Sho nuff / same - People / EX / £60 (Promo copy of this modern soul evergreen.)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOhi5yWa_8M (bonus clip, group visiting the Soul Train show.)


Tams - This precious moment - Sounds South / EX / £60 (Yellow label copy of this modern soul indemander.)



Bobby Dukes - Just to be with you - Calla / EX / £60 (Modern soul evergreen.)



Allnight Band - Lovely ladies - Contact / EX / £50 (Sought after UK release with a great modern dancer. Date written on label.)



Dottie Pearson - A house made of love / Bring it over baby   - Grapevine / EX / £50 (Since long out of print and now well indemand 2004 release with two previously unreleased and killer modern soul dancers.)




Charles Earland - Drifting - Mercury / VG+ / £50 (Major label rarity on the superb 7 inch version mix. Just shy of EX with some inaudible sleeve marks.)



Checkmates - All alone by the telephone - Polydor / EX / £50 (The group version of this killer modern soul dancer. Barely noticeable writing on label.)



Soulvation Army Band / Flora Wilson - Dancing on a daydream - Soulvation Army / VG+ / £45 (Modern soul indemander. Light marks only, plays well. One side has a round stain from removed sticker.)




Freddie Scott - Girl I love you - Probe/Abc / EX / £40 (Powerful crossover dancer.)



Ronnie Love - Let’s make love / Nothing to it - Almeria / EX / £35 (Killer couble header with alternative versions to the Magnetic Touch album. Essential NYC modern soul dancers!)




Steve Marshall - Maintain - Reynolds / EX / £35 (The great 45 version of this rare indie disco/modern dancer.)



Margie Joseph - I can’t move no mountains - Atlantic / VG+ / £30 (UK copy of this evergreen dancer. Flipside has a little very thin ballpoint pen writing.)



Billy Cole - Extra careful / Bump all night - Power Exchange / EX / £25 (UK release of this great club soul double header. Not For Sale sticker on BAN-side.)




Johnny Scott - Let me be a winner - Portra / EX / £25 (Modern soul dancer, the version without the spoken intro.)



Ben Monroe - Broken home - Dakar / EX / £20 (Lovely, feel good crossover soul pearl. One that seemed to catch some more attention recently.)



Neal Brown - If by chance - Chart Sounds / EX / £20 (Feel good crossover soul dancer.)



Oscar Weathers - When you see what you want - Sirloin / EX / £20 (Great modern soul oldie out of Philly. Don’t miss out on the cool part two. Tear drop logo label variation.)




Jean Wells - What have I got to lose - Calla / VG+ / £15 (Great slab of crossover soul. Has light marks but plays well.)



Freddie Hughes - I gotta keep my bluff in / Natural man - Wand / EX / £15 (Nice clean copy complete with company sleeve. High quality soul music! BB hole through label.)



Cannonball - You keep telling me yes - Reflection / EX / £15 (1980 beach scene release featuring a sunny feel good throwback sound.)



Archie Bell & the Drells - Old people - PIR / EX / £15 (Classic PIR rarity and a superb dancer. Hairline, not a crack just material imperfection. Plays well of course.)



Aretha Franklin - Don’t let me lose this dream - Atlantic / VG / £12 (Easily the best version of this well covered song. UK only on 45, here in the more scarce solid center version. Vinyl has many light very superficial marks but plays ok.)



Jimmy Jones - Ain’t nothing wrong makin’ love the first night - Conchillo / EX / £12 (Superb modern soul floater. Soul with a message. Purple/yellow/white label variation.)



Powerful People - (Little girl) say yes - Epic / EX / £10 (Promo copy of this disco/modern dancer. With company sleeve.)



Ben E. King - We got love - Atlantic / EX / £10 (Killer Philly soul. Only available on issue copies making it a bit tricky to find.)



Montclairs - Unwanted love - Paula / EX / £10 (Nice crossover cheapie. Solid dancer. Label has a small white round sticker.)



James Brown & the JB’s - People wake up and live - Polydor / EX / £8 (Classic from a classic artist.)



Leon Haywood - It’s got to be mellow - Decca / EX / £8 (Absolutely classic crossover dancer. On of the defining discs for the genre.)



First Class - Me and my gemini - All Platinum / EX / £6 (Nice white demo of this killer modern dancer. One of the best of the cheapest.)



Delfonics - I told you so - Philly Groove / EX / £6 (Highly recommended Philly soul dancer.)



Barbara Mason & the Futures - Make it last - Buddah / EX/VG+ / £5 (Killer Philly soul tht used to be a bit expensive. Complete with pic sleeve.)



Love Committee - Cheaters never win - Gold Mind / EX / £5 (Another Philly soul evergreen.)



Kwick - Let this moment be forever - EMI America / EX / £5 (Essential two step, complete with company sleeve.)



Dorothy Moore - Girl overboard - Malaco / EX / £5 (See the description on First Class above, except this one is a stock copy and not a demo.)



Northern Soul & Funk 45’s


Big Al & the Star Treks - Funky funk - Double M / EX / £300 (Big deep funk rarity out of NY, one that stayed rare.)



Ruby Winters - Better - Diamond / EX / £100 (Dramatic and atmospheric northern dancer. Vinyl copy complete with company sleeve.)



Pat Clayton - Someone else’s turn - Silver Tip / EX / £90 (Very good midtempo northern dancer on a rare 45.)



Chaumonts - When you love someone - Bay Sound / EX / £70 (Nice clean copy of this lovely NS feel good dancer.)



Lydia Pense with the New Invaders - I’ll forgive you then forget you - Invader / VG+ / £70 (Promo copy of this popular beat ballad. There’s a second long hiss a few seconds into the song. Label flipside has a stain from removed sticker.)



Butlers - Laugh, laugh, laugh - Phila / EX / £70 (Lovely early Philly soul dancer.)



Casinos - If I told you - Del-Val / EX / £60 (Feel good group soul dancer.)



Bob Brady & the Con Cords - Goodbye baby - Chariot / VG+ / £60 (Green label copy of this lovely feel good northern dancer. Flipside is a nice group harmony slowie. BB hole. Vinyl has some light marks, dancer side plays clean but there’s occasional and light background noise on the flip.)




Ohio Players - You don’t mean it - Compass / EX / £60 (Congas fuelled stormer!)



Gloria Lynne - You don’t have to be a tower of strength - Everest / EX / £50 (Nice clean copy of this classic dancer.)



Voices - Fall in love again / Instrumental - Penny / EX / £40 (Nice female soul out of Chicago.)



Avons - Since I met you baby - Excello / EX / £30 (Very nice female lead NS dancer.)



Cindy Gibson - I’ll always love you - General / EX / £25 (Nice slab of forgotten NS.)



Patti Hamilton & the Lovelites - The way that you treat me baby / My baby loves you - Lovelite / VG / £25 (Two lovely sides by these talented girls. Light marks only, plays well.)




Lovelites - I found me a lover / You better stop it - Bandera / EX / £25 (Lovely girl group double header. Early release by this fantastic group.)



Curtis Smith - The living end / Say you will - Essica / EX / £25 (Two nice sides. BB hole through label.)




Barbara Lynn - This is the thanks I get - Atlantic / VG+ / £20 (Nice red/white demo of this piece of classic. Vinyl has many light marks but plays clean.)



Thornton Sisters - Big city playboy - Bobsan / VG+ / £20 (White promo of this lovely fingersnapping dancer.)



Barbara Randolph - Can I get a witness - Soul / VG / £18 (Funky and fresh version! BB hole through label. Label has many light marks, plays well though.)



Brooks O’Dell - Watch your step - Gold / EX / £15 (Beat ballad classic. Proper one!)



Danny White - Cracked up over you - Decca / VG / £15 (Stomping NS dancer. Light marks only, plays clean.)



Jan Bradley - Back in circulation - Adanti / EX / £12 (Feel good Chicago dancer.)



Millionares - I’d rather do it myself / A rather hip shing - Philips / VG / £10 (Great midtempo northern dancer. Vinyl has lots of light marks, IRDIM-side plays clean but flip is occasionally plays with a little fuzz in the high tones. Black label copy.)




Profiles - A little misunderstanding - Bamboo / VG+ / £10 (Stock copy of this pounding Chicago northern dancer. A few light marks, plays clean.)



Bobby Bland - Getting used to the blues - Duke / VG+ / £10 (Stomping classic that still sounds fresh. Date written on label.)



Ernie Lucas - What would I do without you - OKeh / VG / £10 (Powerful dancer from the guy also known as Arin Demain of “Silent treatment” fame. Light marks only, plays well. There’s a small number written on the label.)



Candace Love - Wonderful night / Uh! Uh! Boy, that’s a no no - Aquarius / VG+ / £8 (Two great sides for the price of one. Light marks only, plays well.)




Spyder Turner - I can’t make it anymore - MGM / VG / £8 (Classic! Light marks only, plays ok but not perfect.)



Ahmad Jamal - Haitian market place - Argo / EX / £6 (Ignore the artist! High quality dancefloor jazz that will go well in a funk set, faster than the version on the youtube link. 2:57 version here. Label has promo stamp.)



Group/Ballad/Deep/Sweet 45’s


Fred Johnson - Don’t leave me (I was wrong) / I feel the soul - Shi-Lush / VG+ / £175 (Promo copy of this killer slowie, seldom seen Chicago rarity. Vinyl has superficial marks, plays ok.)




Different Shades of Brown – When the hurt is put back on you / Sending good vibrations – Motown / EX / £150 (Major sweet soul double header from 1973. The flip only found on the very rare issue copies.)



Love Potion - This love - Kapp / EX / £50 (Aka Joy-Tones. White demo copy with small red A. Small writing on label. Such a classic!)



Turbulations - I’m in love - Guava / VG / £40 (Absolutely lovely girl group harmony cut out of Chicago. Vinyl has light marks, plays well but not perfect and a fairly sharp but small warp. Warp does not affect playback on my Technics 1210’s nor on my Linn LP12.)



Sensations - Please baby please - Way Out / VG+ / £25 (Pretty amazing group harmony slowie. Flip is decent too.)




Topics - All good things must end / Try a little love - Heavy Duty / EX / £25 (Killer group soul with crossover flip.)




Spydels - Peace of mind - Assault / VG+ / £25 (Group soul of the highest quality.)



Imperial Wonders - Trying to get to you / When I fall in love - Black Prince / VG / £20 (Killer group soul slowies. Vinyl has lots of light marks, plays ok.)




Notations - I’m still here / I can’t stop - Twinight / VG+ / £15 (Classic Chicago double header, a lovely slowie backed by a crossover soul evergreen. If you look closely label has something that looks like red pen on red label writing.)




Creations - I’ve got to find her / Times are changing - Globe / EX / £15 (Two excellent Chicago soul sides. Label has a couple of spots on each side.)




Payment Info


I accept paypal or bank transfers to my Swedish account (IBAN).

For all paypal payments over £150 I need you to either add 4% to cover paypal fees. Or send with the “I’m sending money to family or friends”-option and take on the fees.


Postage Costs


Registered shipping is an additional £7. Fully insured (up to £1000) is £9 extra. This is recommended on packages with value over £150.





1 45: £5

2-3 45s: £7

4-8 45s: £10


1 LP/12″: £9

2-3 LP/12″s: £13

4-7 LP/12″s: £20


Rest of the World



1 45: £6

2-3 45s: £9

4-8 45s: £12


1 LP/12″: £10

2-3 LP/12″s: £14

4-7 LP/12″s: £20




NM – spotless record. One grading I don’t really use – one tiny mark/scuff/flame/scratch and it’s EX. Many new records will not make this grade.

EX – Basically everything that will look and play great.

VG+ – Will have marks that may very moderately affect play. Might have fairly large amount cosmetic marks not affecting play.

VG – Lots of marks, should still play fairly well but not perfect.

VG- – Lots and lots of marks, see description on how it plays.

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