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Raresoul45s March New Arrivals - More Top Quality 45s


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Another superb batch of new arrivals

Heres a few of the highlights below.

Click link for scans and sound files and further detail if required




Rose Brooks
I'm Moanin
Minor label stain

Marion Stewart
I Must Be Losing You
Some tunes just speak for themselves such as this fantastic nighter 45

Bill Harris
Am I Cold Am I Hot
£200.00 SOLD

Emanuel Laskey
I've Got To Run For My Life
Rare Detroit classic's are seldom found in such fine condition

Billy Preston
The Girls Got It
Superb L.A dancer, awesome oldie that already fills the dance floor

Ron And The Embracers
You Came Into My Heart
£150.00 SOLD

Brewster Crew
Im One Who Know
Still a floor filling favorite

Linda Perry
Its All In The Back Of Me Now
An epic oldie

Epitome Of Sound
You Dont Love me
£300.00 SOLD

Call On Me
Back on the decks and back in demand, a classic that is currently enjoying...

Art Freeman
Slippin Around With You
£250.00 SOLD
Rare British issue of this iconic sound of the Twisted Wheel

Vel Vets
I Got To Find Me Somebody
£550.00 SOLD
One of the classic 45s that always ignites the dance floor

Turning My Heartbeat Up
Probably the the most ground breaking 45 ever when first unleashed to the...

Jack Montgomery
Baby Baby Take A Chance On Me
Demo copy of this great tune

Luther Ingram
If Its All The Same To You
Vinyl copy of the Atco distributed original of this colossal Detroit gem,...

Irene And The Scotts
Im Stuck On My Baby
£150.00 SOLD

JJ Barnes
Our Love Is In The Pocket
Real deal original of this classic anthem

Scott Bros Orch
A Hunk Of Funk
£40.00 SOLD
Great double sider

Since I Found My Baby
£250.00 SOLD

Nolan Porter
If I Could Only Be Sure
£75.00 SOLD

Tony Middleton
To The Ends Of The Earth
EX copy of this awesome oldie

Tommy Neal
Goin To a Happening
Presented here in its rarest format is an all time classic tune and main...

Lavern Baker
Wrapped Tied & Tangled
Another classic offered in great condition

Kris Peterson
Just As Much
£200.00 SOLD

Harvey Scales
Dont You Ever Let It End
Nice EX copy

Felice Taylor
I Can Feel Your Love
Superb under played dancer, minor stwp nap

David And Ruben
I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me
£300.00 SOLD

Im A Fool I Must Love You
£40.00 SOLD.

Darrow Fletcher
What Good Am I Without You
£150.00 SOLD
Superb in demand spin

Lonely Lonely Girl Am I
£100.00 SOLD
One of the truly great Motown Dancers

Marlena Shaw
Lets Wade In The Water
£100.00 SOLD

Dee Clark
Thats My Girl
One of the biggest floor filling oldies on the playlists

Dee Dee Sharp
Deep Dark Secret
£150.00 SOLD

Rufus Lumley
Im Standing
£250.00 SOLD
Rare original copy of this full on dancer, here presented on the USA Holton...

Tommy Rodgers
I'll Tell It To The Wind
£175.00 SOLD
Superb oldie

Soul Gents
Wonders Of Love
EX copy of this superb nighter spin

How Big Is Big
Issue copy in EX condition

Gerald Sims
You'll Never Be Sorry
M- copy of this early 70s winner

Never Coming back
Rare issue

Anthony White
Hey Baby
Superb mid 70s dancer

East Coast Connection
Summer In The Parks

Vivilore Jordan
Put My Loving On You
EX copy Of this Bill Wright produced gem

Vernon Garrett
Angel Doll
Always been a huge dance floor favorite

Dora Hall
Hoochi Koochi

Leroy And The Drivers
Dont Ever Leave Me

You Got To Have Money
Cracking copy of this in demand double sider

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