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  1. Vontastics here, https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/vontastics/a/19396/s/vontast/
  2. Demo here if interested https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/voices-of-east-harlem/a/42589/s/voices-of/
  3. One here https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/irene-and-the-scotts/a/16526/s/irene/
  4. One here if any good, cheers Darren https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/kelly-st-clair/a/32565/
  5. One here to checkout if needed Cheers Darren https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/cavaliers/a/19062/s/cava/
  6. One here on a nice demo cheers Darren https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/frank-wilson/a/20910/s/frank-wilson/
  7. Its a New York label along with Jacks Rojac Label, I must have been on auto pilot Saturday morning when I wrote the listing or suffering from one to many the night before. ATB Darren
  8. Uk demo of Edwin Starr on link below https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/edwin-starr/a/33501/s/edwin-st/ https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/strangeloves/a/20372/s/strange/
  9. You can change the search setting to a/z, high to low etc, here’s a link to the page https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/mel-williams/a/19124/s/mel-williams/ cheers Darren
  10. One here https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/metros/a/17693/s/metros/
  11. One here https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/sammy-ambrose/a/34778/s/sammy-am/
  12. One here https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/otis-smith-/a/20023/s/otis-smith/
  13. 5e1d81c69bc732.19758150.JPG
    Some quality 45s to go Please message for more information and I'll send you a link to the Raresoul45s website Any Qs welcome . Steinways Record Label Oliver A Side You've Been Leading Me On B Side My Hearts Not In It Anymore Vinyl Condition EX Price: £250.00 . Sugar & Sweet Record Label Audio Forty A Side I've Changed B Side Crying Over You Vinyl Condition EX Price: £225.00 . Tamiko Jones Record Label Golden World Demo A Side Im Spellbound B Side Am I Glad Now Vinyl Condition VG++ Price: £200.00 . Tobi Lark Record Label Topper A Side Happiness Is Here B Side Talking About Love Vinyl Condition EX Price: £250.00 . Tony Middleton Record Label MGM A Side To The Ends Of The Earth B Side Dont Ever Leave me Vinyl Condition EX Price: £300.00 . Triumphs Very rare issue copy Record Label Okeh A Side Im Coming To Your Rescue B Side The World Owes Me A Lovin Vinyl Condition EX Price: £500.00. . Triumphs Stunning M- demo Record Label Okeh A Side Im Coming To Your Rescue B Side The World Owes Me A Lovin Vinyl Condition M- Price: £400.00 . Othello Robertson Record Label Era Demo A Side So In Luv B Side Come On Home Vinyl Condition VG++ Price: £300.00 . Paul Anka Very rare Red Canadian issue Record Label RCA A Side I Cant Help Loving You B Side Cant Get A Long Very Well Without Her Vinyl Condition VG++ Price: £200.00 . Performers Monster group sound Record Label Mirwood A Side I Cant Stop You B Side L.A. Stomp Vinyl Condition EX Price: £75.00 . Reginas Record Label Deblyn A Side He's A Wild One B Side He's The Boy Vinyl Condition VG++ Price: £300.00 . Ruby Andrews Record Label Zodiac A Side Just Loving You B Side The Love I Need Vinyl Condition Strong VG+ Price: £225.00 . Sidney Barnes Record Label Red Bird A Side Youll Always Be in Style B Side Im So Glad Vinyl Condition EX Price: £200.00 . Larry Laster Record Label Loma A Side Go For Yourself B Side Help Yourself Vinyl Condition VG+ Price: £250.00 . Linda Jones A Side My Heart Needs A Break B Side The Things Ive Been Through Vinyl Condition EX Price: £200.00 . Little Flint Record Label Beast A Side Pain B Side Gonna Have A Good Time Vinyl Condition M- Price: £350.00 . Magic Night Record Label Roulette A Side If You And I Had Never Meet B Side Lost And Lonely Boy Vinyl Condition EX Price: £100.00 . Majestics Record Label Linda A Side I Love Her so Much It Hurt B Side Girl Of My Dreams Vinyl Condition VG+ Price: £450.00 . Michael & Raymond Record Label RCA A Side Man Without A Women B Side Walking The Dog Vinyl Condition EX Price: £150.00 . Michael Wycoff Record Label RCA A Side Looking Up To You B Side Love Is So Easy Vinyl Condition EX Price: £100.00 . Lonzine Cannon Record Label Phillips Demo A Side Quit While Im Ahead B Side Cold At Night Vinyl Condition EX Price: £150.00 . Edward Hamilton Record Label Mary Jane A Side Baby Dont You Weep B Side Tell Me Vinyl Condition EX Price: £550.00 . Earl Grant Record Label Decca A Side Hide Nor hair B Side I Love You Yes I Do Vinyl Condition EX Price: £150.00 . Entertainers Record Label Symbol A Side Love In My Heart B Side My Pad Vinyl Condition EX Price: £200.00 . Hard Drivers & Vivian Lee Record Label Hawes A Side Since I Was A Little Girl B Side Straight Talk Vinyl Condition VG+ Price: £300.00 . Headlines Record Label Luau A Side Hes Looking For A Love B Side Baby Vinyl Condition EX Price: £300.00 . Invincibles Record Label Ciray A Side Wonders Of Love B Side Cant No One Man Vinyl Condition EX Price: £150.00 . Jeanette Williams Record Label Back Beat A Side All Of A Sudden B Side Mr Soft Touch Vinyl Condition EX Price: £150.00 . Barbara Carr Record Label Chess A Side My Mama Told Me B Side I Cant Stop Now Vinyl Condition VG Price: £100.00 . Betty Lloyd Record Label BSC A Side Im Catching On B Side You Sat Things You Dont Mean Vinyl Condition EX Price: £750.00 . Bobby Garrett Record Label Mirwood A Side My Little Girl B Side Big Brother Vinyl Condition VG+ Price: £200.00 . Buddy Ace Record Label Duke A Side Screaming Please B Side What Can I Do Vinyl Condition EX Price: £350.00 . Bunny Sigler Record Label Decca A Side For Cryin Out loud B Side Everythings Going To Be All right Vinyl Condition VG++ Price: £175.00
  14. 5e392e0e73c337.26621985.JPG
    Feel free to contact me for any further information required Sound files & scans available Cheers Darren Edward Hamilton Monster Detroit oldie Record Label Mary Jane A Side Baby Dont You Weep B Side Tell Me Vinyl Condition EX Price: £550.00 ..................................................................................................................... Frank Beverly NOTE: this is the rarer sassy Issue with LOVE on the flip. Record Label Sassy A Side If Thats What You Wanted B Side Love Your Pain Goes Deep Vinyl Condition EX Price: £500.00
  15. One here https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/glories/a/18592/s/glories/
  16. 68373675_2071282023167375_6863198494505566208_n.jpg
    Hi Some great tunes for August Please message me for links and further information on any 45 if you dont know where to find them Cheers Darren Duke Browner Crying Over You £1,300.00 An awesome crowd pleasing dancer the from legendary Duke Browner, this... . Paul Thompson Special Kind Of Woman £700.00 SOLD EX copy of this Volt rarity which is seldom offered for sale these days.... . Pat & The Blenders Just Because £500.00 SOLD Cracking double header, the only problem with this one is which side... . Billy Hawks Oh Baby (I Believe I'm Losing You) £1,600.00 . Dayton Promise Me £250.00 Promise Me on the rare stocker that you just never see. . Penetrations Sweet Sweet Baby £400.00 A 1967 double helping of flawless soul from one the scenes premier labels.... . Valentinos Sweeter Than The Day Before £350.00 Solid VG+ copy of this superb current dancer floor activator . Cashing In Voices Of East Harlem Cashing In £100.00 All time classic oldie enjoying a renaissance, Bell Sound stamped original.... . Vonettes Touch My Heart £150.00 . Thelma Houston Baby Mine £200.00 Very glossy VG+ condition . Tony Michaels I Love The Life I Live £150.00 . Lee David Temptation Is Calling My Name £300.00 . Rita Dacosta Dont Bring Me Down £250.00 Rare styrene promo of one of the many massive records to shake the casino... . Headlines Hes Looking For A Love £300.00 Cracking Stafford sound and rarely available . Four Larks I Still Love You £200.00 Great oldie still sounds so good . Blue Sharks These Things Will Keep Me Loving You £300.00 . Monroe Taylor Proud Guy £60.00 Ex copy . Kelly Brothers Love Time £40.00 M- copy of this brilliant oldie with a great sweet soul flip from this... . Ideals The Mighty Lover £125.00 VG and plays great.... . Sheila Ferguson Heartbroken Memories £300.00 Superb atmospheric oldie that has no peers. A top table tune currently... . Harry And The Keyavas If This Is Goodbye £100.00 SOLD In demand mid tempo spin of the moment . Billy Wells This Heart These Hands £150.00 Superb M- copy . Abstract Reality Love Burns Like A Fire £100.00 S0LD M- copy . Arthur Alexander Keep Her Guessin £300.00 Rarely available and especially in M- condition . Stratoliners What Do You Want With My Love £200.00 A massive nigher spin presented in a very nice VG++ condition . Fiestas Think Smart £275.00 VG but plays well above, price reflects visual condition . Johnny Summers Is The Feeling Still There £200.00 Superb cross over tune which never turns up . Claude Baby Huey Didnt We Have Some Good Times £100.00 Great double sider in M- condition . Madeline Wilson Dial L For Lonely £75.00 Big oldie . Little Foxes Love Made To Order £100.00 Superb copy . Lollipops Loving Good Feeling £75.00 SOLD Brilliant girl group sound, produced and arranged by Duke Browner and... . Soul Shakers Im Getting Weaker £200.00 EX copy of this current must have reactivation from the pen of Leonard... . Larry Davis I've Been Hurt So Many Times £275.00 Solid VG+ copy . James Thomas Society Be Somebody £200.00 Superb M- copy, piccy bag grades a nice VG+ . Fabulous Apollos Whats So Good To You £80.00 Another Detroit gem from this superb outfit . Lee Gamby Esmerelda £100.00 Great copy . Johnny Green Think Bout My Happy Home £50.00 Awesome sweet soul ballad . Jerry JG Green I Finally Found The Love I Need £75.00 Detroit obscurity from former Contour Jerry Green . Mighty Hannibal Good Time £25.00 . AB White Check Yourself £25.00 Ex copy . Sly Slick & Wicked Tonights The Night £75.00 M- copy . Sly Slick & Wicked Ready For Love £150.00 M- copy . Sure Thing Helene Smith Sure Thing £100.00 M- copy . Major Lance Without A Doubt £40.00 M- copy . Carolyn Crawford Forget About Me £60.00 Super copy . Ricky Lewis Stop Think Listen £100.00 Nice EX copy . Johnny Mae Matthews Lonely You'll Be £75.00 Styrene is much nicer than the label . Sweet Broken Heart Attack £40.00 Strong VG+ copy . Night Time Strangeloves Night Time £50.00 . Barbara McNair It Was Never Like This £100.00 Mid tempo excellence, very strong VG+ copy
  17. 5b07d1cbb81ab5.52764769.JPG
    Couple of top oldies to go, all payment options available. Scans and sound files and check out available Blenders Class offering from this great Chicago label, and another seldom seen 45 presented in a very conservative VG+ condition Record Label Mar V Lus A Side Your Love Has Got Me Down B Side Love Is A Good Thing Going Vinyl Condition VG+ Price: £525.00 Tony Clarke A peerless Northern anthem presented in its rarest guise. Record Label Chess A Side Landslide B Side You Made Me A VIP Vinyl Condition EX Price: £800.00
  18. One here https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/rebel-rousers/a/22843/?page=5 Cheers Darren
  19. 5c5c3c8deef085.49523543.JPG
    Few quality 45s to go Pm for links to our website Any Qs welcome Darren Flame N King & Bold Ones Current demand on this hugely popular floor filler is massive at the moment, minor label bubbling Record Label NYCS A Side Ho Happy Day B Side Aint Nobody Jivein' Vinyl Condition EX Price: £350.00 Magnificents Sublime cross over from Jack Ashford and Lorraine Chandler which has always been an excruciatingly rare disc to acquire. Group sound magic at its very finest in stunning condition. Record Label Mam A Side There Can Be A Better Way B Side Dont Take Your Love Vinyl Condition M- Price: £895.00 Alfie Davison Rare issue of this huge sound of the 80s enjoying something of a renaissance today. Very nice copy Record Label Mercury A Side Love Is A Serious Business B Side Knock On Any Door Vinyl Condition VG++ Price: £450.00 Beverly Ann Nice copy of this dance floor filling oldie Record Label RCA A Side Hes Coming Home B Side He Wont See The Light Vinyl Condition VG++ Price: £150.00 Blue Sharks Nice solid VG+ copy of this superb Italian only release. A 45 which is seldom offered for sale Record Label Gran Prix A Side These Things Will Keep Me Loving You B Side The Banner Man Vinyl Condition VG+ Price: £350.00
  20. https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/frankie-valli-and-the-four-seasons/a/22111/s/frankie-v/
  21. https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/little-anthony-&-imperials/a/15466/s/little-a/
  22. https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/cold-blood/a/21487/
  23. Yesterdays new arrivals + plenty more great tunes listed. Message for links to actual 45s for sale all with scans and sound files Email raresoul45s@btinternet.com Cheers Darren Gil Monty I am Crying £100.00 Blenders Cause I Love You £250.00 Superb 45 and still under exposed, click the player for a male group harmony... Ghetto Boys Hand Writing On The Wall £350.00 An absolutely stunning New York rarity. This Jimmy Breedlove penned mid... Jaggerz Lets Talk about Love £50.00 Ojays cover version from 1971. Dynamic Corvettes Keep Off The Grass £700.00 Very nice and glossy VG on this very rarely seen disc, just light scratches... Four Tops Standing In The Shadows Of Love £40.00 Nice map design demo Willie Harper But I Couldnt £40.00 Old Ambassadors cover up, superb New Orleans oldie. Frankie Beverly Raw Soul l While Im Alone £60.00 VG copy Sandpipers I Really Love You £200.00 ... Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters Just Being Careful £250.00 Rare Shann copy of this superb Stafford spin, also note the Shann label... Bobby Black Love Is Treating Me Bad £100.00 A superb double header and both sides on the player for your listening... Cody Michaels Seven Days Fifty Two Weeks £100.00 Ex copy of this superb oldie Vonettes Herb Johnson & The Impacts I'm So Glad £125.00 Rarer stocker of this classic uptempo oldie Art Satterfield My Mind Is Made Up £350.00 Rare mid tempo gem, does have some label bubbling Entertainers Beg Me £100.00 No introduction needed Sir Stanley Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy £100.00 Two quality sides Bobby Dukes Just To Be With You £60.00 Great uptempo oldie Original Larks Original Larks Together £60.00 A 45 with one heck of a bright future imho, one click of the player will... Lionel Robinson Steppin Out £100.00 Ex copy
  24. 012.JPG
    Pm or message me on raresoul45s@btinternet.com if you have any tmg wants as I have a big collection here Also if you require further information get in touch Thanks Darren Supremes Stop In The Name Of Love £200.00 Rare Red & White demo Martha And The Vandellas Nowhere To Run £125.00 Visually VG but plays great Miracles Oh Baby Baby £175.00 Temptations Its Growing £150.00 Solid VG+ R&W demo Stevie Wonder Kiss Me Baby £75.00 Red & White demo in Ex condition Earl Van Dyke All For You £250.00 NOC on this very rare Red & White demo Four Tops Ask The Lonely £250.00 Jr Walker And The All Stars Shotgun £75.00 Minor edge warp nap Marvin Gaye I'll be Doggone £200.00 VG+ R&W demo Shorty Long Out To Get You £250.00 Very rare Red & White demo in VG+ condition Hit pack Never Say No To Your Baby £300.00 One of the rarest TMG demos Spinners Sweet Thing £450.00 Excruciatingly rare R&W demo Visually VG with lots of light surface... Four Tops I Cant Help Myself £175.00 R&W demo of this iconic tune Choker Campbells Big Band Mickeys Monkey £300.00 Rare Red & White demo Marvelettes I'll Keep On Holding On £100.00 EX copy Brenda Holloway Operator £200.00 Red & White demo Velvelettes Lonely Lonely Girl Am I £400.00 One of the rarest of the 500 series and so tough to acquire Detroit Spinners I'll Always Love You £500.00 Rare demo, some stkr residue on label Marvin gaye Pretty Little Baby £100.00 R&W demo Temptations Since I Lost My Baby £150.00 Rare demo Supremes Nothing But heartaches £150.00 Ex copy Four Tops Its The Same Old Song £150.00 Jr Walker And The All Stars Shake And Fingerpop £100.00 R&W demo Martha & The Vandellas You've Been In Love Too Long £40.00 Another superb in demand Motown dancer Contours First I Look At The Purse £250.00 Stevie Wonder High Heel Sneakers £100.00 Billy Eckstine Had You Been Around £100.00 EX copy Marvelettes Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead £150.00 Demo copy Lewis Sisters You Need Me £250.00 Rare TMG 536 demo Kim Weston Take Me In Your Arms £150.00 Marvin Gaye Aint That Perculiar £100.00 Four Tops Something About You £250.00 Rare demo Supremes I Hear A Symphony £100.00 Marvelettes Dont mess With Bill £250.00

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