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REDUCED - Rare And In-Demand Sales List - RnB, Northern, Modern

Timid Tomas

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Record sales list set out below, along with condition and price. Condition is graded conservatively and not graded higher than EX+. Please message me to purchase – records will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Please also get in touch if you would like me to send you through a sound clip. Postage information is set out at the bottom of the list. My job can sometimes require me to work long hours, so please be patient in waiting to receive a response or your record, but I will endeavor to post records out within three working days from payment (at the latest).

Many thanks!

1.        Larry Hammond – “Nothing In Common”
Very rare and semi-known funky soul    (Broham)    EX (warp not affecting play)    £500

2.        The Perfections – “Can This be Real”
Rare and great modern soul    (Calgar)    VG+    £275

3.        Message Untold – “I Can Feel the Need in Love”
Superb 70s soul dancer    (Pandang)    EX (label off centre)    £200

4.        Target – “Give Me One More Chance”
Awesome modern soul    (Kama)    EX+    £175

5.        Belles – “Don’t Pretend”
Great northern dancer    (Mirwood)    EX+    £140

6.        Tony Hestor – “Watch Yourself”
Classic northern    (Karate)    VG+    £140

7.        Exportations – “I Want You”
Fantastic modern soul dancer    (Vir-Go)    VG (plays better)    £125

8.        The Attractions – “Burn Up Some Road”
Great rhythm and soul    (Deto)    VG    £125

9.        Nolan Porter – “If I Could Only Be Sure”
All-time classic    (ABC)    VG+    £100

10.        Advanced Workers with the Anti-Imperialist Singers – “Better Red Let Others Be Dead”
Pretty crazy funky disco tune!    (People’s War)    EX    £100

11.        Kings Go Forth – “You’re The One” / “One Day”
Always in-demand and awesome nu-soul    (Mr C’s Records)    EX    £100

12.        Lorraine Chandler – “You Only Live Twice” (Metros on the other side)
So good – Bond all the way (100 Club 16th Anniversary Single)    EX+    £85

13.        Shirley Wahls – “Because I Love You”
Funky 60s soul, great vocals    (Calla (demo))    EX    £75

14.        Soulful Illusion – “To Get Your Love”
Mellow crossover    (Mercury (demo))    EX+    £75

15.        5 Miles Out – “Super Sweet Girl of Mine”
Great funky 70s soul    (UK Action (same tune both sides))    EX+    £70

16.        Maxine Crayton – “Don’t Take Your Love”
Underappreciated mid-tempo soul    (Steeltown)    EX    £65

17.        Sophisticates – “Back up Baby”
Up-tempo sister soul    (Sonny)    VG+    £60

18.        Viola Willis – “The First Time”
Great female 70s    (Abem Sole)    EX+    £50

19.        The Bamboos – “Tighten Up”
In-demand take on the Archie Bell original    (Kay-Dee)    EX+    £50

20.        Gwen McCrae – “Melody of Life”
Uptempo 70s dancer    (Cat)    EX+    £45

21.        Danny White – “Keep My Woman Home”
Great rhythm and soul    (Atlas)    VG+    £40

22.        Jackie Day – “Before It’s Too Late”
Great 60s northern    (Modern)    EX+    £40

23.        Truetones – “He’s Got the Nerve”
Mid-tempo northern    (Soulville)    VG    £40

24.        Calvin Williams – “Lonely You’ll Be”
Driving Detroit    (Atco)    EX    £40

25.        Marion Javius – “Waiting in the Winds”
Funky modern soul    (Encore)    EX+    £40

26.        Tommie Young – “That’s A Part of Loving Him”
Modern soul classic    (Soul Power (purple))    EX+    £40

27.        Vessie Simmons – “I Can Make it on my Own”
Blackpool Mecca sound!    (Simco)    VG+    £40

28.        Solid Solution – “Think About It Girl”
Limited press of in-demand modern soul album track    (Soul O Sonic)    EX+    £35

29.        Bogis Chimes – “I Think You’ll Find”
Detroit blue-eyed 60s    (Champ)    VG+    £35

30.        Old (m)pressions – “Right On”
Nice funky soul backed with sweet flip    (Brooks Brothers)    EX+    £35

31.        Johnny Sayles – “Anything For You”
Moody rhythm and soul    (Audition)    VG (Plays better)    £30

32.        Georgie Fame – “Daylight”
Fantastic blue-eyed 70s soul    (UK Island (demo))    EX+    £30

33.        Thelma Jones – “Stronger”
Up-tempo RnB    (Barry)    EX+    £20

34.        The Precisions – “Into My Life”
They didn’t make a bad record!    (Atco (demo))    VG+    £20

35.        Kings Go Forth – “Now We’re Gone” / “High On Your Love”
Fantastic nu-soul double-sider    (Mr C’s Records)    EX+    £20

36.        Black Nasty – “Cut Your Motor Off”
Funky Blackpool Mecca sound    (Big Hit)    VG+    £15


Postage information:

I only post insured postage, please do not ask me for reduced postage rates. Can pack two records in single mailer, so no need to double up postage costs in that instance.

UK – records up to (but excluding) £50 to be send signed for at £3.00, everything else sent special delivery for £7.50.
EU – flat rate of £12.00. For items over £200 I will likely need higher priced insured postage so will have to calculate and provide you with estimate.
Rest of the world – flat rate of £14.00. For items over £200 I will likely need higher priced insured postage so will have to calculate and provide you with estimate.

Edited by Timid Tomas
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