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Group, Harmony & Sweet Soul 45's


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Group Harmony & Sweet Soul 45’s For Sale (Part 1):



The Impressions   We’re A Winner/It’s All Over   ABC   Mint -   £10   SOLD

The Impressions   I’m So Proud   ABC –Paramount   Mint-   £10

The Natural Four   Message From A Blackman   ABC   Mint-   £8.00   SOLD

The Persians   Too Much Pride   ABC   Mint   £20.00   SOLD

The Incredibles   (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons/I Can’t Get Over Losing Your Love   Audio Art   Mint   £30.00

The Manhattans   Baby I Need You   Carnival   Mint -   £15.00

The Majestic Arrows   Another Day/Doing It For Us   Bandit   Mint-   £10

The Arrows   WE Have Love/Bring Back The Love    Bandit   Mint-   £30.00   SOLD

Tomorrows Promise   Good Love   Capitol   Mint-   £8.00   SOLD

Tomorrows Promise   Your Sweet, Your Fine, Your Everything/ I’m Gonna   Capitol   Mint-   £8.00   SOLD

Tomorrows Promise   That’s The Way It Will Stay   Capitol   Mint-   £8.00   SOLD

The Dynamics   We Found Love   Columbia   W/D   Mint-   £10.00

The Donations   I’m Gonna Treat You Good   Dee’os   Mint   £25.00

The Presidents   I Want My Baby/Goldwalk   Deluxe   Mint   £25.00

The Five Crowns   Just A Part Of Life   (Vocal & Instrumental)   Five-0   VG++   £35.00

Hands Of Time   This Love Is Real/I’ll Never Forget You   Inner City   Mint   £60.00   SOLD

The Whispers   I Love The Way You Make Me Feel   Janus   W/D   Mint   £8.00

The Four Tees   One More Chance/Funky Duck   Kent   Mint   £30.00

L.J. Reynolds & Chocolate Syrup   Let One Hurt Do   Law-Ton   Mint-  £8.00

The Soul Crusaders   I Sit In My Room   Lu Tall   Mint   £35.00   SOLD

Brighter Side Of Darkness   He Made You Mine   Magic Touch   Mint-   £20.00

 Holidays   Lazy Day/Ego Tripping   Marathon   Mint   £10.00

The Chi-Lites   My First Time   Mercury   Demo   Mint   £8.00

Tomorrows Promise   Never Take Your Love From Me   Mercury   Mint-   £8.00   SOLD

Tomorrows Promise   You’re Every Thing To Me   Mercury   Mint   £8.00   SOLD

The Entertainers   Why ?/Po Boy   Ovide   Mint   £20.00

Toni & The Hearts   Thank You Baby/Stay In School   Path   Mint-   £20.00

The Insights   Love And Peace Of Mind/Turn Me On Sweet Rosie   Peacock   Mint-   £30.00

Pendulum Swingers/ Case Band Never Should Have Loved You Baby   Pendulum   Mint   £125.00

(First label before GWS)

The Holidays   This Is Love/The Love We Share   Mint   Rob-Ron   £50.00

(Great Detroit group double sider, recently seen listed at £150.00)

O’Jays   Shattered Man/LaDeDa (Means I’m Out To Get You)   Saru   Mint-   £25.00

Lifeforce    Whatcha Gonna Do About Me   Smokeout    Mint-   £40.00   SOLD

5 Wagers   Come And Ask Me   Tiara   Mint-   £15.00

The Notations   I Can’t Stop/I’m Still Here   Twinight   Mint-  £25.00


Postage: 1-3 records £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK), overseas at cost.

To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk




Edited by Louise
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