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Chris Anderton

Dab of Soul Radio Show 9.9.19-Listen Here!

Dab of Soul Radio Show-Listen Here!
Willie Dee-It looks like rain
Vivian Copeland-Chaos
Emulations-Move a little slower
Carltons-Keep on hoping
Dee Edwards-I can deal with that
The Albert-One life
Turnarounds-I need your love
Sebastian Williams-Get your point over
Mighty Whites-Given my life
Albert Jones-You and your love
Gil Scott-Heron-Back Home
Cunnie Williams-Stop breaking my heart
Joe King-You are my everything
Staple Singers-Trippin' on your love
Jackie Wilson-Just call my name
Roz Ryan-You're my only temptation
Village Choir-All purpose love
Circle O'fire-Have it your way
Lovelites-Is that love in your heart
Nathan Williams-What price
Ronnie West-Little woman
Willie Roundtree-Another world
Marvin & Tammi-If this world were mine
David Ruffin-Statue of a fool
Round Robin Monopoly-I'd rather not loan you out
Four Mints-Can't get strung out
James Dee-Jealous over love
Nolan Chance-I'll never forget you
Gliders-No time

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