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Reactions plus Delshan & Love Children (reduced)

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Reduced one from the other day plus one new one for sale.

I generally operate a ‘first to pay gets it’ policy. Cash needed, so no extended holds I’m afraid – prompt payment required. Paypal F&F or add 4% to cover fees please - postage to be added.

(1) The Reactions - "Live My Life For Myself" (Sanfris)     £250     *****SOLD*****

Live My Life For Myself (Sanfris).mp3

Obscure crossover Northern which was big for Andy Dyson some years back I believe. Very nice mid tempo male harmony and a tough record. Should be worth a lot more IMHO. Record is in a solid EX to M- condition. 


(2) The Delshan & Love Children - "Angela Baby" (Jachelle)     £400

Angela Baby )Jachelle) 2.mp3

Modern/funky soul rarity. Bad news is that whilst the record looks a decent VG+ to VG, the opening 30 second spoken intro section is fuzzy like it's been cue burned. However, after that the record settles down and plays great. Hence the bargain price - half what it would be. Check out the soundfile. 

soul Delshan & Love Children

soul Reactions

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