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Classic Northern & Rare Soul Auction

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Please click the artist name for full details, i.e picture and sound file of each record. The starting prices are a minimum bid so if you are the only bidder that's the price you will win the record for.  Good luck and happy bidding. Thanks for looking    Best wishes  Dazz

Artist              Title                          Label    Condition    Starting Price

7 Dwarfs    Stop girl/One by one    Ideal    Excellent    £400.00
Accidentals    These days/Loser's advice    Harbor    Very Good    £400.00
Ad-Libs    Johnny my boy/I'm just a down home girl    Blue Cat Demo   Very Good Plus    £100.00
Admirations    Heaven is in your arms/My admiration for you    Paree    Excellent    £400.00
Ambers    Baby (I need you)/Blue birds    New Art    Very Good    £65.00
Ann Sexton    You've been gone too long/You're letting me down    Seventy 7    Very Good Plus    £150.00
Art Freeman    Slippin' around with you/I can't get you out of my mind    Fame Demo    Very Good Plus    £250.00
Artie Fullilove    Santa Claus please listen to me/Raindeer walk    Marlu    Excellent    £150.00
Attractions    Time goes by so slowly/Burn up some road (back to my baby)    De To    Very Good    £130.00
Barbara Lewis    I remember the feeling/Baby what you want me to do    Atlantic Demo   Very Good Plus    £50.00
Barbara Mason    Hello baby/Poor girl in trouble    Arctic Demo   Excellent    £140.00
Bessie Jones    No more tears/Tomorrow night    A-Bet    Excellent    £175.00
Betty O'Brien    She'll be gone/Love oh! Love    Liberty Demo    Excellent    £250.00
Beverly Ann    You've got your mind on other things/Until you    RCA Demo   Mint Minus    £175.00
Beverly Ann    He's coming home/He won't see the light    RCA Demo   Very Good Plus    £150.00
Big Joe Turner    Two loves have I/Shake rattle and roll    Bluestime    Mint Minus    £75.00
Billy Watkins    The ice-man/The blue and lonely    Era Demo   Very Good Plus    £100.00
Bobby Diamond    Stop/Usually you    Columbia Demo   Mint Minus    £200.00
Bobby Freeman    I'll never fall in love again/Friends    Autumn Demo   Very Good Plus    £125.00
Bobby Womack    I don't know/Yes jesus loves me    UA Demo   Mint Minus    £30.00
Carole Waller    Stop and get a hold of myself/This love of mind    USA Demo   Excellent    £150.00
Chancellors    All the way from heaven/Sad avenue    Cap City    Very Good Minus    £125.00
Charlie Gracie    He'll never love you like I do/Keep my love next to your heart    Diamond Demo    Excellent    £125.00
Chuck Wright    Love I won't be a fool anymore/Dear beloved    Ember    Very Good Plus    £80.00
Cindy Scott    I love you baby/In your spare time    Veep Demo   Mint Minus    £275.00
Clara Wood    You're after my guy/Old and grey    Imperial Demo    Very Good Plus    £150.00
Connie Questell    Give up girl/World of trouble    Decca Demo   Very Good Plus    £200.00
Curtis Mayfield    Move on up/Underground    Curtom Demo   Mint Minus    £130.00
Danny Wagner    I lost a true love/My buddy    Imperial Demo    Very Good Plus    £175.00
Darrell Banks    Angel baby (don't you leave me)/Look into the eyes of a fool    Atco    Very Good    £80.00

Darrow Fletcher    What good am I without you/Little girl    Jacklyn    Excellent    £175.00
Darrow Fletcher    What have I got now/Sitting there that night    Jacklyn    Excellent    £175.00
Dean Courtney    I'll always need you/Tammy    RCA  Demo   Very Good Plus    £225.00
Dean Parrish    Determination/Turn on your lovelight    Boom    Very Good Plus    £100.00
Dee Clark    That's my girl/It's raining    Constellation    Very Good Plus    £75.00
Dells    Run for cover/Over again    Cadet    Very Good Plus    £80.00
Detroit Land Apples//Robbie D    I need help//Precious memories    Shotgun    Very Good    £125.00
Drapers    (I know) Your love has gone away/You got to look up    Gee Demo   Excellent    £175.00
Eddie Regan    Playin hide and seek/Talk about heartaches    ABC Paramount Demo   Very Good Plus    £175.00
Embers    Watch out girl/Far away places    MGM Demo   Very Good Plus    £275.00
Eric Lomax    Seven the loser/Live fast die young    Columbia  Demo   Excellent    £200.00
Esther Phillips    Just say goodbye/I could have told you    Atlantic    Very Good Plus    £100.00
Etta James    Seven day fool/It's too soon to know    Argo Demo   Excellent    £75.00
Evie Sands    Picture me gone/It makes me laugh    Cameo    Very Good Plus    £60.00
Exciters    Blowing up my mind/You don't know what you're missing    RCA    Excellent    £275.00
Falcons    Has it happened to you yet/Lonely nights    Lupine    Excellent    £150.00
Fantastics    Goodbye to love/I don't know    DMD Demo   Very Good Plus    £200.00
Fi-dels    Try a little harder/You never do right (my baby)    Keymen    Very Good Plus    £350.00
Formations    At the top of the stairs/Magic melody    Bank    Very Good    £70.00
Four Below Zero    ESP/Pt2    P&P    Excellent    £150.00
Four Pro's    You can't keep a good man down/Everybody's got some soul    Carla Demo   Excellent    £100.00
Frankie & Classicals    What shall I do/Good-bye love (hello sadness)    Calla    Excellent    £65.00
G. Davis & R. Tyler    Hold on help is on the way/Bet you're surprised    Parlo    Very Good Plus    £400.00
Garland Green    Girl I love you/It rained forty days and forty nights    Revue    Mint Minus    £200.00
Garland Green    Ain't that good enough/Love now pay later    Revue    Very Good Plus    £180.00
Gene Chandler    There was a time/Those were the good old days    Brunswick Demo   Excellent    £100.00
George Freeman  Down & out/The quiver    Valiant Demo   Excellent    £200.00
George Smith    I've had it/When love turns to pity    Turntable  Demo   Excellent    £175.00
George Wydell    From out of nowhere/I'm gonna cut you loose    Tangerine Demo   Excellent    £175.00
Gino Washington    Like my baby/I'll be around (when you want me)    Atac    Very Good Plus    £150.00
H.B Barnum    Heartbreaker/Searchin' for my soul    Capitol Demo   Very Good Plus    £100.00
Herb Johnson & Impacts    I'm so glad/Where are you    Brunswick Demo   Excellent    £275.00
Human Beinz    Nobody but me/Sueno    Capitol Demo   Very Good Plus    £35.00
Incredibles    There is nothing else to say/Another dirty deal    Audio Arts    Very Good Plus    £120.00
Inspirations    Touch me hold me kiss me/What am I gonna do with you, hey baby    Black Pearl    Very Good Plus    £100.00
Intros    Stop look and listen/Crystal    Jamie    Very Good Plus    £175.00
Invitations    What's wrong with me baby/Why did my baby turn bad    Dynovoice Demo   Very Good Plus    £175.00
Jackey Beavers Show    We're not too young to fall in love/When something is wrong    Mainstream    Very Good Plus    £300.00
Jackie Lee    Darkest days/One for the road    ABC    Very Good    £100.00
Jackie Wilson    Just be sincere/I don't want to lose you    Brunswick Demo   Very Good Plus    £40.00

James Bounty    Prove yourself a lady/Life will begin again    Compass Demo   Very Good Plus    £175.00
James Bynum    Time passes by/Love you    Philly City    Very Good Plus    £150.00
James Carr    That's what I want to know/You've got my mind messed up    Goldwax Demo   Very Good Plus    £100.00
Jay D. Martin    By yourself/Hold on to your heart    Tower Demo   Very Good Plus    £250.00
Jelly Beans    You don't mean me no good/I'm hip to you    Eskee Demo   Very Good Plus    £200.00
Jerry Fuller    Double life/Turn to me    Challenge Demo   Very Good Plus    £150.00
Jimmie Ellis    I'm gonna do it by myself/Go head on    Jewel    Excellent    £150.00
Jimmy Beaumont    I never loved her anyway/You got too much going for you    Bang Demo   Very Good Plus    £125.00
Jimmy Conwell    To much/Let it all out    Gemini    Very Good    £125.00
Jimmy George    Ain't it something/It was fun while it lasted    Viva    Excellent    £40.00
Jo Ann Garrett    A whole new plan/Stay by my side    Chess Demo   Very Good Plus    £160.00
Joanie Sommers    Never throw your dreams away/You've got possibilities    Columbia  Demo  Very Good Plus    £40.00
Johnny Gilliam    Find yourself another/A broken hearted man's prayer    Bomar Demo   Very Good    £150.00
Kurt Harris    Emperor of my babys heart/Go on    Diamond Demo   Very Good Plus    £375.00
Lainie Hill    Time marches on/Ain't I worth a dime    New Voice Demo   Excellent    £650.00
Larry Atkins    Lighten up/Ain't that love enough    Highland    Mint Minus    £350.00
Larry Hale    Once/Polly wolly    Diamond    Mint Minus    £60.00
Laura Greene    Moonlight music in you/Love is strange    RCA Demo   Excellent    £200.00
Lorraine Chandler    What can I do/Tell me your mine    RCA Demo   Very Good Plus    £150.00
Lou Johnson    Unsatisfied/A time to love - a time to cry    Quality  Canadian    Very Good Plus    £100.00
Lovelites    Get it off my conscience/Oh what a day    Lovelite    Very Good Plus    £175.00
Luther Ingram    If It's all the same to you babe/Exus trek    HIB Orange    Very Good Plus    £125.00
Lynne Randell    Stranger in my arms/Ciao baby    CBS  Australian    Very Good Plus    £100.00
Marie Knight    You lie so well/A little too lonely    Musicor    Very Good Plus    £200.00
Marva Josie    Don't/I love new york    UA    Very Good Plus    £600.00
Mary Love    You turned my bitter into sweet/I'm in your hands    Modern Demo   Very Good Plus    £200.00
Maurice Williams & Zodiacs    Being without you/Baby baby    Deesu    Very Good Plus    £550.00
Michael & Raymond    Man without a woman/Walking the dog    RCA Demo   Very Good Plus    £200.00
Milton Wright & Terra Shirma Strings    The gallop/Like a rolling stone    Carla Demo   Excellent    £100.00
Moses Smith    The girl across the street/Hey love (I wanna thank you)    Dionn    Very Good Plus    £200.00
Nate Evans & Mean Green    This time with feeling/The look on your face    DPR    Excellent    £80.00
O'jays    I dig your act/I'll be sweeter tomorrow (than I was today)    Bell Demo   Very Good Plus    £55.00
O'jays    I'll never forget you/Pretty words    Imperial    Very Good Plus    £200.00
Padded Cell    Mister misery/Nothing to look forward to    Toddlin' Town    Very Good Plus    £165.00
Patrice Holloway    Stolen hours/Lucky my boy    Capitol    Very Good Plus    £275.00
Patti Austin    He's good enough for me/Earl    Coral Demo   Excellent    £165.00
Patti Austin    Music to my heart/Love 'em and leave 'em    ABC    Very Good    £65.00
Paul Anka    I can't help loving you/Can't get along very well without her    RCA Demo   Mint Minus    £175.00
Paul Anka    When we get there/Can't get you out of my mind    RCA    Excellent    £225.00
Peppermint Harris    Wait until it happens to you/Anytime is the right time    Jewel    Mint Minus    £200.00
Percy Wiggins    It didn't take much (for me to fall in love)/The work of a woman    RCA Demo   Very Good Plus    £150.00
Percy Wiggins    That's loving you/Look what I've done (to my baby)    A-Bet Demo   Very Good Minus    £225.00
Pookie Hudson    This gets to me/All the places I've been    Jamie Demo   Very Good Plus    £500.00
Poppies    There's a pain in my heart/My love and I    Epic Demo     Very Good Plus    £120.00
Precisions    Such misery/A lovers plea    Drew Demo   Excellent    £150.00
Q    That's the way/Stop this feeling    Hound    Very Good    £350.00
Ramsey Lewis    Wade in the water/Ain't that peculiar    Cadet Demo   Very Good Plus    £75.00
Reflections    Like adam & eve/Vito's house    ABC Paramount Demo   Very Good Plus    £175.00
Ron Holden    I'll forgive and forget/I tried    Challenge Demo   Excellent    £150.00
Rose Valentine    I've gotta know right now/When the heartaches end    RCA Demo   Very Good Plus    £100.00
Ruby Andrews    Just loving you/The love I need    Zodiac    Very Good    £200.00
Ruby Winters    Better/I want action    Diamond    Very Good Plus    £150.00
Sam Moultrie    I'll always love you/Do your own thing    Warren Demo   Mint Minus    £300.00
Sapphires    Gotta have your love/Gee I'm sorry baby    ABC Paramount    Excellent    £50.00
Scotty Williams    Fear/I ain't nobody without youE    Mona-Lee Demo    Very Good Plus    £120.00
Sergio Mendes    Love music/Walk the way you talk    Bell Demo   Very Good Plus    £50.00
Shane Martin    I need you/You're so young    Epic Demo   Very Good Plus    £325.00
Shepards    Little girl lost/Let yourself go    ABC Paramount    Very Good Plus    £200.00
Showmen    The wrong girl/It will stand    Imperial    Excellent    £200.00
Solomon King    This beautiful day/Don't you be a sinner    Columbia  Australian Demo    Mint Minus    £225.00
Soul Brothers Six    Thank you baby for loving me/Somebody else is loving my baby    Atlantic Demo   Very Good Plus    £100.00
Soul Brothers Six    I'll be loving you/Some kind of wonderful    Atlantic Demo    Very Good Plus    £115.00
Spiral Starecase    More today than yesterday/Broken-hearted man    Columbia Demo   Very Good    £50.00

Spyder Turner    I can't make it anymore/Don't hold back    MGM Demo   Mint Minus    £125.00
Susan Barrett    What's it gonna be/It's no secret    RCA Demo   Mint Minus    £300.00
Sweet Things    I'm in a world of trouble/Baby's blue    Date Demo   Very Good Plus    £150.00
Taj Mahal    A lot of love/Corrina    Columbia Demo   Mint Minus    £75.00
Teddy Vann's Orchestra & Choir    Theme from colored man/Pt2    Capitol Demo   Mint Minus    £175.00
Tobi Lark    Happiness is here/Talkin' about love    Topper    Excellent    £200.00
Tommy Neal    Goin to a happening/Tee Ta    Vault Demo   Very Good Plus    £175.00
Towanda Barnes    You don't mean it/Find someone to love    A&M Demo   Mint Minus    £300.00
Vala Reegan & Valarons    Fireman/Living in the past    Atco Demo   Excellent    £300.00
Valentines    Breakaway/If you love me (really love me)    Sound Stage 7    Very Good Plus    £200.00
Volumes    That same old feeling/The trouble I've seen    Impact  (Detroit)    Excellent    £200.00
Wade Flemons    That other place/I knew you when    Vee Jay Demo   Very Good    £150.00
Webs    Give in/It's so hard to break a habit    Popside Demo  Excellent    £250.00
Wilson Pickett    Let me be your boy/My heart belongs to you    Correc-Tone    Very Good    £80.00

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