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  1. Penny Goodwin

    Hello Looking for an original copy of Penny Goodwin - Too soon you're old on Sidney please PM me if you have one for sale Ta

    Hello Bri Could I take the Monza's please Thanks Dazz
  3. Price - Bobby Kline

    Have you played the other side? I got my copy by swapping a Masqueraders How for it, both have gone up about the same.
  4. Hello All Anybody got a copy of Honey & the Bee's Jing jing a ling for sale please Either label will do Thanks for looking Dazz
  5. Soul Funktion Lost record

    Hi Burt Thanks for the info mate, it's actually Mick Dob's record but he's not on here much and so I said I'd post something for him. I'll ask Johnny if he has had anything handed in. Thanks again for your message.
  6. Hello If anybody who attended Soul Function at Walsall Wood last night, found or inadvertently picked up a copy of the Bell Brothers on Sureshot, which was outside on the bins by the smoking area, or knows any info leading to it's return could ...
  7. Value Bobby Wilburn "I'm a Dreamer"

    I'd say £750 for an issue, £250 for a demo and £1500-2000 as Bobby Burn on Chant If that's any use.
  8. Rare Soul & Funk 45's with clips - Set Sale

    Your link to the soundfiles isn't working for me Greg, just takes me to a login screen Just letting you know
  9. This England question about music

    Ha ha Pete That's not a phone, you'd be better off with 2 tin cans and a length of wire .... ya tight git Can you see the smily face now pal oohh and that ones a thumbs up
  10. This England question about music

    That's me in the green hooped running vest, shirt and braces (trendy bastard) lolloping about in slow motion, girl in red dress white top is the ex wife. Sorry I can't remember what they were playing at the time
  11. The Thunderbirds Value Please

    Got a price of £200 from somewhere Grant but don't know who was selling it and when, if that's any use at all?
  12. Dynamics on Americana

    Please help me find this record Thanks for looking

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