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  1. Clarence Coulter - 'Detroit City Pts 1&2'  Price £400.00 Condition Excellent Kurt Harris - 'Emperor of my baby's heart/Go on'  Price £400.00 Condition Very Good Plus Duke & Leonard - 'Just do the best you can/You've lost your soul'  Price £325.00 Condition Excellent Third Tuesday - 'Third time under/Love is better than ever'  Price £225.00 Condition Excellent Black Velvet - 'Is it me you really love/An earthquake...'  Price £125.00 Condition Mint Minus Tommy Bush - 'Come on now/Right kind of love' Price £100.00 Condition Mint Minus Click the links to view Thanks for Looking
  2. All closing within the next 5-9 hours no re-lists Thanks for looking
  3. George Perkins - 'Can I change my mind/Together' Excellent Starting Price £2000.00 Closes 07 days 12 hrs + Hy-Tones - 'You don't even know my name/Till you break...' Excellent Starting Price £1850.00 Closes 07 days 09 hrs + Cake - 'Let your body go/Make up your mind' Excellent Starting Price £1500.00 Closes 07 days 08 hrs + Ray Frazier - 'My baby's hand' Excellent Starting Price £1400.00 Closes 07 days 10 hrs + Guitar Ray - 'You're gonna wreck my life/I am never gonna...' Excellent Starting Price £1000.00 Closes 07 days 08 hrs + Little Richie - 'Just another heartache' Excellent Starting Price £950.00 Closes 07 days 10 hrs + Linda & Pretenders - 'Believe me/It's not my will' Very Good Plus Starting Price £650.00 Closes 07 days 10 hrs + Clarence Coulter - 'Detroit City Pts 1&2' Excellent Starting Price £375.00 Closes 07 days 08 hrs + Kurt Harris - 'Emperor of my baby's heart/Go on' Very Good Plus Starting Price £375.00 Closes 07 days 08 hrs + Thanks for looking
  4. Stranger at my door/Instrumental' by Fuller Brothers on GD&L £250 Give in/It's so hard to break a habit' by Webs on Popside Demo £220 I'll keep on loving you/Leave her alone' by Ray Jimenez on Columbia Demo £150 Find it with the Search Thanks for looking
  5. What's on the b'side of your Justin record? please
  6. Click Artist name for full details on site Thanks for looking 1) Shepards - Little girl lost/Let yourself go Set Sale Price: £250.00 2) Reflections - Like adam & eve/Vito's house Set Sale Price: £225.00 3) Eddie Regan - Playin hide and seek/Talk about heartaches Set Sale Price: £225.00 4) Bessie Jones - No more tears/Tomorrow night Set Sale Price: £225.00 5) Etta James - Seven day fool/It's too soon to know Set Sale Price: £125.00 6) Gino Washington - Like my baby/I'll be around (when you want me) Set Sale Price: £200.00 7) Vala Reegan & Valarons - Fireman/Living in the past Set Sale Price: £325.00 Cliff Nobles - My love is getting stronger/Too fond of you Set Sale Price: £500.00 9) Esther Phillips - Just say goodbye/I could have told you Set Sale Price: £150.00 10) Jimmy Beaumont - I never loved her anyway/You got too much going for you Set Sale Price: £150.00 11) Erma Franklin - Whispers (getting louder)/I get the sweetest feeling Set Sale Price: £225.00 12) Herb Johnson & Impacts - I'm so glad/Where are you Set Sale Price: £250.00 13) Dells - Run for cover/Over again Set Sale Price: £100.00 14) Frankie & Classicals - What shall I do/Good-bye love (hello sadness) Set Sale Price: £85.00 15) Evie Sands - Picture me gone/It makes me laugh Set Sale Price: £85.00 16) Tempos - (Countdown) here I come/Sad sad memories Set Sale Price: £250.00 17) H.B Barnum - Heartbreaker/Searchin' for my soul Set Sale Price: £125.00 18) Thelma Houston - Baby mine/The woman behind her man Set Sale Price: £325.00 19) Jerry Fuller - Double life/Turn to me Set Sale Price: £175.00 20) Jo Ann Garrett - A whole new plan/Stay by my side Set Sale Price: £200.00 21) Bobby Diamond - Stop/Usually you Set Sale Price: £250.00 22) Scotty Williams - Fear/I ain't nobody without you Set Sale Price: £150.00 23) Marie Knight - You lie so well/A little too lonely Set Sale Price: £250.00 24) Eric Lomax - Seven the loser/Live fast die young Set Sale Price: £250.00 25) Patti Austin - He's good enough for me/Earl Set Sale Price: £185.00 26) Wilson Pickett - Let me be your boy/My heart belongs to you Set Sale Price: £100.00 27) Connie Questell - Give up girl/World of trouble Set Sale Price: £250.00 28) Shane Martin - I need you/You're so young Set Sale Price: £350.00 29) Paul Anka - When we get there/Can't get you out of my mind Set Sale Price: £275.00 30) Paul Anka - I can't help loving you/Can't get along very well Set Sale Price: £200.00 31) Dean Courtney - I'll always need you/Tammy Set Sale Price: £250.00 32) Susan Barrett - What's it gonna be/It's no secret Set Sale Price: £350.00 33) Beverly Ann - He's coming home/He won't see the light Set Sale Price: £175.00 34) Percy Wiggins - It didn't take much (for me to fall in love)/The work Set Sale Price: £175.00 35) Jay D. Martin - By yourself/Hold on to your heart Demo Set Sale Price: £300.00 36) Marva Josie - Don't/I love new york Set Sale Price: £600.00 37) Sweet Things - I'm in a world of trouble/Baby's blue Set Sale Price: £175.00 38) Attractions - Time goes by so slowly/Burn up some road (back to my baby) Set Sale Price: £100.00 39) Kurt Harris - Emperor of my babys heart/Go on Set Sale Price: £400.00 40) Moses Smith - The girl across the street/Hey love (I wanna thank you) Set Sale Price: £200.00 41) Nate Evans & Mean Green - This time with feeling/The look on your face Set Sale Price: £100.00 42) Poppies - There's a pain in my heart/My love and I Demo Set Sale Price: £140.00 43) Billy Watkins - The ice-man/The blue and lonely Set Sale Price: £120.00 44) Art Freeman - Slippin' around with you/I can't get you out of my mind Set Sale Price: £250.00 45) Drapers - (I know) Your love has gone away/You got to look up Set Sale Price: £225.00 46) Jimmy Conwell - To much/Let it all out Issue Set Sale Price: £135.00 47) Larry Atkins - Lighten up/Ain't that love enough Set Sale Price: £375.00 48) O'jays - I'll never forget you/Pretty words Set Sale Price: £200.00 49) Danny Wagner - I lost a true love/My buddy Set Sale Price: £200.00 50) Volumes - That same old feeling/The trouble I've seen Set Sale Price: £225.00 51) Intros - Stop look and listen/Crystal Set Sale Price: £200.00 52) Lorraine Chandler - What can I do/Tell me your mine Set Sale Price: £175.00 53) Michael & Raymond - Man without a woman/Walking the dog Set Sale Price: £225.00 54) Garland Green - Ain't that good enough/Love now pay later Set Sale Price: £200.00 55) Garland Green - Girl I love you/It rained forty days and forty nights Set Sale Price: £225.00 56) Detroit Land Apples//Robbie D - I need help//Precious memories Set Sale Price: £150.00 57) George Wydell - From out of nowhere/I'm gonna cut you loose Set Sale Price: £200.00 58) Carole Waller - Stop and get a hold of myself/This love of mind Set Sale Price: £150.00 59) Cindy Scott - I love you baby/In your spare time Set Sale Price: £300.00 60) Wade Flemons - That other place/I knew you when Set Sale Price: £150.00 61) Sam Moultrie - I'll always love you/Do your own thing demo Set Sale Price: £350.00 62) Tobi Lark - Happiness is here/Talkin' about love Set Sale Price: £225.00 63) Peppermint Harris - Wait until it happens to you/Anytime is the right time Set Sale Price: £250.00 64) Ann Sexton - You've been gone too long/You're letting me down Set Sale Price: £175.00 65) Darrell Banks - Angel baby (don't you leave me)/Look into Set Sale Price: £90.00 66) Formations - At the top of the stairs/Magic melody Set Sale Price: £75.00 67) Dean Parrish - Determination/Turn on your lovelight Set Sale Price: £90.00 68) Nancy Wilson - The end of our love/Face it girl it's over Set Sale Price: £25.00 69) Teddy Vann's Orchestra & Choir - Theme from colored man/Pt2 Set Sale Price: £225.00 70) Milton Wright & Terra Shirma Strings - The gallop/Like a rolling stone Set Sale Price: £125.00 71) Ron Holden - I'll forgive and forget/I tried Set Sale Price: £175.00 72) Invitations - What's wrong with me baby/Why did my baby turn bad Set Sale Price: £200.00 73) Spyder Turner - I can't make it anymore/Don't hold back Set Sale Price: £150.00 74) Mary Love - You turned my bitter into sweet/I'm in your hands Set Sale Price: £225.00 75) G. Davies & R. Tyler - Hold on help is on the way/Bet you're surprised Set Sale Price: £450.00 76) Lou Johnson - Unsatisfied/A time to love - a time to cry Set Sale Price: £125.00 77) Padded Cell - Mister misery/Nothing to look forward to Set Sale Price: £200.00 78) Four Pro's - You can't keep a good man down/Everybody's got some soul Set Sale Price: £125.00 79) Exciters - Blowing up my mind/You don't know what you're missing Set Sale Price: £250.00 80) Sapphires - Gotta have your love/Gee I'm sorry baby Set Sale Price: £60.00
  7. Ray Frazier & the Cats My baby's hand Wright-Sounds £1400 Set Sale Clarence Coulter Detroit City Pts 1&2 Soul Expression £375 Min. Bid Lots more Here
  8. Hi Got a great copy for sale HERE
  9. Wilson Pickett here obviously an amount of WOL but seems to be felt tip and may clean up, play wise graded it at VG have a listen to the sound file
  10. Please click the artist name for full details, i.e picture and sound file of each record. The starting prices are a minimum bid so if you are the only bidder that's the price you will win the record for. Good luck and happy bidding. Thanks for looking Best wishes Dazz

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