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  1. Mike

    can you check your pms reference your events on here


    1. Mike


      still waiting reply mate, let us know if your dark horse allnighter entries are still valid

      need to know asp



  2. Anybody buying or selling records using crypto currencies? i.e Bitcoin, Ethereum
  3. Soulbid Pictures, Soundfiles & Details HERE Ray Frazier - My baby's hand Price £1400.00 Condition Excellent Ends a week on Wednesday Cake - Let your body go/Make up your mind Price £1200.00 Condition Excellent Ends a week on Wednesday Little Richie - Just another heartache Price £1000.00 Condition Excellent Ends a week on Wednesday Clarence Coulter - Detroit City Pts 1&2 Price £400.00 Condition Excellent Ends a week on Wednesday Owosola/Jungle Funk - Young boy/Venuzalan Mor
  4. Ok Thank you and have you seen one since? and with record inflation what do you reckon now …. about a grand
  5. Pm me if you have anything for sale on this label Thanks for looking
  6. Anybody got an idea of price on this one, I've got a note to say there are only 5 known copies but I don't know where I got the note from and it's probably wrong
  7. C.T Fearriby - Alene on Fearriby Music was covered up as Trumains - I believe in you
  8. All ending today on Soulbid Pookie Hudson, Volumes, Garland Green, Ruby Andrews, Danny Wagner, O'jays, Jackie Lee,Invitations, Wade Flemons & lot's more.
  9. and lots more, newly listed Soulbid Admirations J.D Martin Paul Anka September Jones Thanks for looking
  10. Ending within the next couple of hours click this LINK

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