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Same tune different day


Im listening to a cd called groovin at the go go, which was a comp of releases on harthon. Im struck by the number of tunes. With the same backing, and arrangement! Different singers, lyrics and acts with the same underlying bass drums piano .  Yet each tune , ive heard gives me the same chills as the one i already know ! I first heard eddie holman, s version of hurt, and also where im not wanted ,before i heard the victors . Yet , all these  were probably recorded in the same spot into the same mic . Part of my fascination is in discovering the connections between different tunes artists labels, etc is that too anorak like, i dont collect , just enjoy a dance , but stuff like the intensions , im losing your love and the female vocal cover of the same tune are part of the joy of going out to venues . Anyone else feel the same or is it just me? 

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Oh lord, ive just seen the exhaustive list of other posts on this subject , wish id kept me mouth shut !

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yes have that CD, The Larks are my favs on it, "Big City soul 3" is another good CD to listen to, all 1960's northern stuff made by MGM records so similar kind of thing

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