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Sold 4 Spares to go with free worldwide shipping

Brothers By Choice"Get Up And Dance/Got To Take You Home"Solid and Glossy VG $275.00"SOLD"

The Relatives"Don't Let Me Fall/Rap On"HARD TO FIND orig Hosanna issue VG- $200.00

Eugene Record"Overdose Of Joy/Mother of Love"100% U.S Orig WB G+ plays with noticeable background crackles and pops"Good for a filler until a minter comes along $90.00"SOLD"

Moose John"Wrong Doin Woman/Talkin Bout Me"G+ Orig not the boot" Disc shows signs of wear and plays with backround noise $90.00"SOLD"

Prices are in USD and shipping worldwide is included.Discs will be shipped as gift with low dec

soul FB_IMG_1579203941718 1

soul IMG_20200115_072902_031

soul FB_IMG_1579449869175

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