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Stan Ivory, E,J & Echoes, Willie Tee, Dee Clark + More!


Massive Website Update Today!

David Coleman-Drown My Heart

Hesitations-Is That The Way To Treat

Stan Ivory-Come And Live With Me

Dee Clark-That's My Girl

Artie Feldman-Wave A Banner

E.J & The Echoes-Put A Smile

Voices Of East Harlem-Cashing In

Marlena Shaw-Wade In The Water

Willie Tee-I'm Only A Man

Maxine Brown-Let Me Give You My

Bobby Sansom-Don't Leave

Volcanos-Laws of Love

Moses Smith-Girl Across The Street

Tyrone Barkley-Man Of Value

Bobby Bland-Shoes

Esther Phillips-Nobody But Me

Monroe Taylor-Proud Guy

Dean Parrish-Determination

Ketty Lester-Some Things Are Better

Marvin Holmes-You Better Keep Her

Mike James Kirklands-Give It To Me

Sam & Bill-I'll Try (Demo)

Prophecy-Rain In My Life

Plus Lots More!

Click HERE To See The Full Update!

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