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J.P. Robinson – Keep Me Satisfied / Our Day Is Here – 7″

J.P. Robinson – Keep Me Satisfied / Our Day Is Here – 7″ Vinyl – LIMITED EDITION – IN STOCK NOW !!


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A beautiful slice of deep soul right here from the environs of Miami’s Blue Candle label.
Cut in 1974, ‘Keep Me Satisfied / Our Day Is Here’ by J.P. Robinson is a truly rare piece, often appearing in Discogs’ ‘Most expensive items sold’ lists year after year. This one is for fans of that real deal, ‘Keep Me Satisfied’ is a solid dancer, a tight arrangement and backing drenched in strings with Robinson’s exuberant and confident performance warning his girl that she needs to attend to his needs – before it’s too late! On the flip is the more midtempo ‘Our Day Is Here’, again featuring a lovelorn Robinson baring his heart and soul over the brilliant arrangements and top class musicianship from the legendary partnership of Miami stalwarts Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke, the musical muscle behind this wondrous and exceedingly rare 45. An essential addition to any soul fans collection, and definitely a record you don’t see everyday! 100% legit repress, and remaster from the Henry Stone Music Group and Above Board distribution.



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