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Kelly Finnigan – I Called You Back / Impressions Of - 7"

Kelly Finnigan – I Called You Back Baby / Impressions Of You – 7″ Vinyl (Clear Vinyl) – LIMITED EDITION – DON’T MISS THIS TERRIFIC ‘NORTHERN’ TINGED DANCER !!


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On the heels of a successful European tour and new album from his band Monophonics, Kelly Finnigan is happy to present to you this two-sided banger sure to satisfy the funk and soul needs of every DJ. The A-side, “I Called You Back Baby”, an answer song to the deep Gloria Barnes soul cut is THE uptempo number from Kelly’s album The Tales People Tell. Super funky drums from Monophonics’ Austin Bohlman and percussion from Jungle Fire’s Steve Haney make the breakbeat on this tune super tough. And after you’re done sweating, you’re gonna need time to cool off with the one you love. So flip the record over to burn one down with “Impressions Of You”, a cut that’s already been embraced by the lowrider sweet soul scene. This is a double-barreled sure shot!



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