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Chris Anderton

Tempos-TSU Toronadoes-Philharmonics + Lots More!

Website Update Now Live!

Tempos-Countdown (here I Come)

Drake and the Ensolids-Please Leave Me

E.T White-Got To Find A New Love

TSU Toronadoes-Please Heart,Don't Break

Joe Douglas-Crazy Things

Four Below Zero-Baby's Got ESP

Irma and the Larks-Without You Baby

Carolyn Cooke-I Don't Mind (Issue)

Ace Spectrum-Don't Send Nobody Else

Artistics-This Heart Of Mine

Philharmonics-I Need I Need Your Love

Mandrill-Too Late

Syl Johnson-I Resign

Verble Domino-I've Been Fooled Before

Tony Clark-Landslide

Pat Clayton-Someone Elses Turn

Mercy Men-You Made It Thunder

Spindles-Ten Shades Of Blue

Rozetta Johnson-Mine Was Real

Gladys Knight-Tell Her You're Mine

Falcons-I'm A Fool I Must Love You

Billy McGreggor-It's My Turn Now

Jackie Wilson-I've Lost You (Demo)

Plus Lots More!

Click HERE To See The Website Update!

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