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Steve Plumb

Dalton Boys ‎– Take My Hand - Original Acetate

Dalton Boys ‎– Take My Hand - Acetate

Looking at putting this in my Discogs store but thought i'd offer it here first?

Acetate is VG++ with a few very lite marks and plays great (about 7 or 8 out of 10)

Check the clip direct fom the acetate and the photo

An original US 10" uncut Acetate made for a potential release on V.I.P. Records in 1965

I am led to believe that this is a different mix of 'Take My Hand' which apparantly appeared briefly on V.I.P. 25025 as the B Side to 'I've Been Cheated' only to be replaced with 'Something's Bothering Me' soon after. I've never seen or had one so I'm not sure how true that is, or even if it ever got a release at all? 

Comments written on the acetate are from the regular Motown evaluation meetings and comments such as 'Overall master sounds bassey' and 'More vocal presence needed' and in large black felt pen 'RECOAT' which I guess meant it was rejected and the metal disc was supposedly to be recoated with more acetate for future use?

Serious Motown/Northern Soul collectors item

Offers please via PM only



PS Don't forget to check the rare Brenda Holloway 'Play It Cool' Tamla 45 I also have on offer on Soul Source?




Dalton Boys - Take My Hand - Alt Take (clip).mp3

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