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Manifesto Latest Issue - quick flick


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Managed to catch up with a quick read of the latest Manifesto issue. Since Dave Rimmer improved the security of his travelling event stall, making our sly quick flick throughs a thing of the past.

The glossy magazine review side of Soul Source has fallen by the way side.

So while welcomed a rare chance to catch up with latest issue, was a bit quick and as working on memory as had to hand the mag back, feel that can only give a brief note, see below.

To help us improve this failing, and give visting Soul Fans a view of the latest going ons in the glossy mag world, we ask anyone who read latest issue, if possible could they post up view on the mag.

My brief view was, certainly changed a bit since last looked at it. Design and feel seemed different from last one seen, and while many articles which seemed worthwhile and invited further reading.

Unfortunately the main article that stuck in mind was one that listed the top 5 NORTH WEST Northern venues.

While memory ensures that can't give credit to who wrote it, have to say that on reading it had to check two things.

First the cover to see if wasn't reading a certain other glossy mag and then secondly to check if reading the heading correctly.

Cut it short ,

find meself asking just how do people knock out these lists, what do they use to actually decide between the many events on nowadays

As may have guessed found the listing a bit suprising and imagine be suprising to a lot of soul fans.

1. King Georges Hall Blackburn 2. Longfield Suite 3. Bury town hall 4. Preston Grasshoppers 5. The Ritz Brighouse

Now am sure they are great venues and quite possibly deserve acclaim, however it does make me wonder just what the writer judged events.

To be fair further comment would need further "research" (putting hand in pocket and buying a mag maybe a good idea:)), so will pause and for now just ask all out there

If any views what factors should be taken into account to make up a top 5 event list??

Feel free to post/discuss/comment

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