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Most active in this topic

Most active in this topic

Around 400 at a guess ! considering its only a couple weeks

to Christmas and many Soulies going to their works do,s ect ect

it was,nt a bad turnout.

The night itself was quite good ex spots from all the dj,s

Bob Hinsley & Simon both did top spots..

Record huntingwise turned out into a great nite for me personally

got my Old issue back of Willie Wade--When push comes to shove

got a copy of Dr Truelove--Tra-x and a great semi known 45

on a LA label which is gonna be a top 45 for me..

Sold quite a few 45,s as well ! got drunk on Becks only downside was having to walk home in the pouring rain with Kev Barett

aka Canada Kev.

Have a great Christmas & Soulful 2004

Love , Peace & Happiness

Ian Cunliffe

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