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SPINNING and DRINKING ... Get the needle in the groove !


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Getting revved up for the pilgrimage down to W1D1LL tomorrow evening, spinning a few and downing a few !
1/ Stand up and be counted                 GETO KITTY          (STROUD)
2/ Supership                                          GEORGE 'BAD' BENSON   (CTI)
3/ I'm not tired yet                                JAY JAY TAYLOR    (DYNAMITE)
4/ Standing in the darkness                   ETHICS                 (VENT)
5/ In a moment                                      INTRIGUES           (YEW)
6/ I gotta let you go                              M. REEVES / Vandellas  (GORDY)
7/ It's better to love                              MAGIC TONES       (MAHS)
8/ It's got to be a great song                TIFFANIES              (KR)
9/ Lucky to be loved by you                  EMANUEL LASKY  (WILD DEUCE)
10/Much better off than I've ever been RUBY & ROMANTICS (KAPP)
11/My lonely girl                                    JAY WIGGINS        (IPG)
12/I'm gonna give you respect              MARVIN GAYE      (Tamla LP track)
13/Don't stop now                                 ORIGINALS           (Soul LP track)
14/Today's your lucky day                      H. MELVIN & BLUE NOTES  (UK LONDON)
15/ Choosing you                                   LENNY WILLIAMS (UK ABC)
16/You know I love you                          CHAZ                    (PROMISE 12")

And drinking........Blue Moon Belgian white, Orchard Irish Cider, Torres 10 yr old Spanish Brandy, Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon..... Oooohh mate, bring on Sat night !!

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Happy Christmas to all Soul Fans, family and friends everywhere, just drinking a Brewdog Hazy Jane Guava and playing a few from the boxes, out later for more ale and festive socialising !

1/  Are you for real     ROBBY FORTSON    (PZAZZ)

2/  Take it from me     CICERO BLAKE        (RENEE)

3/ Operator                 LIGHT DRIVERS      (GEMINI)

4/ Everybody say yea   SPECIALS              (SATCH)

5/ You don't love me no more  RENALDO DOMINO (SMASH)

6/ How can I say I'm sorry  JIMMY RUFFIN  (SOUL)

7/ All my lovin'            JP RODGERS         (INCULCATION)

8/ You'll never get my love    MIKE JEMISON  (LAKE)

9/ Thought you were loving me  BOBBY JONZ  (EXPANSION)

10/ I'm one who know   BREWSTER CREW   (LIFELINE)

11/Hold on                  O'Jays                 (MINIT)

12/Lets go steady        Eldridge Holmes  (KANSU)

13/Keep on tryin'         FIR-YA                 (STAR GLOW)

14/I'll try again tomorrow   LOUIS CURRY  (M-S)

I'll raise my glass to all fans of our particular choice of superb music.. HAPPY XMAS  !!

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