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All Todays Top eBay Soul 45 Auction Enders Tue 06 Feb 2024

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The next 24 hours most interesting Ebay soul record sales as at 07:55 06 Feb 2024 (Uk time)
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  1. scan of Image - Is That Why  Going Gone- Private Cali Sweet Soul Funk Rpm   Rare
  2. scan of Jerry  The Champions - Summertime - Clayboard - Modern Soul Rpm   84
  3. scan of Smokin Shades Of Black - Grease Wheels - Stem - Funk Soul Rpm
  4. scan of Unknown Garage Soul  Psych Sunny Syde Express Love Hides Inside- Fbp Vg
  5. scan of Jerome - Sweet Talking  Guitar Rap - Ride On- Lo-fi Outsider Soul Rpm   Rare
  6. scan of Music Inc  Cba Ensemble - Abscretions - O Be - Jazz Funk Rpm   Strata East
  7. scan of Garage Soul 45- Subconscious Mind No Fair At All- Vintage Nm
  8. scan of J J Barnes  Please Let Me In  Ric-tic Records Northern  Soul Listen
  9. scan of Love Potion - This Love - Kapp - Sweet Soul Oldies Rpm
  10. scan of Jean Shy - What Can I Do I M So In Love With - Fantasy - 70s Soul Rpm
  11. scan of Pappys Hauted House - One More Time  Dude - Mide- Psychedlic Funk Soul Rpm
  12. scan of Synergy  Donnell Pitman - Can You Feel It - Jbp- Disco Funk Soul Rpm   80
  13. scan of Wales Wallace - Somebody I Know  Talk A Little - Brc- Monster 70s Soul Rpm
  14. scan of Ike Paggett - Aint No Sunshine - Delta Wind - Weird Modern Soul Jazz Rpm   88
  15. scan of Larry Williams  Johnny Watson On Okeh - Too Late  Vg
  16. scan of Herman George - Mental High  What You Got - Bet - Killer Sweet Soul Rpm
  17. scan of Kinky Foxx - So Different - Sound Of New York - Boogie Modern Soul Rpm   80s
  18. scan of Rance Allen Group - Reason To Survive  Got To Be - Capitol - 70s Soul Rpm
  19. scan of Chicano Soul 45- Sunny  The Sunliners Fly Me To The Moon- Key Loc Hear
  20. scan of Ace Spectrum - Don T Send Nobody Else - Atlantic - 70s Soul Rpm
  21. scan of John Gary Williams - In Love With You - Stax - Sublime 70s Sweet Soul Rpm
  22. scan of Maze Ft Frankie Beverly - Before I Let Go - Capitol - 81 Modern Soul Rpm
  23. scan of We The People - Break Down  On The Way - Davel - Funk Soul Rpm
  24. scan of Thelonious Monk Genius Of Modern Music Blue Note 1510 47w63rd Nyc Rvg Ear Vg
  25. scan of Energy Crisis - Tough Time Blues  Disco Chicken - Circus - Funk Soul Rpm
  26. scan of Rudy Norman - Back To The Streets - New Day - Modern Soul Funk Aor Rpm
  27. scan of Mandrill - Too Late  Holiday - Arista - Killer 70s Soul Rpm   Vinyl Press
  28. scan of Psych Jazz Funk 7 Richard De Bordeaux Beretta Papa Psychose Og Fr Barclay
  29. scan of Buddy Guy - Buddy S Groove - Chess - Killer 60s Funk Soul Rpm
  30. scan of Grayson Street - Medicine Man - Houserocker - Soul Funk Rpm
  31. scan of Nashville Rhythm Section - I Can T Go For That - Koala - Modern Soul Rpm
  32. scan of Calvin Johnson - Dance Of Love In Time -butternut Hollow - 70s Soul Funk Rpm
  33. scan of Darrow Fletcher - Rising Cost Of Love - Atlantic - 70s Soul Rpm
  34. scan of Inside Out - Take A Chance - Home - Excellent Breezy Modern Soul Rpm
  35. scan of Larks - I Love You  I Want You - Nasco - Killer Sweet Soul Rpm   Don Julian
  36. scan of Breezy - Lov In You Lov In Me - Easey - Obscure Private Aor Soul Rpm   Smooth
  37. scan of Brenda Vaughn - Ready Or Not Nature S Calling -pashlo- 80s Soul Boogie Rpm
  38. scan of Lovelites - Love So Strong  Oh My Love - 20th Century - 70s Soul Rpm
  39. scan of Little Denice - Check Me Out You Can Teach - Ruthies -sister Funk Soul Rpm
  40. scan of Richie Cee - Games Too Cold Blues - Concept - Soul Ballad Rpm
  41. scan of Joshie Jo Armstead - I Got The Vibes - Gospel Truth- Monster 70s Soul Rpm
  42. scan of Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb - Jamtu - Funk Go Go Modern Rpm
  43. scan of Miles Davis And The Modern Jazz Giants Ojc-347 Reissue Prestige 7150 Nm Coltrane
  44. scan of Art Webb - You Can T Hide Love  Love Eyes - Atlantic - 70s Modern Soul Rpm
  45. scan of Ballads - Don T Touch That Dial  Treat Me Like - Soul Beat -rare Soul Rpm
  46. scan of Isaac Redd Holt Unltd - Do It Baby  Shot The Sherrif -paula- Funk Soul Rpm
  47. scan of Promatics - Sugar Pie Honey  Everybody S Talkin - Jo Jo - Nor Soul Rpm
  48. scan of Numonics - One More Try  Easy To Be Mislead - Hodisk - Modern Soul Rpm
  49. scan of Breakwater - No Limit - Arista - 70s Soul Funk Rpm   Wlp
  50. scan of Erroll Gaye  Imaginations - Love  Affection - Steel Town - 70s Soul Rpm
  51. scan of Gary Moore  New Joy - Until The End  More Like - Hse - Modern Soul Rpm
  52. scan of Lowrider Soul 45- Garner Brothers The Night That You Left Me- Thunderbird Vg
  53. scan of Moody R B 45- Elaine Brooks  The Pushers I  M So Blue- Vibra
  54. scan of The Poets  She Blew A Good Thing  Symbol Northern  Soul Listen
  55. scan of Breakwater - Say You Love Me Girl - Arista - Modern Soul Classic 80 Rpm
  56. scan of Denise Kelly  Fame - I D Like To Get Into - 20th Century - Soul Rpm
  57. scan of Marlena Shaw - Woman Of The Ghetto - Cadet - Soul Funk Rpm
  58. scan of Big Daddy Rucker - Just Do Your Thing - Gme - Obscure Funk Soul Rpm
  59. scan of Bill Butter Ball Crane - Stepin Tall 1 2 - Key - Killer Funk Rpm
  60. scan of Gregorio - Same Boat  You - Kimberly - Obscure Bay Area Soul Rpm
  61. scan of Master Story Teller - Gotta Pay  Independent Lady -spqr- 70s Soul Funk Rpm
  62. scan of Melwin Ealey - Sing-a-long - Pashlo - Obscure Modern Soul Rpm
  63. scan of Nora Evans - Amor  Come There With Me - Superstar - Obscure Disco Soul Rpm
  64. scan of Numonics - Forever And A Day  You Lied - Hodisk - Oakland Modern Soul Rpm
  65. scan of U S Warren - The Drop - Chytowns - Funk Soul Instro Rpm
  66. scan of Ballads - Three Times  Your Love - Balja - Sweet  Modern Soul Rpm   Obscure
  67. scan of Ballads - Wait  Your Love - Balja - 70s Bay Area Sweet Soul Rpm
  68. scan of Southern Harmonizers Gospel Soul You Know Like I Do  Glory Glory Vg Vg Hear
  69. scan of Soul Asylum Clam Dip  Other Delights - Vinyl Record
  70. scan of 1969 Soul - The Dreams Band  They Call Me Jessie James  Charge D C Sound
  71. scan of Millie Jackson  My Man Is A Sweet Man  Spring Records Northern  Soul Listen
  72. scan of Gene Chandler  Bet You Never Though  Constellation Northern  Soul Listen
  73. scan of Afro Cuban Band - Something S Gotta Give - Arista - Disco Soul Funk Rpm
  74. scan of Caprells - Believe In Stars  What Ever Goes -bano- Soul Stepper Boogie Rpm
  75. scan of El Chicano - Groovin - Royal Family - Modern Soul Aor Rpm
  76. scan of Funk Machine - Soul Santa - Creative Funk - Killer Funk Instro Rpm
  77. scan of Levy Davis - Are You Ready For Love - Good To Go - Modern Soul Rpm   80s
  78. scan of New Emage - Either You Will Or You Won T - Virtue - 83 Odd Modern Soul Rpm
  79. scan of Rasputin Stash - Devil Made Me  Hit It Pass It - Gemigo - Funk Soul Rpm
  80. scan of Beau - Roller Skate Pt 1  Pt 2 - Its A Thang - Disco Funk Soul Rpm
  81. scan of Dell Vikings - Hollywood Vine - Fee Bee - Obscure Sweet Soul Rpm   70s
  82. scan of Don Julian  Larks - Shorty The Pimp - Jerk - 70s Funk Soul Rpm
  83. scan of The Ren S 7 Girl Group Doo-wop  Riba Records Renes Hear
  84. scan of Grand Theft - How Could You Be So Cold  Discos - Honey - Sweet Soul Rpm
  85. scan of Morris Jefferson - One More Time - Good Luck - 1980 Soul Stepper Rpm   Nice
  86. scan of Warren Raye - If You Wanna Love Me  Don T Run From - London - 70s Soul Rpm
  87. scan of Karen Small Boys Are Made To Love  Hey Venus - Northern Sweet Lowrider Soul 45
  88. scan of Jackie Moore - Both Ends Against The Middle - Atlantic - 70s Nor Soul Rpm
  89. scan of Jean Shy - You Ve Got To Take It  Good Thing - Fox Car - 70s Soul Xo Rpm
  90. scan of Sequins - What Makes Me Love You  Wheres Your - Crajon - Killer Soul Rpm
  91. scan of Theatrics - We Got A Love  Got Cha - Vr - Detroit Modern  Sweet Soul Rpm
  92. scan of 1967 Soul - Willie Parker You Got Your Finger In My Eye M-pac Records 7236
  93. scan of Marcie Jones You Can T Bypass Love - 1967 Festival
  94. scan of Lee Garrett - See Love On Your Face - American First - 81 Modern Soul Rpm
  95. scan of Leon Collins - Knowing I Love You  Just Wanna Say - Elf - Obscure Soul Rpm
  96. scan of R B Soul Reissue Prisonaires On Sun Label Rpm 7 Record
  97. scan of Huge Dj Vinyl Record Collection 68 Albums Funk Soul Jazz Blues Disco Rock
  98. scan of Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park  Thankful Bout - Fantasy - 70s Funk Soul Rpm
  99. scan of Lonnie Larry - Got To Find Her  Sunshine -magic Touch- 80 Modern Soul Rpm
  100. scan of 1968 Soul - Little Ben  Cheers I Don T Have To Cry Over You  Rush Records






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