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Beware - scammer - Alex Thomas, Kidderminster

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Bought a cheap record and reported it broken and he offered to send pics. 
I naively refunded him straight away (I won’t do that again).
No pictures despite several requests.
He then responded to my email saying he was ’on holiday until the end of July’!
I waited a few more days and send another  email - nothing so I posted negative feedback.

Since then two other sellers have pinged me saying they have also had the buyer report their items were broken in the post.

Scumbag scammer - avoid at all cost 

By the way - here are his details
Mr Alex Thomas
<address edited out by site>

I posted this on  the Vinyl Vigilante Facebook group and this was also confirmed:-

Been caught out before - there was a posting about him on this forum in March 2023 - 'Has anybody else had any dealings on Discogs with Alex Thomas from Kidderminster user name: Vinylfan0509 also recently opened another account in the user name of johnnycashfan200900
His agenda is to get records for nothing. He says that the records he has received have arrived broken/cracked. He will not send them back but does demand a refund. I have been in contact with other sellers he has dealt with and they say the same - I gave him a refund because he mad me so angry and it it just not worth it., others have done this also. He is a nasty piece of work who does not hesitate to leave bad feedback.
I contacted Discogs expressing my concerns and they did remove the bad feedback he had left me. Just by pure coincidence I mentioned it to a friend and told him to be aware of vinylfan0509
So when had a similar experience from johnjnycashfan200900 he rang me to check if it was the same guy. It was the same person and the same address and the wording he used trying to get a refund was exactly the same.
I think this guy is running multiple accounts - a fraudster who wants to collect records for nothing'

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uk address edited out
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Most active in this topic

Most active in this topic

I recognise this koolandgroovez, but have failed to turn up any dealings. Strangely, I have been attempting to get details/photos on email of the New Yorkers You Should Have Told Me offered by K&G ltd. After 4 messages I have still to receive a reply. no photos, no thanks for your interest, nothing? The are apparently in Japan, so one of my messages was in Japanese (my wife speaks Japanese). In all the years I've been buying on EBay, Discogs and a huge number on independent sites I have never met with 'silence'. I mention this only because of the similarity of koolandgroovez and K&G ltd.

If anyone has had any communication with either do get in contact with Paul for the former and the latter to me.

Thanks. Angus


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