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Special Guest - Colin Dilnot

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Just thought I'd give myself a shout! I will be a guest on Mick O'Donnell's show on 209 Radio this Saturday, May 19th. You can listen by tuning in here between 12.00 and 1400hrs or you can download it later.


Here is my playlist for the show:

A River of Soul

1. G.C Cameron Topics Motown

2. Roger Hatcher I Dedicate My Life To You Volt

3. Don Covay I Stole Some Love Atlantic

4. Al Green Strong As Death Hi

5. Gloria Williams Sister Funk Downtown

6. Eighth Day Too Many Cooks Invictus

7. Spencer Wiggins Love Me Tonight Alt Version

8. Diane Jenkins Recycle Creative Funk

9. William Cummings Make My Love A Hurting Thing Bang Bang

10. Jerline & Friends Get It Off My Conscience

11. La Famila Inc Do You Love Me? BSR

12. Sy Hightower I Want To Make It With You

13. Bobby Powell A Little Understanding Hep Me

14. Arthur Freeman I Wanna Go Home Jumbo

15. Johnny Adams A Man Will Shed A Few Tears Too Pacemaker

16. JP Robinson Our Day Is Here Blue Candle

17. Lee Moses If Loving You Is A Crime Dynamo

18. Gloria Barnes Home Maple LP Uptown

19. George Scott I'm A Fool For You Maple LP

20. Jerry Washington Don't Waste My Time Glades

21. Robert Moore Make It Alright Freestyle

22. Charles Mintz Stop The Killing MOP5

23. Spencer Wiggins Caught Up

24. Frank Ingram There Is Hope

25. Mad Lads Safe

26. 1063 Say We'll Stay

27. Freddie Hughes High Power Park Place

28. Derrick & Freddie Hughes The Woman I Want OK Land

29. Hayley Potts Truth

30. Archie Love TAM Sampler

31. Laura Lee I Pray Demo Version

32. Lorraine Morris-Brown A God That Will Never Change High Spirit CD Let God Abide

33. Deacon John Losing Battle VVC CD

34. Dan Greer When Will It End? Beale Street CD

35. Hermon Hitson This Time Sweet Rose

36. Chuck Mills Whisper In My Ear Chas Charm CD Thank You

37. Earl Randle Only Solution Is Love

Plus I will be featuring some Willie Walker tracks as well!

Drop by!!!

Colin Dilnot:

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