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Parking For Stoke Queens Allnighter

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In response to queries on parking for this venue.

There is parking directly oposite the venue, next to Ceramica museum, for about 30 cars.

There is also a small carpark at the rear of the venue, and more than plenty of parking bays in the side streets surrounding the venue, and local area.

Most of these spaces, including the ones around Ceramica are on parking meters, but most, if not all are free parking after 6.00 p.m. Saturday evening and on Sundays...but please do double check times on parking meter bays.

There is also an Arc carwash just 50 yards from the venue, which has a large carpark surrounding it - it doesn't open till 9.00 a.m. Sunday, but again, please check there are no signs indicating parking fines or clamping if you park on any areas like this.


Hope you all have a safe journey and a great night. :D



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