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Northern Soul - Power Cuts Podcast

Pete S

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The corny name is because there literally was a power cut while I was recording this which knocked everything out for over an hour...anyway here's a shortish podcast featuring some oldies, some newies and some of the rarest records on the planet! A couple of nice unissueds here as well. Enjoy!

(Here are the links)

The first link takes you to a page where you have the choice to download if you want to, underneath the player and to the right is a download button


if you'd prefer to listen to it on my website, just follow the link below and you'll see a player


1. Frankie & The Damons - Man From Soul (1:57)

2. Trends - Not Too Old To Cry (2:26)

3. Dickie Wonder - Nobody Knows (2:25)

4. Milton James - My Lonely Feeling (2:25)

5. Toni & the Showmen - Try My Love (2:56)

6. Mello Souls - We Can Make It (2:37)

7. Ducky & The Glo-Liters - Over And Over (2:33)

8. Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories (2:15)

9. Norma Jenkins - Try Love Just One More Time (1:55)

10. Paul Peek - I'm Movin' Uptown (2:24)

11. Contours - Jealousy Is Creeping Up On Me (2:44)

12. Lareine Lamar - That's Not The Way To Love (2:22)

13. Condors - Let Me Down Easy (2:13)

14. Classic - So Glad I Found You (2:26)

15. Roy Roberts - I Know What to Do to Satisfy You (2:09)

16. Homer Banks - Sweetie Pie (2:07)

17. Flash McKinley - I'll Rescue You (2:41)

18. Vince Apollo / I bear witness (2:45)

19. Big Don's Rebellion - It Was True (2:33)

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