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Feeling good cover PLEASE HELP


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I'm looking for a soul cover of the song "Feeling good" (composers: Newley, Bricusse sang by nina simone)...

RZA sampled it on his album "Birth of a prince" 's intro...

PLEASE HELP I sweared i wont sleep until i found it!!!!!

thanks a lot

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There is a great version by JEAN DUSHON. Not sure if released on 45 but I remember an LP by her called 'Feeling Good' - think it came out on Chess OR Cadet. Not sure about availability or value, keep checking out ebay, sure one will turn up. Hope this helps.


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that's not jean dushon's cover i'm looking for

the track i need sounds a bit like James bond 70's themes

unfortunately i haven't much information about the track, i only know it from the song "RZA - Bob n I"

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Ok - I think it might be Ernestine Anderson - a great jazz vocalist.

I don't have a copy of her version of "Feeling Good" but she's definately covered it and it sounds like her voice.

errrr .... but that said, it also sounds like Carmen McRae, who also covered the song. Not being much help, am I. Sorry.

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Jean DuShon version is a bit faster, and not the same music... and also her voice sounds more like Tina Turner.

So I don't think it's her.

Keep searching...


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what a beautiful voice! "Feeling Good," is such an inspirational song for any intro.. I've searched high and low for it, but still can't figure out the singer.. I gotta give it up to the Rza.. he has samples like none other.. he's also crafted one-of-the-most witty and distinct sounds in hip hop, which shines even on those who collaborate alongside him..

But theres many remakes for this piece (Nina Simone, Bobby Darin, Muse, list goes on), so this one's surely hard to find..Nancy Sinatra maybe?? I'll keep posted, thats for sure.. ::bump::

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jean dushon is available on a 45.bought it for my misses.its only cheap.think i paid about 8 quid for it.

that versions from a musical "the roar of the greasepaint"

its on the cadet label


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Guest Also.

Re Feeling good cover.

I think I know the version you are talking about, because I am also looking for it and can not find it either.

The version is really upbeat like hip hop.

I think is was by 'a guy called gerald' , but am not sure.

I have only ever heard it twice. One on MTV with a brilliant video.

the other when I was at the gym. It blew my away both times.

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Guest Kolla

from the six feet under commercial

It's Nina Simone.

The original is always the best!! Performed by Nina and written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. This version was originally recorded in New York in 1965 (15 Studios NYC) - for her album, "I Put A SPell on You".

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With all this talk about "Feeling Good," I pulled out Jean DuShon's album. Wow, she does sing the crap out of that song. So sassy, so cutting. A great version.

This cut is still very popular in clubs all over Europe. I see it on many playlists on European radio (on the Net).


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