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The Fed, Gateshead

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Posting on behalf of Paul & Toma, not sure if they are on here.

Over the last few Days Me and Micky have been getting Telephone calls asking

if it is right that The Fed is not on, due to the fact it has closed, this

is because of a misleading newspaper article, saying 'Fed Shuts Doors', what

has happened the Brewery has been taken over by Scottish & Newcastle and the

name federation Breweries will cease to exist, the article gave the

imporession that the brewery, & Lancastrian Suite were to close, nothing couls be

further from the truth, the name Federation is what will disappear in fact I have

made bookings for 2006 & 2007,

IT IS OPEN as usual

So just to let everyone know if you missed the first E-Mail I sent

Tyneside Soul Promotions


'The Fed'

Federation Breweries Dunston Gateshead

Saturday 12th March 2005,

6pm til 12.30am £5.00

2 rooms of quality Northern & Modern Soul

Lancastrian Suite Northumbrian Suite

Neil Jones Bob Hinsley

Terry Finn David Hulmes

Toma Tony Dawber

Colin Denham Liana

Steve Davidson John Kane

Steve Wilson Darren Leach

Don Thompson

Info Paul 07812803410 **** Toma 07963497173,

Micky 07786073084

E-Mail _Conroypylb@aol.com_ (mailto:Conroypylb@aol.com)

Cheers Paul

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