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Offical Worlds Number One Northern Website


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If fancy a laugh get your arse over to worlds Number one Northern website

Read bit where the website bloke slags off Dave Rimmer and Soulful Kinda Music magazine

Have to say brought a smile to me face, as you may know its all about Mr Rimmer having the cheek to have a go at Mr Gradys so called northern poll.

Poll was mentioned on here, think used words such as "pure bullshit" to describe any poll which has likes of "good old Russ" as one of top djs. But thats by the bye, thing that made me laugh loud is Mr Grady starts banging on about "copyright"

Cracked up here, pot, kettle, blagging t**t all sprung to mind.

No I'm not banging on about all the labels and artist stuff he's "lifted" from other websites with either none or little credit given to either the site or author,

On a pure personal point, am on about how spotted two reviews up their bashed out on this very keyboard, now know should be honoured for my efforts to feature in a website that is billed as having "THE 'MOST UP TO THE MINUTE' CD REVIEWS AND CLUB REPORTS ANYWHERE ON THE NET - READ THEM RIGHT HERE; "

But unfortunately seeing that he lays into Dave Rimmer accusing him of copyright stuff, thought have gotta say something as smacks of bullshit in a big way.

Never asked, no credit to site or even the keyboard

No big thing like, just fact that he has a go at someone accusing them of doing what he is a master off...

Anyway if this stirs a interest in you what that poll is about can push it up here ...just shout

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Most active in this topic

I've read it as well, and I noticed the very thing you did, that he has a pop at me about quoting things off his poll and then uses venue reports off other people's sites as his own. There again, I've never heard of him attending a venue, so he can't write his own.

What makes me roll around laughing though is the fact that he's banging on about copyright, and he's flogging bootleg CDs from his site !

If you don't believe me, have a look here:


The other thing that made me laugh was the numbers of listeners to his internet radio show. He's claiming 35,000 listeners a week ! Just work it out, that means virtually everyone who has EVER attended a Northern Soul night, all having a PC, and listening in each week. YEAH !

But who am I to argue, the guy is obviously the most well known, well informed, well connected DJ on the whole Northern Soul scene (He's written a book as well you know).

I was going to respond via Soulful Kinda Music, but decided it wasn't worth it because he obviously believes his poll was accurate. Just a pity he managed to miss out the bit about me offering to pay for an independent audit to examine the veracity of the poll. Strange that wasn't it.

Ho hum, sometimes you feel the whole world is against you.

Dave Rimmer

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