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How hard bitten are you?

Look At Your Box Mike


Hands up if on hearing on the news of the blackout in usa/canda your first thought was "mmm wonder if that means any bargains on ebay"

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no mike - my first thought was 'isn't there a tune about the last NY blackout?' !!!!!!! Watch this go big again at all-niters (or even cue KFC)!!


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funny enough have heard someone play "new york in the dark" out a few times over the last few months

Perhaps the 21st centuries nostradarmous (?) equivlant is a certain dj whos on at Goldbourne niter this weekend

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My first thought was, I'm knackered, feeling a bit randy, lets turn the news off and see if there is any porn on channel 5.

And when I sober up I will really regret posting this.

The elevator stopped somewhere near the top.

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