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Marr's Bar - Lost My Cherry

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I thought someone else may have started a thread on this but since they havent I will but I warn you Im knackered and drunk so it may make bugger all sense!!!!! :yes:

This was my first visit to Marr's Bar and I have to admit I had been warned against it but I need to make my own opinion about venues and I'm very glad I did. :yes: Had been told there were a lot of piss heads that get in and sometimes cause trouble but I didnt see any evidence above the usually one or 2 drunks that seem to get into most venues

Met Jock at the Derby dayer social event and set off for Worcorcester about 10:30

Had to find somewhere to leave Jock's car so we could travel across together, so we ended up in Rolleston on Dove which seems to be a village of late night dog walkers, who didnt seem too impressed by me legging it across the road for a piss behind a bush.

Suitable parking spot found and off we went. Being to tight to pay for the M6 Toll we had a nice detour around the A & B roads around Birmingham, finally arriving in Worcester around midnight. After several trips round the block to find the right turning to get us to the club got parked up (which was a saga in itself) and arrived at the venue.

Small club with a very strange upstairs arrangement, which for some reason reminded me of the milkbar area and attic cloakroom at wigan

Met some people I hadnt seen for a while and had some good chats with Bridgitte ( once of Matlock now of Turkey), Kit ( who I hadnt spoken to before ), Dolly, Dave Rivers and others.

But most of all it was the venue where I danced more than I had for quite a while due to some top music played. ( well since Bidds )

The thing I really liked was as it was one room venue there was never more than a few records of any one genre played together so there was a good mix of classics, rare, R&B, 70s and stuff I had never heard before.

Had to admit I felt a bit sorry for Mr Rimmer who did the last spot to a much depreciated crowd but played some top tunes which I supported by sometimes dancing on my jack but that wont be the first time or the last for me.

So overall had a top night, great friendly people, some great music played and a new venue to add to my visit rota

Now off to bed :yes::yes::D

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good write up Longy

it was our first time too and me and the mrs were impressed . it is a unique layout and has the feel of a real old time soul venue

I was on at 4-00am and played a bit of everything and I thought the crowd were spot on - very open minded .

we'll be going back again


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