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Kirton Town Hall.... Good Friday

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Kirton town hall march 22nd 8009

Easter in March?

Third Weekend in March?

Not sure what that's all about!

Not Easter, I know what that's all about. It's yet another opportunity for tescos and the like to fill their shelves with sugar-filled-coma-inducing-commercialised-retail-opportunities. Also a time for the beleaguered English tourist industry stuff it's self with coins of the realm throughf all manner of cleverly disguised monetary digestive systems including over-charging parking by the freezing east coast and tacky shows in even tackier seaside theatres... no, I know what Easter is about (oh, and there's that Christian celebration which, like most organised religious events just pass right by me I'm afraid). What I mean is what the Donald duck are we doing having this retail/weekend break feast in the middle of bloody winter?

Blocking our roads with both snow and holiday traffic doesn't make travelling at Easter a fun filled feeling of contentment, add to this the amazing easter 'specials' that seem to crop up like... that extra two days to fill with northern events already breaking under the perceived strain of over-satuation all add to the butter being spread too thin to make satisfying northern soul sandwich.

The City Club in Peterborough only 20 (ish) paying customers! Not a very good Friday there then! Bentinck miners' Welfare numbers down (but far from dead) because of all of the above AND another local promoter within 'spitting' distance putting on a rival event. (not a lot of good old fashioned Easter Christian Spirit there!)

With all these circumstances most numbers were bound to be down on this hallowed scene of ours.

Kirton Town Hall near Boston (the one in Lincolnshire, not Massachusetts) was lower on numbers that the last time I went last year, but.... Here's the rub... for a large part of the evening OVER 90% of the attendees were on the dance floor..... DANCING!!

This was very impressive, doubly-so because although the numbers were down they were by no means down enough to 'quieten' or 'ruin' an evening.

Not only this but there were 'young people' there!!!!!!

This doesn't happen much in the East Anglian region but the youngsters there were genuinely interested in the music, and, after they had realised that none of the 'old farts' in there were going to laugh at them or judge them these youngsters settled in on the floor and, other than the fact that they still had hair and no spare tyres one may have credited them with a number of years on the scene under their belts.

Dee-jays played to the floor, Rupe from Boston, very renowned for his superb under-played / rare soul sets mixed those gems in with a very succinct selection of floor fillers.

Host and dee-jay Chris Rose both started the evening and ended it with a superb mixture of across the dacades quality soul, as did Boston's Marin Topley and King Lynn's very own John Hall.

Check details for the next one (expected in early Autumn) because all of the above AND cheap beer plus the most excellent wooden dace floor in this newly refurbished town hall in Kirton, Lincolnshire all add up to a very satisfying night of northern soul.

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