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Anyone Heard Of This Label?

Pete S

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It's just that I bought this record off ebay in the week and the seller thought it was Belgian only but it appears to say Flo Man Records USA on the label, though that could be a typo. It's a really nice girlie 'fingersnapper', I'll see if I can send it up

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Anyone know it?

It's "One Sweet Kiss" by The Hopefuls on CARDINAL.

It was comped on one of those "Girls Girls Girls" CDs from MARGINAL.

Have only ever seen it on that Belgium label.

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See what I mean about the label credit though Benji? And the writers of course.

I see what you mean, and apparently written by Pam Sawyer and Lori Burton. Didn't know that earlier. Just did some research and noticed that the exact same recording of "One Sweet Kiss" as on the Hopefuls 45 is included as a "previously unissued" track on a Candy & The Kisses CD compilation called "Do The 81 & Other Soul Classics". I haven't heard the flipside of the CARDINAL 45, but it's called "Stand By And Cry" and apparently both Betty Turner (on LIBERTY) and Jan Panter (on CBS UK) recorded versions of that tune.

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Pam Sawyer and Lori Burton had, for a time in the 60's, their songs published through Flomar Music Inc, and it's likely that whoever issued this record, made an error in both the spelling and the crediting (to a record "label", rather than a publisher).

Begs the question, as Sebastian is hinting, is there a US release for this, as the scan doesn't "look" as if the record is manufactured in the US ?

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