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  1. it is soul/funk as is james brown. did someone list it as "funky '70s crossover"?
  2. I know about louis chachere, he was part of the derbys revue in KC that had marva whitney, the sinceres, the del montes [later the visitors], etc. anyways it's clearly a funk record. it came out on two KC labels before jewel (forte and MJC).
  3. the louis chachere record is still a funk record. is it a jazz-funk record? probably with the hammond and horn arrangement. but it's still a funk record.
  4. people are so greedy to the point of being stupid. someone deciding that they're going to ignore all their buyers for an extra 50 pounds, like the same people are then going to PM again. idiot.
  5. this one is much better than the first one. is that the cabinet of dr. caligari? bizarre.
  6. i respect your opinion, it's not for everybody. but at least it's original and not some rock guy doing fake doowop tracks. terrible is better than mediocre and bad.
  7. i agree with godzilla. james brown was funk and soul. so is the louis chachere clip posted. paul, you're complaining that the seller hasn't correctly described a record within the current temporary micro-genres carved by a scene (which they have no part of) at a specific time? i'm just glad when i get an unknown r&b / soul record and it's not a country record.
  8. maybe he really appreciated it but all that matters is the end product and the reception. i see i wrote "mast" instead of "mask", that was a typo before anyone makes fun of me for that
  9. for the record, ebay grading has significantly improved for a lot of terrible sellers since the advent of the DSRs (detailed seller ratings, the star system). they have been the only thing keeping sellers' status on ebay. ebay is changing it again so that they rate sellers based on returns and refunds, which i think will loosen the grading once again. i don't think anything is new. there always have been conservative and non-conservative graders. you have to look at the listings for clues (e.g. compare the label condition to the vinyl condition and see whether it looks like a "VG+" record). my only observation about US vs. UK graders is that UK graders tend to be either extremely conservative or extremely liberal with their grades while there is a wider range of standards with US sellers. i agree about many sellers using poor packaging but i still can't believe that the standard of mailing in the UK is a thin envelope mailer with a single totally flexible thin pad inside. I've gotten plenty of cracked records from the UK with that packaging. in the last few years i have experienced more US sellers skimping on packaging to save a few cents -- for example, using real 45 mailers but no filler pads, which makes a record extremely crackable in shipping.
  10. it's hilarious to me reading threads like this where the actual record is not specified, i'm like "i have no idea which one you're talking about", but somehow everyone else does so i'm in another world on this message board. like if someone starts a thread "price for gene chandler?" this is not an insult to the original poster so please don't read it as such, i'm just saying i'm lost here.
  11. i can't stand zappa, doing fake versions of other genres, proving how musicially "smart" he is, for an audience that would never listen to the real thing. beefheart is listenable when doing original sounds like on trout mast replica. that said, this track is decent.
  12. big hit in chicago, the styrene design on the right is by far the more common version actually. i think there's another vinyl label variation but might be confused.
  13. what is the big deal with the writing credits? others above already pointed out that one credits Al Scott and the other credits Mr. Soul and they're the same person. Neither is wrong. Moreover, plenty of legitimate releases even on major labels have pseudonyms for writing credits, and often have the pseudonym on a first release and then the real name on the second release. Talking about these specific writing credits is not evidence for one being first or the other and is also further confusing the matter.

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