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Soul Artists

Soul Artist Photographs

Photos of the people who made this great soul music. Additions most welcome!

Photos of Soul Music artists. The people who made this great music. Additions most welcome

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    • Yes, now you've put a rough time on 'my going', I would say I must have been going there '84-'85 - may have been a bit earlier. I'm actually trying to build a timeline of all the venues (where and when) I went, so many venues between Lanc's., Yorks. & Midlands after the Casino shut & through to late '99 (difficult as I left the UK over 20 years ago & lost contact with so many).
      I would say yes to the Friday nighters. I literally only recall a few people's names (first) who went at that time and only saw and connected with them there.
      I know I've read other people's recollections of going to the above pictured location/time, just don't know when that was, when it closed and when the nighters began again (but now you've given me a good idea).
    • 84 / 85 ish  - was it a friday thing ? 
    • I remember those trouser they were Katherine Hamnett I think I bought them from Peco (Soul Shrew) or one of his friends when he lived on Essex Road.
    • I always parked next to the van (I had a red Fiesta, then a blue Cortina and finally an orange Cortina), never met the van owners and didn't know you were in it Derek.
    • Hi, could anyone help me with an approximate year for this please? It's nothing like the Carousel I frequented, as in no big stage, no balcony and a tiny dancefloor. I guess when I went they'd turned it into a nightclub venue, though that old cafeteria room was still going where Pete Lawson held court
    • thats brilliant... utterly brilliant ! lol
    • Alf, Franny, Dave, Kev Sowerby, Steve and Pete - Cala Gran.

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