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Northern - Johnny Moore, Carl Hall, Visitors, Sam & Kitty etc

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Northern of every hue…


All manner of 60’s Northern sounds here. As usual I’ve added YouTube clips so you can to treat your ears to something new, or to remind you how good a tune sounds, but they’re not my records: the one’s I’m selling are pictured (apart from Chessmen and Johnny Nash)



*** SOLD  *** Alex Brown – What Would You Do Without Someone To Love / I’m In Love – Tangerine vg++ £15 lovely uptempo dancer, every home should have one

*** SOLD *** Carl Hal – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Used To Be £25

The Chessmen – Why Can’t I Be Your Man/ Nothing But You – Chess £45 ‘Why’ might the classic, but ‘Nothing’ is the side for me. Superb midtempo with a wee hint of The Temps ‘It’s Growing’ to my ears (this side is vg++ with some surface scratching, but plays big & clear). Pics are lifted from Google Images after I stoopidly deleted photos from my phone…


*** SOLD *** Cicero Blake – Face The Case / Here Comes The Heartchache – Tower £25 vg++ FTC is the uptempo side here, but I’ll be buggered if I could find a clip of it online. Purdy damn good it is, but then I would say that with no clip to back it up! The nice, mellow flip however, is on YouTube…


*** SOLD *** Contributors of Soul – Look What You Done For Me / I Don’t Know– New Miss £12 quality cheapie


*** SOLD *** Jimmy Dobbins – Little Miss Perfect – Crash £18 aptly named label for this crash-bang-walloping 100mph stomper!


Johnny Moore – Such A Wonderful Feeling vg++/ Without Your Love vg+ – Blue Rock £20 two cracking, late 60’s Chicago crossover style dancers. Conditions dictate the price here, surface scratches on view and some styrene hiss to be heard, but the really do play loud and proud!


Johnny Nash – Good Goodness – MGM £28 powerhouse stomper. Another Google image used for the photo, see Chessmen for explanation…)


*** SOLD *** Koko Taylor – Fire – Checker £20 Can’t believe this belting, bollock-kicker didn’t sell last time, despite all the likes.


*** SOLD *** Mary Love - Let Me Know - Modern £15 6T’s classic, the closing track on the first ever Kent compilation (and I claim Pointless Fact of The Week Award!)

Sam and Kitty – Your Money My Love - Four Brothers £35 understandably overshadowed by ‘I’ve Got Something Good’, this here is fine old stomper in it’s own right


The Soultones – You And Me Baby – Valise vg++ £30 Proper, no nonsense, old skool northern – yeeha!


The Naturelles - Love Has Joined Us Together / Show Me The Way – Venture *demo* £30 Mickey Stevenson headetd to LA and set up Venture after falling out with Gordy, and by accident or design some of the label’s output sound like pure Motor City productions. Like these


*** SOLD *** The Visitors – Anytime Is The Right Time / Never The Less – Tangerine *demo* £60 cheapest price on the interweb for this solid twofer from this ever reliable group. And it comes with The Len Jewell Guarantee of Excellence!

The Whispers – Flying High – Soul Clock £25 their least known dancer on Soul Clock (1st issue green label, too), this is a gorgeous, string laden joy of a tune!


Ok, usual jive applies:
• YouTube clips are not my records, I’ve included them to let you hear something new or remind you how good these are. My records are pictured (apart from Chessmen & Cicero Blake)
• PM your interest, but add a comment that the PM’s on the way
• Orders under £50 add £3 for shipping by First Class Signed For; over £50 add £8 for Special Delivery. You can opt out of SD at your own risk, but you’ll only be compensated up to £50 if the records are lost or knackered in the post. Overseas customers – please ask for shipping rates
• PayPal only, and as a gift. Add 4% to the total (inc P&P) if paying as a business transaction
• All are at least in Ex condition unless stated otherwise
• Honest Al’s money back guarantee on safe return of a purchase if you disagree with my vinyl gradin
• Wanna haggle on price? They’re all well priced as it is, but go ahead - it does no harm to ask, but a firm ‘GTF’ may be the response

Right, that’s yer lot – let’s be ‘avin yer! Cheers




Chessmen - nothing but you.png

Chessmen - Why.png




Johnny Moore - Such.jpg

Johnny Moore - Without.jpg

Johnny Nash Goodness.png



Sam & Kitty.jpg


The Naturelles - love.jpg

the naturelles - show.jpg





Edited by Alan Walls
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