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  1. Two top guys, highly respected Guest DJs with great collections this month are Gav Thompson and Russ Steele. You will be guaranteed to here something different, from the rarest classics and up to the minute new releases. plus the usual fabulous resident DJs who pull out all the stops and dig deep to make this a great afternoon in sophisticated surroundings!!!
  2. Guest DJs this month; Steve B Burke ( Vibe radio, Absolute radio) Mark Etheridge (Ponds Forge, Hamburg weekender) Baz Goddard (Mullbery, Sheffield Sunday soul) plus residents, Steve Myers, Chris Hobson, Soul girl Mags’.......
  3. Maggie Mays October edition of the Soul 45 club, two guest DJs this month, Barry Kgb Holland who needs no introduction to the Sheffield Soul Scene. Parvaz Kerrigan Ahmed known for his very diverse and esoteric collection is guaranteed to bring something different to our monthly event...….
  4. All the mince pies have gone and we’ve hoovered up all the pine needles....so, picking up where we left off last year when December’s event was unfortunately cancelled. This Sunday 14th January our first of 2018. Guest DJs; We are very pleased to welcome Alan Millington, veteran of the Sheffield Soul scene and a Soul DJ since 1970. A collector of some standing who’s DJ credentials include Mr Ms at Wigan Casino and resident at the highly regarded and influential Horticultural club. Guaranteed a feast of crossover and rare Soul for your ears...... Chris Hobson, a local lad who is
  5. And what a fantastic afternoon it was, such a diverse and eclectic mix of music, first time for us here, but we were made so welcome, we will definately be back. All the DJs played blinding spots.....got to single Neil Page out though, just for sheer enthusiasm alone...plus quite a few surprise plays!!!
  6. Steve Myers

    Soul@Attercliffe Liberals Club

    Thanks for the invite Mick, looking forward to playing a few records at the Libs, it's a great little club with a fantastic atmosphere. As well you know, I like to play a variety of tunes, from forgotten classics to new popular sounds, I don't rule anything out as long as it's remotely Soulful!!!
  7. Should be a must do in everyones Soul calendar. Great little event we have here and one of the best sound systems I have had the pleasure to spin my records on, I second everything that's been said. I f you have'nt been and witnessed the quality and variety of Soul music on offer here, you are missing out.
    First one of the newly introduced "vinyl" events for 2016 (Not to be confused with the popular Saturday afternoon events!!!) A small but enthusiastic crowd were in attendance and were treated to a very eclectic mix of quality Soul from all the DJs, all of which reached in to the very back of their boxes as well as playing a few well knowns... This event deserves a bigger following, doesn't usually clash with anything else, and all played on original vinyl. what I played, in no particular order; 1st half hour David Ruffin-You can come right back to me Joe Murphy-So
  8. These two in my playbox for most of 2014......
  9. If you ever need a reminder of how good Levi Stubbs voice was just listen to the control he has. He can go from a whisper to a roar in an instant, while at the same time sounding effortless and melodic. Accapella version was only ever released on the lost and found CD series as far as I'm aware. Very hard to get hold of and £80 when released Rip Levi........
  10. I knew Clive from the early days at Samanthas and from college when we were both apprentice bricklayers, he never seemed to be any different in all the years I knew him. Just getting ready to attend his funeral now, no doubt there will be a big turnout to give him a good send off ....... Rest in peace Clive
  11. Steve Myers


    Have a great day fellas, the place will be rocking!!!!

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