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  1. Happy Christmas to you Mike and the Team. Let's hope 2021 brings us all joy and peace. xx
  2. Doubt it Karl.... £300 is about right, I'd say. I've not seen it at £150 since you were 6
  3. A prime example of the way things are... In February of this year I won the JM auction for a mint Kenny Shepard "What Difference Does It Make" for £300. Last month in the JM auction a copy went at £566. Nearly doubled in 9 months!!!
  4. I've just bought the book. I am very much looking forward to reading it, as it has what seems to be a fresh and novel approach to the Scene and I admire the charitable intentions expressed. Good luck to you John.
  5. Thank you Mike. I totally agree with the final sentence of your comment.
  6. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A review of Dave Godin A Northern Soul, a biography by Stephen Stevlor. Review by Damian Conaghan.............. aka Dim View full article
  7. Dave Godin A Northern Soul, a biography by Stephen Stevlor. Review by Damian Conaghan.............. aka Dim @Dim Those of us who regard ourselves as Soul Music fans have heard of Dave Godin. My introduction to him, along with many of my peers, was via his column, during the early 1970s, in Blues & Soul magazine, where his musings gave due weight to the beauty of the music we love. A few of our number got to meet him and a few got to know him to varying degrees. But I never met him and, beyond his stellar reputation, his coining of the phrase 'Northern Soul' and the whole leg
  8. I'll be very happy to have a copy Gilly and I wish you every success with it... A proper labour of love.
  9. I very recently bought this one sided acetate. People of a certain age may understand the significance of "At The Top Of The Stairs", by The Formations in the rich history of the Scene and it's influence on old guys like me.. one of the stepping stones on our musical journey. It was very much on impulse that I did it.... for it's quirkiness as much as anything. I know very little about Chappell and I have no understanding of the their role in the promotion of records. Any information would be great.
  10. I think you should keep it going, for two reasons Mike. Stopping it may lead to confusion with some members and secondly given that China is now all clear and India has never had it.... Storm in a propaganda tea cup.
  11. Dim

    Soulville Sunday Sounds

    These are the DJ timings for this Sunday : DJ Times: 3.00pm until 3.45pm... Dim 3.45pm until 4.30pm... Mark Shaw 4.30pm until 5.15pm... Mark Johnson 5.15pm until 6.00pm....Knocker 6.00pm until 6.45pm... Dim 6.45pm until 7.30pm... Mark Johnson 7.30pm until Finish.......Knocker
  12. You are both correct of course. But Stephen Riley's book is a Northern Soul rather than a Rare Soul tome. So he covers the period post Twisted Wheel... Flamingo etc.
  13. There are several definitions... I prefer the Cambridge dictionary.. Factionalism: 'a situation in which a group forms within a larger group, especially one with slightly different ideas from the main group' Just for perspective I was born and brought up in Council houses for most of my life. I'm so posh that at 66 years of age, I still work 3 shifts full time in a factory. Do you know the meaning of the word 'patronise'? I can only speak from personal experience in terms of the books that I've read and I was just attempting to give some context to this particu

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