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    Got into Northern in the early 80s after The Jam split via the Inferno and Kent compilations. Went to a few dos around Southampton in 83/84. Started collecting originals 85/86 mainly at Hanway Street, Ady  and Clarkey. Started attending venues 1999/ 2000 Brighton  Alldayers, Capitol Soul Club, Scenesville and These  Old Shoes. Loved every minute of these days and have DJ'd at a few of them. Still collecting a bit, but not getting out so much.  

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    Redhill UK
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    Tommy Turner - Lazy

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  1. until

    Completely off topic, but I once played in a cricket team with 9 Daves in it. Now that was confusing
  2. Interesting to listen to as well. The orchestral arrangement is really eye opening. It gets lost in the final mix, but Beethoven and Tchaikovsky would be be proud of that IMHO.
  3. No No No. So so sorry. The number of records that I will never tire of that Lorraine was involved with in what ever capacity. Truly a total legend. RIP
  4. Oh no Can't believe this. Absolute brilliant bloke, loved his dancefloor. A great laugh. Condolences to his family. RIP mate
  5. Geoffrey Metiliko on Happy Tiger?
  6. Cheers Mark, Vaguely remember paying about £30 for my issue, but it was quite a few years back.
  7. Is this rare on demo? Saw it on a list and was gobsmacked what it was going for
  8. Franciscans - Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea Diamonettes - Don’t Be Surprised Both candidates?
  9. Thanks for that. Did they change it because of feedback from the radio stations?
  10. Sorry not really Northern, but is the demo a different take/mix from the issue? Ta Andy
  11. Saw her a few years back with The Velvelettes. She was brilliant. She even sang Cying Time which just blew me away. Must get to this.
  12. Well last time they had Change Your Ways. This week they had Bari Track. Somebody in the production department into Northern?
  13. I've got Gloria, but the lyrics of that aren't quite poet laureate status either. Is there just the backing track lurking on an acetate somewhere?

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