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  1. Missed it... thanks Bearsy for letting me know... my own thought I was stranded at sea in a broken down boat!!!! Any other copies of pyramid going? .. pm me... may not answer straight away as in Greece.. and signal is shite... so are the boar engines...
  2. Hi all, Any one out there with a 12" of Gabin Feat Dee Dee Bridgewater "in to my soul" I know I Have missed a couple the last one in Jan... so chances are they have sold it... I did send a PM... but as I say not expecting it to be left so if you have one please PM me.... many thanks...
  3. Morning all, i don't get on here much now, so this may be old news.. I just picked up a copy of Hip O selects David Ruffin CD.. The one with the unreleased stuff on it.. I know originally (2004) it was a limited press and a lot opf people were after it.. well they done another 2000 in Sept last year.. any way thought i'd let people know its out there again.. incase like me you forgot you wanted it when you couldnt get it!!!!!! http://www.hip-oselect.com/scr.public.product.asp?product_id=CD0C0B18-5455-4354-8A44-6292A3DEA20A&cat_id=9BE6C651-2C04-4F9B-A867-9962631
  4. You may be sorted by now... If not CD is £8 Long link if not working crazy beat records have it... http://www.crazybeat.co.uk/more-info/Denise+La+Salle/Here+I+Am+Again+Original+Album+plus+4+Extra+Tracks++Inc+Tracsk++Married+But+Not+To+Eachother++I+Wanna+Do+Whats+On+Your+Mind++Stay+With+Me+A+While++Dont+Nobody+Live+Here++Weve+Got+Love++Get+Up+Off+My+Mind++Whos+The+Fool++The+Best+Thing+I+Ever+/Westbound/69678/0/
  5. Dave just read, sorry to hear this... But pleased to read your on the mend now.... Take. Care and look after your self.. Mischief and Emma x
  6. Seems that way...... Oh we'll paid now..... And not lost me room that's the main thing.....
  7. Cheers for replies.... We've paid now cause they wanted it!! Dean glad they were okay with you..... See you there, take care... Will look at 2nd December thread... Thanks all Mischief
  8. Hi ya all, sorry if this has been done already... we have had issues with Pontins Prestatyn, we paid our deposit on time and now they are saying we are late with the remainder of the payment!!!! even though we had an email from them saying when it was due... they said the promoters have changed the payment dates... any one know any thing about this... I thought once you had paid that was an agrement/contract.. butthey have changed it without ltting us know and now we may loose our deposit!!!!!! any way if anyone has any info that would be good... thanks better add we
  9. This shop Tiger do lp ones for £4.... Im sure they had 7" ones... Maybe these.. 20.4 cm http://www.tigerstores.co.uk/tiger_home/storage/black_frame_1000050.html
  10. Be nice to hear more of his stuff.. with a best of we will only get to hear half of it...and then the rest would never get released.. how about a double CD... so really a best of with the other bits added!!!!! or a Vol 1 and Vol 2...
  11. lovely bought a couple of new bits for early doors... looking forward to spinning... see ya Saturday....
  12. Hello mate.... were looking forward to Saturday as always... and i know mick and tracy are coming down as well... smiley dean and Liz will be on tow with us... so should be a good night.. Just read the other thread about nighters in Bournemouth not working.. which is a shame... but cant take it away from evening do's at the loft bar you've stuck with it and its paid off... see ya Saturday Mischief

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