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  1. buxton

  2. Anybody got a copy of Little Mary Staten - Steppin' Stone for sale.please pm me. Thanks!
  3. hi there folks, im looking for the following. please PM your all in offer if you can help. Thanks a lot! Smokey Smothers - I Got My Eyes On You / Gamma Chances - Better Day Is Coming / Finch Tabby Thomas - Popeye Train / Excello Paramount Four - Y...
  4. Updated Saleslist

    yes, it really does. a fine one to dj with...
  5. Updated Saleslist

    Updated Saleslist. Priced in Euros. Please add 6Euros for registered shipping per Order. Thanks for Looking! Steinways , Youve Been Leading Me on / Oliver Vg+ (SOLD!) Gary Dean - You Can Say / Young M- (SOLD!) Tommy Dodson - One Day Love bw Mindreader...
  6. Priced in Euros. Please add 6Euros for registered shipping per Order. Thanks for Looking! Betti Lou & Bobby Adams - Dr. Truelove / Tra-X M- (SOLD!) The 5 Royales - Catch That Teardrop / Home Of The Blues M- (SOLD!) Bobby Hamilton - How ...
  7. Hi there Folks, Records are priced in Euros. I`ll take no Paypalfees, but please add 5,50euros for registered Mail per Order. Please have a look: VEL-VETS - I Got To Find Me Somebody / 20th Century Demo M- (SOLD!) Tommy Frontera - (You're My) Le...
  8. PM with price & condition please if you have a copy for sale - cheers!
  9. Cajun Hart Stock/issue Sorted

    pm`d you!
  10. CLPictures Sorted thanks! Still looking for Parisians & T.Thomas
  11. If you want to sell it after that, please let me know ;) have fun!
  12. Hi there Folks, Looking for the following 45s in nice playable Condition. Please send me your all In Offer Via PM. Thanks a lot & greetings from Germany! CL & Pictures - Baby Not Now - Monument (Sorted!) THE ROMEOS - Mon Petite Chow - Loma...
  13. Hi there, I have Otis Jackson on C&F Ex+. Feel free to Make an offer...

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