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  1. Got the other version on jubilee. Which is more or less the same if u interested
  2. One for sale on raresoul45s now at £850 https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/shop/new-arrivals/wade-flemons/?product_id=964&category_id=2
  3. 1. Rules - Gil Blanding 2. Lover - The DeLites 3. I've got the Power - The Masqueraders 4. Trouble _ The Agents 5. Such Misery - The Precisions 6. This Wont Change - Lester Tipton 7. This Man In Love - New Wanderers 8. This Gets To Me - Pookie Hudson 9. Dust My Broom - Ike & Tina Turner I do not know the last instrumental though Dunc
  4. If you have not got this then take a listen:
  5. "Granted on Look Out Love the lead does" "Speculation in a Yahoo Group from 2013 suggests that the lead singer is Geralene/Geraldine Toomer.". "Timi was also under contract to either Liberty or Mercury at the time." Good reason to give a young girl at the time a chance under a different name for contract reasons. Not the first time an artist has done this. Dunc
  6. The lead singer on look out love is Timi Yuro. If you can find the literature on the rear of some of the non soul LPs it mentions she did work with the Inverts. I got rubbished for this years ago, but I remember reading it. And I have a good memory for rubbish anyway! If you have the record listen to it carefully as it cannot be anyone else. Northern Soul Wheelie Bin Emptier!!!
  7. Seems to be too much stuff like this on the net nowadays. Needs to be sorted
  8. Turn the record to the other side n you get a much better up tempo sound. 'Wild ones' But thats just me Both sides quality (2 sides for the price of one) Dunc
  9. I would go with Dave on this as we both went to Accrington British Legion Soul Club then, and I remember it being played. The DJ's n collectors bought from soul bowl then weekly. It was about before Ian Levine did his one night spot at the Casino. So that will date it. Dave was an avid collector then, even going to the states to buy in bulk. Back to the original question though. Never seen a boot of the yellow label. Unless someone done some lately........
  10. You might Know it but there are hundreds who dont. Thats the point. It wasn't played at Wigan or Stafford ford as it was a B side you are Soooooooo right
  11. I agree with you about that, But your average northern souler who went to Wigan or Stafford would not know it as it was played for the other side. Not at Wigan or Stafford but maybe near where you live. The 100 CluB is where I went to in the 80s n they did have their own sounds there like Wigan did
  12. The Wilie & Mighty Magnificents is the original LP and very rare, it is on All Platinum. The Willie & West is a 70s probably made by members of the band and is a reissue and there probably are loads of copies of that. That is why the All Platinum LP made good money on an auction site and I have one.

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