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  1. dunc

    Wade Flemmons .... Jeannette

    One for sale on raresoul45s now at £850 https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/shop/new-arrivals/wade-flemons/?product_id=964&category_id=2
  2. dunc

    Track help

    1. Rules - Gil Blanding 2. Lover - The DeLites 3. I've got the Power - The Masqueraders 4. Trouble _ The Agents 5. Such Misery - The Precisions 6. This Wont Change - Lester Tipton 7. This Man In Love - New Wanderers 8. This Gets To Me - Pookie Hudson 9. Dust My Broom - Ike & Tina Turner I do not know the last instrumental though Dunc
  3. dunc

    Indian soul 45's??

    When you get out there get talking to the locals and put an advert in the paper in the local lingo and get the locals to answer the ads. A friend of mine dealt with a Polish company and he got them to translate Poland ebay scooter ads into english for him and he bought a TV175 series 2, TV series 3 and a Russian made Vespa VBB copy. He imported em to here, sold the two Lamys to peoples here and the Vespa to someone in France. Dunc
  4. dunc

    top notch northern to trade/swap

    Have just emailed you
  5. dunc


    Try Pat Brady. He had one on his website a few months ago and may still have it, Dunc
  6. dunc

    top notch northern to trade/swap

    Send a Pm to me, I might have something of interest. For some reason I cannot PM you via this site but will be able to reply. Dunc
  7. dunc

    Cassette to MP3

    You could get a long lead and plug your music system from the earphones jack into the back of your PC's sound card input jack and use a product like Audio Cleaning Lab. Turn the volume down tho as if you try to record too high you could blow your sound card. Products like Audio lab can clean up the recordings and improve the sound quality and turn them in to MP3s and burn em to CDs. Dunc
  8. dunc

    Valentines - boot

    Cannot comment on the demo as I have the issue, but I would go on popsike again and put in the name of another regular artist on the label who is not likely to be victim of the bootleggers and see if the 2 different formats are there. I just tried and got logged out as I have not got a popsike account. Ella Fitzgerald search would be a good one. I got logged out when I tried Roscoe Shelton!
  9. dunc

    The Inverts - who were they?

    If you have not got this then take a listen:
  10. dunc

    The Inverts - who were they?

    "Granted on Look Out Love the lead does" "Speculation in a Yahoo Group from 2013 suggests that the lead singer is Geralene/Geraldine Toomer.". "Timi was also under contract to either Liberty or Mercury at the time." Good reason to give a young girl at the time a chance under a different name for contract reasons. Not the first time an artist has done this. Dunc
  11. dunc

    The Inverts - who were they?

    The lead singer on look out love is Timi Yuro. If you can find the literature on the rear of some of the non soul LPs it mentions she did work with the Inverts. I got rubbished for this years ago, but I remember reading it. And I have a good memory for rubbish anyway! If you have the record listen to it carefully as it cannot be anyone else. Northern Soul Wheelie Bin Emptier!!!
  12. dunc

    Is this an official release ??

    Seems to be too much stuff like this on the net nowadays. Needs to be sorted
  13. dunc

    Willie Hutch LRO Dunhill Boot Ebay

    Look at the sellers other items
  14. dunc

    Hi fi info

    If you have an old stack system that you can plug the deck into and the sound is good you do not need a pre amp. If the sound is not there when you use it there are small pre amps available on amazon. I got one for £15. It's just a small box that does the job nicely and plugs into the electric and has batteries in.
  15. dunc

    Price please for parka

    not sure what yours is worth, but the ones that are sought after never had fur around the hood. The M51 was the one that I remember


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