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  1. Always in Her Bad books Ste. We're Ok, but that could well change given we're now stuck at home together for the next few months so we are currently spending our time hiding anything blunt or Sharp from each other.
  2. Does this mean I have to stand outside our house freezing me Nads off 'till Midnight before I can listen?.
  3. What about a different kind of Request show?.... Dear Mr DJ could you play 'Standing on Solid Ground. for my Wife?.... Sorry M8, it's self isolating in my other Box.
  4. We're good Ste, Yourself?. Was my lunch, but Ted (our dog) decided he wanted it as well..
  5. Interesting that by 76 those tracks were deemed 'Oldies'...
  6. Wasn't this filmed in a Morning after everyone had left?, explains why it looked so empty.
  7. Was Dickie having a dig?, ie saying it's even now played at Weddings. Such a shame Russ has to always mention 'that' Record every time someone sticks a microphone in front of him. Station Rd was so much more than that.
  8. You could always say no!..... There must be as yet undiscovered tribes of Pygmies deep in the Amazon Rain Forrest who could sing along word perfect to the Lyrics of 'Just Loving You'.

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