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  1. Zed1

    Gordon Banks - RIP

    RIP Gordon. Simply The Best.
  2. Zed1

    60's Dances

    A certain Mr Hunt and his friends showing how it can be done....
  3. Zed1

    Greatest Movie Scene Ever Made

    Seen this countless times and I STILL Pi55 myself laughing. Comedy Genius....
  4. I wonder if some of these Artists feel the same way when they're on stage, ie looking out at a load of Fat bald Pensioners trying to be 17 again?.
  5. Agreed, and Stop was one of the Records that I loved back then.
  6. This is by far the biggest piece of Shite EVER to be played on the scene, BUT You have to ask who the fook decided to play this garbage and what the fook was going through their head (or bloodstream) to not only be listening to this crap in the first place, but then actually deciding that it would make a good NS track.
  7. Zed1

    Happy Birthday Widnes63

    Happy Birthday Ste.
  8. Zed1

    Nine Soul events in a ten mile radius?

    Too many Wanabee DJ's wanting to play out their expensively put together ebay collections that's taken them literally minutes to source. However given pretty much everyone on the scene now is also a Wanabee DJ they don't get any bookings, so they come up with the Baldrick-esk style cunning plan of Starting their own venue and Viola!, Another night of Ruby Andrews and Moses Smith for the Party Pensioners to get pi55ed at.
  9. Zed1

    Happy Birthday Winsford Soul

    Have a good 'un Steve,
  10. Zed1


    OVO is always preferable but I'm more concerned these days on 'What's' being played rather than it's format. Endless repeated shite is still endless repeated shite no matter how original the Vinyl.
  11. Zed1

    'Other' things you do at weekensds.....

    My weekends are taken up restoring these Old Girls from the 70's...... No prizes for guessing the theme.
  12. Zed1

    Northern soul police strike again

    Finding this lurve as a consequence of going to a Soul nite and Actually going to a Soul Nite to find Lurve are two slightly different things.....
  13. Zed1

    Northern soul police strike again

    Think a cross between a Wedding Disco and an Octogenarians Singles night
  14. Zed1

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Punk before it was invented (Swearing content).....
  15. Zed1

    Pictures of Us

    Which one are you?.....


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