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  1. Interesting that by 76 those tracks were deemed 'Oldies'...
  2. Nothing to see here. Shitty will appeal and the ban will be suspended and the Fine increased. Money always talks so normal service will be resumed.
  3. Wasn't this filmed in a Morning after everyone had left?, explains why it looked so empty.
  4. Was Dickie having a dig?, ie saying it's even now played at Weddings. Such a shame Russ has to always mention 'that' Record every time someone sticks a microphone in front of him. Station Rd was so much more than that.
  5. I always though it was the A49?.
  6. You could always say no!..... There must be as yet undiscovered tribes of Pygmies deep in the Amazon Rain Forrest who could sing along word perfect to the Lyrics of 'Just Loving You'.
  7. Do you get many requests Not to play it?....
  8. Mirrored Wigans playlist around the same time so could be....
  9. They're extending Anfield soon Ste, maybe Shitty could sell the Scousers some of their spare seats for all their Newfound, sorry Life long supporters.
  10. Interesting comments..... To me the dancing is as important as the music, the unique to the scene dancing is what turns the Soul into Northern Soul. Yet there seems to be a 'do what the fooking hell you want as long as your having fun' attitude without paying any respect to the history of the scene or bothering their arses to do a little practice. Let's be honest a half pissed baby Giraffe in lead Diving boots could construct a rudimentary 2-Step Northern Soul dance in a few minutes yet people seem to accept a floor full of dad dancing piss-heads as the Norm. We ask that everyone respects and celebrates the music, why not the dancers and dancing as well?
  11. The Music will outlast us all - but it's time now that the 'scene' was put out of it's Misery. Let's go out on high rather than limping along with the sad pensioners parody that passes for Scene today.

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