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  1. Zed1

    Old as you feel

    Interesting that this couple in their 70's or 80's can perform to this standard, yet people 20 years their junior can't seem to construct the most rudimentary 2-Step dance at a Northern Soul nite.
  2. We grew up and moved on.... I think it's called 'Life'.
  3. Zed1

    Wigan memories podcast

    Some nice Stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Zed1

    What's the best thing you ever won in a competition?

    I once won a pair of Spencers as First Prize in a Soul Nite Raffle which I was delighted with..... mainly because 2nd prize was Two pairs.
  5. Maybe they could jail some of the Fake DJ's as well.....
  6. Zed1

    Motown or Northern Soul

    Could someone make this into a Patch?...
  7. Zed1

    Motown or Northern Soul

    It all comes back to the what is Northern' thing? I got into the scene back in the day as an antidote to the Chart and Commercial sounds of the day, and that still applies with me now. Of course there will always be tracks which cross between the two, but on the whole if I hear 'I Can't Help Myself' played out I'd head for the Door - not the dance floor, even though I'd be happy to sing along to it in my Front Room.
  8. Zed1

    Motown or Northern Soul

    Commercial/Chart = Motown. Unreleased/Rare = Northern.
  9. Zed1

    How many events?

    All these Dickie Searling Wannabe's have got to play out their ebay collections somewhere though.
  10. Zed1

    Northern Soul awards

    All good Ste. Yourself?.
  11. Zed1

    Northern Soul awards

    It's a local Wigan Term from around 1977 Ste, ie 'Do I Loovie'.....
  12. The very reason many of us as teenagers were attracted to the scene in the first place was the very fact that it wasn't Mainstream or Commercial. This was never a one size fits all scene, most of us had to go in search of the music, it didn't come knocking on our doors begging us to join. Go to any Local Soul night today and you'll see exactly what happens when you try to give the music mass market appeal. If the kids can't be arsed to go and find it, it's their loss, and if that means the scene dies with us, then so be it. Sooner that than changing the whole ethos of the scene and it's music just to accommodate a few kids in some desperate attempt to keep it alive.
  13. Zed1

    Soft Sell Out

    ..... or the same people that actually went out and purchased this POS with actual Money....
  14. Zed1

    Soft Sell Out

    "Sometimes I feel I've got to".......... throw up!.
  15. Zed1

    Amusing Car Stickers

    I saw this one last year which was funny as Fook.....


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