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  1. Zed1

    Pictures of Us

    Lynn, Eddie, Kim and You Ste. Can't put names to the others?.
  2. Zed1

    Casino Club advert

    It's interesting that at the time I never really gave the condition of Station Rd much thought, Most Public buildings and Pubs of the time were pretty much all ageing Victorian buildings anyway. It was all a very long time ago and we were all very different people in a very different age. I must admit though that sometimes I look around today's Venue's and see all these Fat old pensioners sat around large tables overflowing with Drink and think 'Northern Soul - Where did it all go Wrong?'..... Hmmmm..... Sound s like a good idea for an Adidas bag Patch.
  3. Zed1

    Casino Club advert

    We're good Ste. Trust you are all Ok. Stickers probably worth more than our cars now Ste!.
  4. Zed1

    Casino Club advert

  5. Zed1

    Casino Club advert

    C'mon Ste, anyone knows the Casino was a piss soaked Shithole that only played Pop Music...... any of the 14.5 million people who said they went will tell you that.
  6. Zed1

    Bad soul doo's

    Exactly. Dj's just think 'Oh, it's a Wigan Casino nite so I'll just play the usual and everyone's happy'. Then the next DJ just's take the lazy option and does exactly the same. I don't bother with them anymore as most are just Parody theme nights, Stick a Nite Owl on your Flyer, play FW and Presto, it's 1977 all over again.
  7. Zed1

    Bad soul doo's

    Went to a Wigan Anniversary Night around 10+ years ago, Big name Venue, Big Name promoter, Big name 'original' DJ's, so though we might get some of the lesser known Station Rd stuff played.... First 'Big Name' DJ of the nite played the usual MVP's, Dana Vallery, Frank Wilson etc. 2nd Big name turned up 5 minutes before his spot and played the MVP's, Dana Vallery and Frank Wilson etc, 3rd DJ turned up 5 minutes before his spot and played MVP's, Dana Vallery and Frank Wilson etc. 4th DJ turned up and ..... well .... you've Guessed it. Sadly we were on a coach trip and we weren't getting picked up 'till 2.30am so we fooked off to the pub over the road to watch MOTD.
  8. Zed1

    Dancia Duster

    Can't speak for the Duster but given Renault own Dacia as well as Nissan I'd think the 1.5 Diesel engine is the same one used in all these makes and models. We've had a Renault Captur, Nissan Note & Juke all with the 1.5D engine and they have all performed well with decent power as well as returning around 50+ MPG. Only real niggle is that they are a little harsh if pushed hard.
  9. Zed1

    Dancia Duster

    No Ste, it's a boot of a Renault.
  10. Zed1

    Proud to be a Manc again)

    Ok, you're a cynic.
  11. Zed1

    World Cup humour

  12. Zed1

    World Cup humour

  13. Some of the best Station Rd pic's I've seen. And I'd agree 78 onwards as several people are wearing 'straights'...
  14. Zed1


    Horses for Courses. Doubtless The DJ doesn't give a toss about playing these boots because his punters don't give a fook either.
  15. Zed1

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    Funny as.....


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