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  1. R.I.P. Professor Hawking.

    As someone said on the news this morning ' The World is a dumber place for his passing'....
  2. Bob Carolgees......

    ...... has a new partner.
  3. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Has to be your first choice Ste.
  4. Jean Carter Like one

    Yet another Fantastic piece of Northern Soul that sadly doesn't get anywhere near the plays it deserves because the Jukeboxes see fit to play the same tired old crap instead.
  5. Is it, time to sell up.?

    "People will always want Rare Vinyl". "Loads of Kids are coming through so prices will never drop". "Sub Saharan Africa is Massive on Northern Soul and Collectors will pay Big money for years to come" "Collectors will still want my records even...
  6. Would think all the big All-Nigter type events are going to start to see a drop off in attendance simply because of the change in demographic of those now on the scene. The Vast majority of today's events are made up by 'Local Soul' type nights playing t...
  7. Liverpool are 2nd in EPL....how did that happen?

    Cup Final?.... I thought i was watching a re-run of Randell & Hopkirk.
  8. Wigan 1-0

    I thought this thread was about Football?, but it's just another 'Wigan went crap in (insert year of choice) thread, so... I thought Wigan went crap in 82. I went one night after this and they didn't play a single Proper Northern Soul Record, in fact the...
  9. Facebook.

    Nope. still locked out. Although a slight change in that I get this now when I try to log in.... Account disabled Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.
  10. Facebook.

    Don't worry Ste. Deb's already had me 'Vetted'. I just sit in my basket now until She takes me for a walk.
  11. Facebook.

    Would it not be the same outcome though as I'd be using the same IP address?.
  12. Facebook.

    After years of trying to avoid using Facef**k I finally decided to join last weekend. Anyway, filled all the usual nonsense, had a nosy round, but made no posts other than sending a couple of Friend requests to people I know. After an hour I was Lo...
  13. New device allows you to DJ without using a needle

    Are you saying we Need a cull in the 'DJ' gene pool Ste?.. I've edited the thread Title from..... " New Device Allows You To DJ Without Using A Needle" to... Northern Soul - new device allows you to DJ without having any Talent.
  14. New device allows you to DJ without using a needle

    I'd think most on here would just be happy with a device that allows them to DJ....

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