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  1. You seen this Ste?.... https://www.express.co.uk/videos/539153/Man-United-fan-has-a-foul-mouthed-rant-after-Watford-loss
  2. An old bloke Dancing indoors wearing a Hat & Braces along with and old dear in a Circle Skirt...... now where have I seen that before?.
  3. I doubt very much anyone would trust this old man with the scene anyway Ste....... I'd probably forget where I'd put it!!. Trust you and your's are good Bud?.
  4. 'A youth culture left in the hands of old men'..... Sums it up for me. None of us can look at a youth scene objectively 40-50 years after the event. You can't simply go back and re-hear all those tracks again for the first time through teenage ears. I've learned and forgotten so much since then, Tracks I loved then - I hate now and vice-versa. People and places that shaped my memories have all gone or changed. NOTHING can ever re..
  5. No wonder you nearly Choked on your breaky....... Big Box - Little Box could never be described as a 'dance'.
  6. Agreed. I never seen a poster for a venue in the 70's saying 'Friendly atmosphere' 'cheap Bar Prices' and 'Large Car Park' ....... and If I did I probably wouldn't have gone.
  7. Likewise, seen very little trouble in or around the Casino in my 3 years, but our last train from Warrington Bank Quay used to get us into Wigan just after 11 so we'd be walking through at kicking out time and did have a few 'incidents' with the locals.
  8. 40 years ago it would be travelling late at night to Wigan on Public Transport then getting off the train to run the gauntlet of the Towns pi55-heads to get to the Casino.... Interesting irony that these same pi55-heads now make up much of the scene.
  9. Zed1

    earliest youth club memories

    Trying to Dance to 'Better use your Head' and thinking you'd be better using your feet instead as I had all the grace & style of a Baby Giraffe in Diving boots.
  10. Zed1

    Walking Football

    Get to Old Trafford...... we've been playing Walking football all season.
  11. Zed1

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    This is EXACTLY what I mean.... I'd completely forgotten about 'If He were Mine' given it's that long since I've heard it. Being reminded about tracks like this is exactly what should happen more often on today's scene instead of being bored senseless by the same old, same old. Thanks for posting.
  12. Zed1

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    Excellent post. Said it before. I still think there is room on the scene for a Nite playing 'just' those forgotten tracks from the Wheel/Torch/Wigan/Stafford etc. These were not rare records, but tracks that filled floors in all these Venue's but are now sadly not even considered (or even known) by many of todays lazy Jukeboxes.
  13. Zed1

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    As with most things Northern Soul it's all very subjective. To me an Oldie is more about when the Track had it's time on the scene, and much less about when we had ours. People have joined, left, re-joined and then left the scene again down the Years, so one Man's overplayed record may well be another's killer new track.
  14. 'Music with Soul' even though it 'ain't got any..... And for me one of the best Northern Soul instro's ever......

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