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  1. Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    Urban Myths. How about... A disposable income and an ebay account makes you a DJ. Attending one Youth Club Disco in 1977 and being able to remember all the Lyrics of 'Footsee' makes you a Veteran. Everyone always wears Spencers and Circle ...
  2. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    I did the same, however for the full effect I spent hours chewing up packets of Wrigley's and sticking bits to each board before pi55ing on them to get the patina just right. Also, I sold the actual piece of Carpet from Mr M's where Louie Spence Stood in...
  3. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    Sadly I followed my instructions to the letter and once finished I doused it in petrol and set fire to it. On the plus side though I manged to save the model Piano as well as the actual piece of Stage where Duffy stood when she played there live in 1984.
  4. Another lazy journo....

    We must have been partying in the 70's - it says so on the box!.
  5. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    ..... or for DJ's with dementia a visual and audible warning so every time they go to take Ruby Andrews or Moses Smith from their Box a red Warning beacon Flashes along with a recorded message in their headphones saying "It's already been played 17 times you ...
  6. Could listen AND dance to this over and over.....
  7. Aston Martin 40k model

    She may well be a lovely present Ste, problem is Santa never brought me the bank account to maintain her.
  8. Aston Martin 40k model

    Impossibly Pretty and iconic car. Sadly I doubt Santa will be bringing either a real, or model one this year.
  9. Northern Soul Xmas card - share

    Cont..... Will the Spencers waistband hide my huge spare tyre 10 pints of Stella gives me a red nose The promoters flyer says OVO, but the DJ's play list makes it a liar If you going to wear that Full circle skirt FFS buy some Pantyhose.
  10. Monthly oldies all nighters aside I only recall Mood Mosaic from M's, John Leach and Gwen Owens I would have had down as mainly Big room plays, but as you say may have crept into M's towards the very end.
  11. I actually love all three. Rodders version of the Temps 'I'm Losing You' in particular is fantastic.
  12. I'll let you decide which is which.
  13. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    Dj's. An old Sock fitted over your Mic gives that authentic muffled sound meaning no one can understand a word you say next time you repeat '....and here's another from the Windy City'.
  14. Snowing

    She's had lot's of practice Ste, counting the money out of my Bank account every week. Trust all's good with you?.
  15. Christmas Tree

    You weren't a Man of Value there then Pete.