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  1. Forecast all week for us has been for a Sunny Dry & warm weekend, It's currently pi55ing down and the Sky is black as fook. What other industry is there where you can get your job so completely wrong and still stay employed with the excuse 'It's not an Exact science?'....
  2. Done both Car & Bike track days at Anglesey and it's a Fab track in a Fab location....
  3. The original question was 'What Killed Wigan?'. You'll hear/read lots of stuff blaming Station Rd's demise on Frank Wilson, White Pop Crap, Comedy Trousers, Russ Winstanley, Margret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler, and Genghis Khan. You could even blame the fact that it was a little difficult to keep attending a venue when it just a pile of smoking rubble. I still see lots of the old crowd from our Casino days and interestingly not one of them blame any of the above, they simply say they grew up and life changed, so they moved on. Which is probably what happened to most Youth type cultures, ie I think that's why they're called 'Youth' cultures. Now I know there are lot's who have tried to change the scene's history to suit their own agenda's but the truth is a little more mundane. Station Rd was a truly Fantastic place at a truly fantastic time in our lives, I for one will only ever have the fondest of memories of the old place, but I do wish people would stop picking over it's bones looking for something that REALLY isn't there.
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  4. Greetings Ste. Trust you are well?. Not sure on Grumpy's as the Grandchildren finish School the day before and we're hoping to take them away 'If' we can find something.
  5. Interesting that the BBC couldn't wait to film these Veterans returning to the Beeches on which so many of their mates lost their lives but as soon as they arrive back in Blighty they wan't to take away their Free TV licence...... you couldn't make it up.
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  6. To have a love of Soul music you must first have a love of Music. Our passion is no better or deeper felt that lot's of other people's love of other genre's. To think otherwise is delusional in the extreme.
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  7. We're good Ste. Yourself?.
  8. ........ a Northern Soul Speedboat Perhaps?.
  9. 'Northern Soul' is a film about Transcendental Music in the 25th Century on the Planet Zurg in the alpha quadrant.... or it may as well be given it's resemblance to the Northern Soul Scene circa 2019. Perhaps today's 'Soulies' could more relate to a Film based on an over 55's Version of TOWIE
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  10. There's going to be awful lot of Shite for Sale this Summer then as you can add Utd's bunch of Lazy, under performing, overpaid, bunch of Talentless Fuckwits to your Fire Sale as well.......
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  11. First time at Blackburn and was quietly impressed. Fab venue playing a Good mix of music with Jocks allowed to play something a little different along with the Classics. It's a shame that other venues could not adopt this 'Music & Dance floor first' Policy, instead of the usual Cheap bar prices & Safety first music format that seem to be the main selling point at most venue's on today's scene. Well done guys
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  12. We're good Ste. Yourself?.... The Buildings are the old Anglesey Brickworks. http://www.penmorfa.com/porthwen/
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  13. A mate has a Yacht at Conwy and we had a fab day out last year around Puffin Island and Anglesey.....
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  14. I think it's all to easy to forget this on Today's stagnant scene. Back then you missed a couple of Niters and the playlist had completely changed. Stop Girl is a fantastic Dance floor Track for what, after all is a Dance floor based scene. .... whatever silly label people insist on sticking on it, and every other track in it's History.
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  15. Zed1

    Accrington Soul Club

    Cheer Ste. Lots about the Sound System - little about what's going to be played through it?.. I prefer the Bigger Venue's and this looks great, but don't want to travel all that way for another night of the same old Party Pensioner tunes.
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