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  1. What's the story with Gemstones - Cold Soul? From memory, the last couple through ebay were around the $400- $500 mark.
  2. No idea on value, but I don't expect it to be all that high, but it is a rare 45. Here's an old thread - I bought that same 45 on ebay and subsequently posted it on youtube. Over the years quite a few have asked if I'd sell but I declined as I really like this version. It's a 45 I've always looked out for but not seen another copy 'til now. Maybe I haven't been looking hard enough. Just noticed it was also released on en EP in South America - https://www.popsike.com/VIVA-time-wont-let-me-RARE-NORTHERN-SOUL-latin-MEXICO-7-jc-messina-RARE/232869810803.html
  3. It's not clear if you want hi-fi or DJ type equipment, but, whatever your budget, buy secondhand/used, as you'll get far better value. Usually, second hand hi-fi equipment has been well looked after. Naturally DJ/PA gear will possibly be more of a risk as it could have been hammered, unless just bedroom use. From a hi-fi perspective I can highly recommend Rega decks, especially Planar 3 or later RP3. They have a great tonearm as standard, and if set up properly and paired with a good cartridge, not only sound great but also track really well. The best way, if possible, would be to listen to any recommendations for yourself before taking the plunge. Let your own ears be the judge.
  4. Yes. Top tens tend to change over time but If I Could See You Now has been, and would always be in mine.
  5. I wouldn't normally post on these threads but always loved This Time Baby (3:56 version). RIP.
  6. Just playing through a mixed handful. Here we go - The Bean Brothers - Hey There / Shing - A - Ling (Cash $ales) Royal Jesters - I Just Fell For You (GCP) The Jaedes - Uh, Uh, What Did I Do (Athena) New World - Somebody Will Be There (LeCam) The Del Reys - Mama Was Right / Rosalind (New Breed) Ellis, Pickford & Coffey - Reach Right Out (Cal) Gamarik - Baby It's You / Together Forever (LAG) Sunny & The Sunliners - If I Could See You Now / Should I Take You Home (Key-loc)
  7. A slowie for me, The After Hours - I Don't Wanna Cry
  8. Young Holt Unlimited have already been mentioned so how about Summer Romance or Please Sunrise Please
  9. The Explosive Dynamiks - Whole Lotta Loving
  10. An obvious one would be The Traditions - My Life With You, in fact their other 45 on Barclay could be included in this topic.
  11. J.H.+ The Esquires - Comin' On Strong also has a ballad flip which is OK.
  12. The Islanders - Where The Lights Are Bright is a good 2 sider. The other side, Baby Pack On is also on youtube but whoever posted it didn't make a good job of the recording so I've not bothered posting that one here.
  13. This ones less garage, more soul:

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