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  1. TOOTSIE ROLLERS / GIVE ME LOVE / ME-O M1005 EX or better condition both sides vinyl and labels please.. Thanks in advance.
  2. The Heptone - Revolution - Aires Not rare soul but help to secure a clean copy appreciated.. Contact by PM. TIA.
  3. Parliaments > Cry No More > Cabell 112 Looking for a nice copy, an EX / VG++, Particularly on the 'Cry No More' side.. Cheers, Greg.
  4. People if you please assist in replacing a lost baby.. The New Group Love Can't Be Modernized Gemini 1005 TIA, Greg.
  5. Bonnie Blanchard on CRS at £642.. Really? Granted, most turn up pre-loved but.. ??
  6. Cheers pal.. Had a few saying the same tbh.. Seems a relatively dry spot.
  7. Any recommendations for soul/funk vinyl stores worth a visit in Seoul..
  8. Bit of an update as listening to Ian Levine he says it was box of 500(!) he found in St. Louis in 1974 of which he talk two - as noted probably due to the tempo being slow for the time.. At 2hrs 16mins..
  9. Bobby Wayne - You're Blowing My Mind - La Val Records [EX] Nice tune imho 95GBP TYD Insured Delivery inc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWJ7iR8MMDI Winstons - Ain't Nothing Like A Little Lovin' / Need A Replacement [NM] {SOLD} Ever popular double sider seen listed at 200! 95GBP TYD Insured Delivery inc. Belita Woods - I Just Love You - Mono [VG+] / Stereo [EX] Classy femme classic.. 40GBP TYD Recorded Delvery
  10. Thanks Peter, appreciated.. It ended at 359.99 I've learned
  11. Kind people can someone please advise the winning auction price of Edward Hamilton - Call Me - Carrie on TB's Anglo American Auction that finished this evening.. Thanks in advance.

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