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    Mkt Harborough
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  1. Looking for. Copy of Eddie Jasper Dayes Lean on me on Dayco please
  2. matty s

    matty s

  3. Looking for The Specials I can't find another
  4. matty s

    Fred Hughes I Keep Trying

    After a copy of Fred Hughes I keep trying on Exodus
  5. matty s

    New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter

    The last Track I played Dean was Every time I see you I go wild Stevie Wonder
  6. matty s

    Volcanos False Alarm

    I got one for about £140 a few months ago
  7. Looking for a copy of CHUCK AND MARIANN Going Through The Changes Motivation A-Bet Pm me with condition and price
  8. Looking for Betty Brewton Heavy Heavy loving (sue) Paramount Four You Don't Know (Southern City ) Soul Blenders love built on a strong foundation ( Vanessa )
  9. matty s

    Wants List - Rare Soul

    Looks like my playlist !!!
  10. matty s

    Lifeline Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter

    Not long now looking forward to another top night
  11. matty s


    Upstairs Dj times ?
  12. matty s

    Tyrone Davis - Bet You Win

    After Tyrone Davis Bet you win cheers Matt
  13. matty s

    Burnley All Nighter 17/01/14

    My play list at Burnley last Night 4am till 5am I can't stand it - Chambers Brothers Let's Get on with it - Clearance Murray Lee Jennings - Going Get It Marva Whitney - Unwind Yourself Everybody needs love - Willie Gauff & The Love Brothers Memphis Train - Rufus Thomas Wess & the Airdales - I'll never turn my back on you Luther Thomas - Stick by me Since I was born again - Martha Bass The Mystics - Copp & Blow Jimmy Lynch - Notions of Mr Motion You Twine so Fine - Little Dooley Out Uh Sight - Don Hart Pain - Little Flint I'll forget you - John Roberts Stick with me - Sampy & the Bad Habits Hooked on your love C/U Trying to make a Hundred - Holy Disciples Get off my back - Marvin L Sims Losing Game - James Carr So long - Marvin Gaye Invincible's - Nobody Harborough church singers - C'mon. People
  14. matty s


    What a great night felt really privilliged to be asked to spin a few tunes at this awesome all nighter . Bloody Hell I was Nervous ,and at least a stone Terry Thanks for words of encouragement Will put play list up later


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