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  1. Hi there is also a white/black one styrene, same design as the white/red promo but its white/black promo, black star on the right hand side its got K 10036 scratched in the deadwax not too common but i don't think its an orig, its been around since at least the 80s - this is probably the one you have got, its not listed on discogs or in John Manships bootleg guide, but don't think its an orig.
  2. Cheers guys, was just interested, I wasn't suggesting there were any yellows just asking views following thread above, on the prevailing evidence it appears there are only red ones
  3. Hi - I see what you are saying and it could be sun faded red turned orangey yes, bad image and/or edited but on the face of it it looks yellow, - just trying to establish if there ever were any yellow ones, evidence needed, I have no position on this just interested, asking if anyone knows.
  4. Hi Woodbutcher, it probably will be that one - this is the link, just interested - the red is well documented, and then there is this....
  5. Hi - does anyone know the story on the 'yellow' it was mentioned by Gary Brickwood earlier in the thread and I think dismissed but indeed (whilst there is clear evidence of the reds) yes indeed on YouTube there does appear to be a yellow one also marked 'plug side' - so is this picture on you tube real? were some copies yellow? anyone know? (and presumably then if they did exist based on extant copies the yellow would be rarer)
  6. Top service, lovely record, arrived quick, perfect!!!
  7. don't forget about the other rarer and more expensive version by Bob Meyer - I only get that feeling on Blue Soul - 1969 release - its on discogs/youtube etc
  8. I know this topic is mostly covered here and in the link to post above, the only new piece of information to add is the lookalike styrene boot, is white, red or rare lime green - not sure if any other colours - styrene with Monarch delta number MR 101310 - X which if a real US monarch press would date it at a 1974 release.
  9. just to contribute a little to this - both rare tracks, the Willie Hutch's Trio version is on youtube to hear and the backing track is organ, the version with Dynamics on 1006 is totally different (same song) but the backing is a brass section, both are great but definitely different, however imho 'prove my love to you' the other side of 1006 is the superior track, there is a copy of details posted on discogs of 1006 visuals but no soundtrack

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